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Monday, January 28, 2008

So Different And Yet

Michael Buble was recently interviewed on the Glen Beck Show ... this hour long interview aired on January 19th and though I didn't catch it ... my Canadian partner Karin did!

Karin recorded it and sent it along to me for viewing.
It was a great interview and got Karin thinking along the lines of the many similarities between Michael Buble's and Taylor Hicks' careers.

Needless to say, this interview got me thinking of what a great blog topic this would be.

I'll begin with Karin's musings ...
"Yesterday, I realized as I drove 1/2 hour to my daughter's house, that when I am inside my car and taking that particular drive, it is a time when I can gather my thoughts with a clear and open mind.

As I drove along listening to Michael Buble's new CD, these are the thoughts that came to my mind.

TAYLOR HICKS - MICHAEL BUBLE - So different and yet ...

There are so many similarities, that I can't help but draw some interesting conclusions, even if they are in different genres.

Both are in their early 30's - Taylor is 31, Michael is 32.

Both have had a grandparent who made a significant impact on their lives.

Both spent 10 years waiting for their big break.

Significant events led to their discovery right at the time they were ready to give up on the music business.

Taylor ... Hurricane Katrina
Michael ... singing at the wedding of the daughter of our former Prime Minister of Canada, Brian Mulroney.

Both have been criticized for wanting to revive old classic songs.

Both have a varied fan base in age range.

It seems that 'money' is not the motivating factor in their choice to become an artist.

Both love their craft more than the money.

Both have the ability to touch the hearts of many with their voices and their personalities.

Neither owns a car.

Both have performed "Try a Little Tenderness", "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" and have an appreciation for the music of Van Morrison. (Buble has recorded "Moondance")

Both are 'sensitive', have good days/bad days, can be 'bad asses' (in that neither wants to be put on a pedestal of being perfect), can be impatient, have charisma, and seem like the guy next door - down to earth.

Can you think of any other similarities ???

MY CONCLUSION: I find it very interesting that these two artists have remained steadfast and determined to sing the kind of music that they love to sing.
They choose to perform it even if it may not be the kind of music that most of the POP fans listen to.
To me, they clearly are 'old' souls who are drawn to the music of yesterday and thank goodness for that.
Perhaps they were both put on this earth to remind us that we should try to preserve some of the nostalgia and rightly so.
Hope you enjoyed my 'musings' in the car!"

To answer your question Karin ... I found many additional similarities when I watched the interview.

First off I have to mention that both Taylor and Michael have been on the receiving end of Simon Cowell's snubs.

Both artists have proved Simon Cowell wrong!

Both Michael and Taylor are 'Living The American Dream', though I was surprised to learn that Michael is Canadian.

Both artists are known for being more of a 'live' performer ... that is where their craft really shines and they connect with their audience.

Women are obsessed with them and can't enough.

Both Michael and Taylor have a great sense of humor and aren't afraid to share it.

The biggest difference that I found ...
Michael has been blessed with great management, Bruce Allen, since the turning point in his career, which we know has not been the case so far for Taylor.

With Taylor's new turning point, his separation from J Records ... I have hopes that Taylor will also now have a great management team behind him, and a label that will promote his music!

Below is part #1 of Michael Buble's interview with Glen Beck, it is a 4 part segment, and if you would like to see more of this interview ... just let us know!

Since we have been talking about Glen Beck's interview with Taylor Hicks, here it is, and it provides additional fodder for comparison.

Can you think of any other similarities ???
Do you agree on the biggest difference ???
We invite you to tell us what you think!

Bloom and Karin


KarinP said...

ROFL, I just remembered something else.

Both have been interviewed by Mr. Glen Beck! I really enjoy the way Glen interviews his guests. He really asks some good and very relevant questions.

Bloom said...

lol ... I almost added Taylor's interview with Glen here ... I ran across it last night, and all I could think of was how badly you wanted to change the color of his shirt for the 'Trip' video :-)

I agree he is a great interviewer, though I must admit that Taylor's and Michael's are the only ones I have seen :-)

KarinP said...

Now you have really done it, girl! I am laughing about your comment about the shirt. You have a great memory. Yes, indeed, I definitely prefer seeing Taylor in a white or black shirt or blue or red. LOL!

KarinP said...

I just watched the new video that you posted with Glen Beck and Taylor.

Thank you very much for posting this because I had completely forgotten that Glen, himself, drew similiar comparisons to Buble. I am completely amazed that I did not remember this!

Wouldn't it be wonderful to see an interview with all three of them together? There would be so much for all of them to discuss.

