~ Like the ripples in a pond, the work of one man spreads out and touches the lives of others ~

From The Soul of One ~ To The Hearts Of Many
Taylor Hicks "The Distance"

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Soul Of A Man

"Soul Thing" is my story.

"Music is maybe our highest form of communication -
it permits the telling of stories and sharing of them
with anyone who might want to hear them or even
need to hear them.

"Soul Thing" hits home for me because it's so much
about who I am and what I do."
~Taylor Hicks~

The story of Taylor Hicks' personal anthem, "Soul Thing", is beautifully interpreted in this video tribute which was done by KarinP.
Thank you Karin!

"I'm proud that my name has become so closely
associated with the word soul.
The moniker used to describe people who dig
what I do, the Soul Patrol, seemed to just
take on a life of it's own.
I love that my supporters wound up naming
themselves and did such a fine job."
~Taylor Hicks~

~The Soul Of A Man~
What a gift from Heaven, to bring forth such emotion.
I wonder if he ever knew, he would cause this fan-comotion!?

He stands so true, to himself, in the music that he sings.
I hope that he has realized, the joy, his person brings.

Kind and caring and gentle, are the impressions that he gives.
It's in his music, in his soul, it's in the way he lives.

He's not just, another 'star', but a new one, in his own right.
And high above the musical world, he is shining so very bright.

To love so much, so deeply, what it is, you so well do,
Is testament to strong dedication, and to staying to roots, so true.

He's full of a deep-set passion, which he feels so deep inside.
He's not afraid to show the world, his kindhearted, softer side.

And he's not afraid to just let go, just have a real good time.
He lets himself be taken away, in his musical, movement rhymes.

It all adds to his character, to the personna he projects.
All he is and all he does, so emotionally effects.

Its amazing to have such a talent, which brings so many to tears.
Though he is still younger, he is wise, beyond his years.

He's given us such a gift, which we cannot fully repay.
But we can, support him, in our own, special way.

What a testament of a person, who gives back all he can.
What a joy to be able to know,
This awesome soul of a man!
© Cathy Faist (used with permission) Thank you!
Taylor Hicks My Idol Scrapbook Tribute

From The Montgomery Advisor
Alabama's own American Idol 2006, Taylor Hicks
never expected to see "Soul Patrol" signs when
his plane landed in Jakarta, Indonesia.

"It's amazing the responses I had in Asia,"
said the Birmingham native, who's as famous
for his head of salt and pepper hair as he is
for his soulful singing and harmonica playing.
"I'm blessed to have such a dedicated group of fans."

These days, he's living on the road.
"There are four pieces of luggage that I carry with me at all times, and I call that my apartment," he said.
"I'm letting the music carry me where it needs to go."

He's also doing a lot of writing and making plans for his next project, for which he will have more creative control.
That pleases him a lot.

"It's thrilling to be part of the
Alabama Music Hall of Fame",
he said.
On Friday, Taylor Hicks received the 2008 America's Music Award.
"It was thrilling to just be in the same room with all the legends of music.
I'd buy a ticket just to go,"
he said.

From The Montgomery Advisor, a snippet of Taylor Hicks'
performance of "Soul Thing" from the Awards Banquet.

Where the city street meets the country road,
where the sun is nice and warm,
no matter how long I may roam,
this song still takes us home.

Takes us home!

Sweet Home Alabama, congratulations to our Soul Man!


KarinP said...

Well, I went for a drive today and pondered your blog, Bloom!

I can't imagine how it feels to have the word "soul" associated with one's name. I think that Taylor has inspired many to really get in touch with their own "souls" and hopefully, it has given people a different perspective on how life should be lived. In the end, we are not remembered for the wealth we accumulate but we are remembered for all of the good and charitable things that we do for others. It is the long lasting imprint that we leave on others that we will be remembered for.

"Soul Thing" is his story. The man doesn't just "talk the talk"; he "walks the walk".

This was precisely what I tried to illustrate in the video. Thank you so much for posting it here, my friend.

I wanted to show that Taylor doesn't just spend his time doing his own "thing' - focusing on the music only. He takes the time to bring attention to worthwhile causes and he spends time with those who deserve, need and appreciate his focus. Can you imagine the impression that he left with the young boys he is shown talking to in the video? He must have made them feel like they were very special and they are.

So, I had another thought about the Soul Thing version at the Alabama Hall of Fame event. I did like the way he performed it and I also wondered how he felt about having a big band backing him up. It reminded me of "So Different and Yet". It must have been quite a memorable occasion for him.

Yes, indeed, Soul Thing IS his story and it always will be.

Thanks, Bloom for another insightful blog!

Anonymous said...

Karin, may I please say ,,you said it so beautifully......Bloom and Karin,,you both LADIES make him proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bloom said...

Karin I love the pondering you do while driving, which reminds me I have a picture for you for 'our' page :-)

Taylor has said that "The Right Place" is his NEW personal anthem, but I agree "Soul Thing" is his story and you depicted it beautifully!

No matter what form of music that Taylor performs, it will always be his 'soul' that shines through!

MissP you know it's Taylor that makes ME Bloomin' PROUD!