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Taylor Hicks "The Distance"

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Taylor Hicks - Seven Mile Breakdown

"Seven Mile Breakdown", Taylor Hicks' new music video premieres tomorrow, Wednesday, May 6th on AOL music!

"Seven Mile Breakdown" is the second single being released from Taylor Hicks' CD 'The Distance'. To read more about Taylor's newest single, soon to impact Country radio, scroll down to the previous blog entry. You'll also find there, video of Taylor's American Idol appearance last week, when he introduced American to "Seven Mile Breakdown". Fabulous performance, well deserving of the standing O for Mr. Hicks!

We waited, what seems like forever, to have a 'real' Music video showcasing Taylor's talents, and now within months we have two!!

I have been throughly enjoying Taylor's "What's Right Is Right" video from his first single! We are now in for a second musical and visual treat, thank you Taylor and thank goodness for MODERN WHOMP RECORDS!


JewelsSoul said...

BLOOM!!! Where are you girl?
The video is great by the way!

Taylor is going to be at the Magic Bag in Ferndale 6-22-09 at 8pm. 310 tickets only will be sold for his solo acoustic show!You going?

contact me at The Official Soul Patrol or Boogie.


KarinP said...

Hey Linda, I've been off line since the night I posted this blog.
My computer went hay-wire with viruses galore and eventually I even lost my internet connection.
I still have issues, but thanks to my good friend and partner Karin, at least I can now access the internet.
Have my ticket for the show thanks to another good friend looking out for me.
Will see you there - wouldn't think of missing it!

Hmmm seems I can't even post this, no button to push, hopefully Karin will be able to post my reply for me.