DidNotExpectThat said...

Great insight into the similarities between the two. I love the music of them both and this is the first time I have seen that interview with Taylor. I missed it the first go around. They are both old souls who stay true to themselves. Thanks for making me think today! Hey, Bloom, I recognize the pic you posted of you. I think I took that one! Do I get a TP for that?

KarinP said...

DNET, can't speak for Bloom but I am giving you a TP for thinking about the blog!

Just thought of another similiarity which is not really out of the ordinary for musicians. They both are songwriters.

Thanks for your comment!

Bloom said...

Darlin', you can have as many TP's as you want, just bring me back some photos next month!
Of course you would recognize the pic, you have one almost exactly the same lol ... can't believe you are just now noticing it ...
I know, Taylor's prettier, why would you notice me right?
Glad you enjoyed the interviews,
I find I am picking up something new every time I watch them.
Let us know if you would like to see the next segment in Michael's interview.

KarinP said...

Bloom, I thought I would add our most recent discovery in similarities.

According to a recent article on tampabay.com, it is mentioned that Michael almost became a journalist.

I also found it very interesting that he has 8 CDs under his belt and he only recently was awarded with his first Grammy. It seems like the road has been pretty difficult for him in establishing himself in the music business because he is "different". I think that a better description would be that he is "unique". He is not your ordinary POP artist. This illustrates to me that when an artist is unique, it may take longer to gain the recognition but it certainly can be done when you have faithful supporters by your side.


cochem said...

I saw that interview with Glen Beck and I was amazed at the similarities also...Michael has a great sense of humor like Taylor.....One thing is people either LOVE Taylor or they HATE him...and the same seems to be with Michael...there seems to be no in between...

Also, My friend saw Michael last year at a concert and he commented to the women in the audience about how "yeah yeah they LOVED him tonite but next week when Taylor Hicks comes to town then it would be we love YOU Taylor" (something like that)...lol
I wish Glen Beck would have Taylor on again for an hour long show and ask some good in depth questions...the other interview just seemed like a drive by... thanks for putting this topic up...by the way I do have a couple of Michaels cds..

Bloom said...

quoting you Karin: According to a recent article on tampabay.com, it is mentioned that Michael Buble almost became a journalist.

Taylor Hicks studied journalism for a while at Auburn University before moving on to psychology and then on to marketing.

Quoting Taylor "it was good preparation for all of the media interviews he'd do later in life"

It is simply shameful that it took 8 CD's before Michael received any recognition from the music industry.
Speaking of recognition ... congratulations to Michael who won the Fan Choice Award at the Juno Awards last night!

I sincerely hope that it doesn't take 5 more CDS for Taylor to receive the recognition he deserves.

Sometimes I think it is just a matter of being in the right place at the right time with the right connections.

I think Taylor is in the right place, that it is the right time and that he now has begun to make the right connections.

Welcome cochem
A Love or Hate perspective, I would tend to agree with you.

As Karin said both Michael and Taylor are 'unique'!
I think they are both gutsy enough to stick to their guns and make the kind of music that they were born to do.

I believe the haters are those that are green with envy because they themselves are afraid to step out of their own boxes .. they find it much easier just to follow the pack.

Ladies I believe we have a Glen Beck interview topic here all set to offer up ... wonder what the possibilities are of presenting our musings to him and getting Taylor and Michael to appear together on his show?

Karin maybe we should make this our next across the border project and turn wishing into reality!

Thanks cochem for stopping in and sharing your thoughts!

We are going to continue this topic with the 2nd part of Miachel's interview and Karin's new videos will be added soon also.

We have begun the connection between these two outstanding artists and it is our fondest desire to see it continue!

KarinP said...

cochem Re your post:

Also, My friend saw Michael last year at a concert and he commented to the women in the audience about how "yeah yeah they LOVED him tonite but next week when Taylor Hicks comes to town then it would be we love YOU Taylor" (something like that)...lol

I think that is hiliarous! So, now we know that Michael certainly knows who Taylor is! I, too, would love to see Taylor appear on Glen Beck for a longer interview because when I watched the Buble interview, I learned so much more about it and quite honestly, through watching the interview, I became a real fan of his! Glen Beck does great interviews! I am so glad to know that you also noticed the similiarities between the two of them.

Bloom: I really think I would very much enjoy seeing Glen Beck interview both Taylor and Michael together. A project on the table for sure.

Bloom said...

important update

I just wanted to let readers know that this topic is also under discussion in the new blog topic here titled The Saga Continues.

You are invited to join in both of the discussions and share your thoughts!