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Monday, February 18, 2008

Baby It's Worth It!

"A very pretty ballad that nearly didn't make the album."
~ Taylor Hicks ~

It's confession time, and I'm borrowing another quote from Taylor.

"I'm a firm believer in telling the truth, even when the truth hurts".

The truth is that of the 12 tracks from 'Taylor Hicks',
"Just To Feel That Way" ORIGINALLY placed last in my list of favorites.

I couldn't understand why the majority of the SP thought that it should be released as his first single, until I learned the words and began singing along.

I wanted to be prepared to sing it all the way from Michigan to Jacksonville for his first concert appearance at the renowned Florida Theater.
Not only did I learn the words, by the time our plane landed at JAX, "Just To Feel That Way" had soared to being one of my top favorites!

We are coming up on the anniversary of Taylor's first concert, and I have so many wonderful memories of the camaraderie we all experienced in Jacksonville.
One of those special memories is of walking along arm in arm with new friends, singing "Just To Feel That Way" at the top of our lungs!

I remember the thrill of hearing "JTFTW" on my local radio station the first time, the endless requests for more airplay, the excitement of watching it's rise up the charts.

The excitement of the following PR release when it hit the wires:

American Idol Champ Taylor Hicks' Self Titled Debut Album
is Certified Platinum by the RIAA!
The first single, 'Just To Feel That Way,' goes to radio this week!

PRNewswire/ -- American Idol's current reigning
champion Taylor Hicks is now a platinum recording artist.
His self-titled debut album 'TAYLOR HICKS' (Arista Records/19 Recordings) was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America selling over one million copies since its release on December 12, 2006.

Hicks has reached this coveted platinum milestone prior to the release
of an official single.
The first single, "Just To Feel That Way," goes to radio this week.

After a lifetime steeped in blues, soul, pop and R&B, Taylor's artistry
was reaffirmed and validated in no uncertain terms this past year, when he
won the fifth season of FOX's American Idol on May 24, 2006.

SOURCE: Arista Records

Unfortunately, this was about it for Arista/J Records' support and promotion for Taylor's first single.

Surprising??? Very!!!

Especially when we later learned that it was Clive Davis who had chosen JTFTW to be Taylor's first single from the CD.

Well I won't get into the whole Clive Davis, J Records debacle, that chapter is thankfully closed, and you can find a great synopsis at Taylorography titled 'The Truth Served Here'.

Instead I want to invite you to a celebration!

Yep, there's a party going on right here, and it's to celebrate Karin's video tribute becoming the #1 viewed "Just To Feel That Way" video at You Tube!!

Woo hoo Photobucket Karin!!

The passionate lyrics of "Just To Feel That Way" are beautifully portrayed by Karin's selection of images and clips in the video below:

Karin, thank you for your beautiful tribute, and Allyn thank you for giving me permission to use your wonderful artwork!

I hope you have enjoyed revisiting this blast from the past ... 'cause

"Baby It's Worth It"!


DidNotExpectThat said...

Congratulations to Karin for another beautiful video....she's the queen you know???! And Bloom, it is certainly a week to celebrate a wonderful year of friendship. You said you walked the streets of Jacksonville arm in arm with friends singing JTFTW...were you barefoot by the way? It's been a great year, girl, and I will always thank Mr. Hicks for introducing us!

DJinKC said...

Karin, Karin, Karin wonderful video!!! What a walk it has been down those jagged roads!! It's been worth "Feeling That Way" all the way!! Thanks!!!

RagsQueen said...

Certified platinum, a solo tour, some great songs, and many new friends - what great year it's been!

Anonymous said...


KarinP said...

Thanks so much for the comments about the video. I must also give credit to my sister for her editing input when we were finalizing the video.

I will never understand the WHY'S about this song never hitting the airwaves. It was a song that really grabbed me right from the start.

While I wasn't able to "walk the streets" with some of you in Jacksonville, I can just imagine how much fun you had. It has been a great year and I can only imagine the excitement that will come in the future.

Thanks, Bloom for a look back and may I say that I just LOVE the art that Allyn did. When I look at that picture, I "see" so much about Taylor and the many decisions he has had to make along the way!