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Taylor Hicks "The Distance"

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Taylor Hicks - Seven Mile Breakdown

"Seven Mile Breakdown", Taylor Hicks' new music video premieres tomorrow, Wednesday, May 6th on AOL music!

"Seven Mile Breakdown" is the second single being released from Taylor Hicks' CD 'The Distance'. To read more about Taylor's newest single, soon to impact Country radio, scroll down to the previous blog entry. You'll also find there, video of Taylor's American Idol appearance last week, when he introduced American to "Seven Mile Breakdown". Fabulous performance, well deserving of the standing O for Mr. Hicks!

We waited, what seems like forever, to have a 'real' Music video showcasing Taylor's talents, and now within months we have two!!

I have been throughly enjoying Taylor's "What's Right Is Right" video from his first single! We are now in for a second musical and visual treat, thank you Taylor and thank goodness for MODERN WHOMP RECORDS!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Taylor Hicks - "It's good to be home on the Idol Stage."

It was "Rat Pack Week" on American Idol this past week. I was reminded of the Season 5 AI tour and the many times that Taylor along with his AI5 Rat Pack would give an often surprise after-show concert in the city that they were in.

image: American Idol Season 5 Rat Pack
Bucky Covington, Ace Young, Taylor Hicks, Elliott Yamin

image: American Idol Season 5 Rat Pack
Soul Patrol Bus (image by Allyn)

The mantra from the judges this week was "swagger". Armed with a guitar, harmonica and a new single, "Seven Mile Breakdown", Taylor Hicks brought HIS confident swagger to the stage on Wednesday evening.

video: "Seven Mile Breakdown" American Idol 4-29-09

The audience rewarded him with overwhelming applause and Taylor, himself, seemed genuinely taken aback when he saw all four judges standing after his performance. It must have been a really "sweet" moment for him.

Taylor has not rested on the laurels of the Season 5 Idol crown. He has worked non-stop the past three years building a career in the entertainment industry. The always humble Southern gentleman thanked American Idol and his fans when he was being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest on-stage. While Taylor worked for many years as a "working musician", he has always expressed his gratitude for the doors that opened for him after his win.

"Seven Mile Breakdown", is being released to Country radio stations on May 5th. According to Wikpedia, there are over 38 genres of Country music with many sub-genres. There is no doubt in my mind, that this song will find it's place in one of those genres. For me, it is very exciting to see Taylor enter the Country market. He has the genuine desire to sing a song that tells a story, he's got the whiskey-tenor voice to tell the story and he's got his trusted harmonica!

Congratulations, Taylor on a fabulous performance!