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Taylor Hicks "The Distance"

Saturday, February 2, 2008

You Give Me Fever


Boogie Fever!

Taylor Hicks really turned up the heat when he hit the stage at the Rialto Square Theater in Joliet, Illinois.

The Soul Man had his audience on it's feet boogieing along, as he delivered at fever pitch, one fantastic number after another.

He had us swooning and thudding when we heard his tag of "Let's Get It On", and "You Send Me" literally knocked me to my seat as it was so unexpected.

Back in November, I featured Taylor's smokin' hot performance of "Run Baby Run" from his Joliet concert in my blog post titled
'How To Carry On'.

Here is what I had to say in a nutshell:
"It was a bitter cold night and raining to boot, but inside the Rialto Square Theater, Taylor was on fire heating up the audience!
Let's just say even the non-smokers wanted a cigarette after this concert!"

"Run Baby Run" was just a taste, a mighty tantalizing taste, of how phenominal an evening this was, and thanks to The Boogie Board we have a full sampling of the heat Taylor Hicks' generated that night captured on their 'Jamming In Joliet' video presentation!

(Darlin' (DidNotExpectThat) this one's for you, so it will be forever embedded in your memory!)

video credit: 1brc (Thank You)

Well now, where's that tall cool drink when you need it lol?
I hoped you have enjoyed revisiting this phenomenal concert ... and my trip today down memory lane.
I know I sure did!!

April really does seem like such a long, long time ago, but not as long ago as if we were to look back to where it all begin ...

On October 7th Taylor Rueben Hicks was born
"Boogie Fever" by The Sylvers was a Billboard #1 hit!!

Want to relive your Boogie Fever??
Here's one place, that happens to be in my neck of the woods, where you can put your boogie shoes on!
You can join WOMC's Beau Derek at the Boogie Fever Cafe every Saturday night from 8 p.m. - midnight for their Saturday Night Dance Party!

Boogie Fever Cafe
22901 Woodward Avenue
1 block north of 9 Mile Road
Ferndale, MI

Have you got a special place to boogie the night away in your neck of the woods?
Or are your boogie shoes saved for your next Taylor Hicks concert?

I'm ready!


KarinP said...

Enjoyed your blog and the videos, Bloom. It does seem like Joliet was the place to be. Lately, it seems that the only place I boogie is in front of the computer screen! It is too darn cold to venture out on a Saturday night.

The songs that you mentioned - Run Baby Run, Let's Get It On, You Send Me, What's Goin' On and how could I forget Take the Long Way Home. I have to be honest- I would be more than happy if Taylor released a CD with a few covers on it. He does a great job "Taylorizing" these classics and I really love them! I would be willing to bet that many others would enjoy them as well. They always get a great crowd reaction when he performs them.

Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane!

RagsQueen said...

Bell bottoms and platform shoes - I remember the time! Don't care to go back there because Taylor was just a small bundle whose would come 30 years later!

But I have to say, hearing Taylor sing "Run Baby Run" and "Take the Long Way Home" was well worth the wait. And throw in "Young Turks". Now those songs are full of heat for me! The memories alone keep me warm on a cold winter's night!

DidNotExpectThat said...

I can't believe Taylor tagged You Send Me right there in front of me and I did not even realize it. I must have been in a trance and am so glad that it was caught on tape. This was one of those priceless moments of the tour! And lest we not forget we were all in tears at the end when Taylor came off stage into the audience and gave the little boy in the wheelchair his harmonica. Taylor and Joliet...Priceless! Thanks for the memories girl!

Bloom said...

Karin ... Joliet was extraordinary, well except for the weather and the food.

It was so damp out that we were freezing down to our bones, much like we are doing right now with the deep freeze going on .. lol I have been wearing my coat inside the house for 3 days straight now!

The food isn't even worth mentioning, but the music that night was nothing short of phenominal!

Taylor does have a great way of 'Taylorizing' the classics, I can't believe how many of them I now appreciate more thanks to him.

Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed another trip down memory lane!

Hi there Mandy, thanks for stopping in.

Just like the resurgance in the fashion industry of bellbottoms and platform shoes, I believe that Taylor Hicks will help lead the way back to the listening public demanding to hear 'real' music instead of the pop 'junk' they keep force feeding us.

Mandy, you have cold winters in Memphis???
lol you should be up north like Karin and I!

Yes Darlin' he sure did, but I expect that you missed it because you were too busy trying to capture all of those wonderful pics you always give us!

I do remember when he handed his harmonica to the little boy, can't believe I forgot to mention that.
It was such an emotional moment for everyone, just as it was when he gave one of his hamonicas to little Taylor Love.

I remember a lot of tears in Joliet, it was an emotional two days for sure.