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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Joy To The World

A.K.A "Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog"
I thought this song would be a cute animated Valentine's video, as "Joy To The World" first swept the charts in the month of February!

The year was 1971, and Three Dog Night's nonsensical #1 single went on to spend 6 weeks at the top of the pop charts!

Thirty-seven years later this song is still a crowd pleaser!

Here's a little Valentine present from me to Taylor Hicks and his Soul Patrol!

"Joy to the World" - (Hoyt Axton song)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Joy to the World" is a song written by Hoyt Axton, and made famous by the band Three Dog Night.

The song is also popularly known by its incipit, "Jeremiah was a bullfrog".

The words are nonsensical.
Axton wanted to convince his record producers to record a new melody he had written and the producers asked him to sing any words to the tune.

Three Dog Night's version went to number one on the pop music charts in February 1971 and was the top single of the year in Billboard Magazine for 1971[1].

The song was released on the band's album Naturally.

It was also released on their albums Around the World With Three Dog Night (1973), Joy to the World: Their Greatest Hits (1974), The Best of 3 Dog Night (1982), and Celebrate: The Three Dog Night Story, 1965-1975 (1993).

Three Dog Night never really wanted to record the song but they needed one last track for their Naturally album.

The group had been on an overseas tour when that album was released and were greatly surprised to hear that the song they didn't want to record ended up being a big hit.

Joy To The World
Joy To You And Me
Happy Valentine's Day from the 'Pond'


Annie said...

That was really really cute, Bloom- thank you- I enjoyed it.

Henry8 said...

I alway loved that song. After watching Taylor dancing on Regis and Kelly yesterday, I left a comment on his myspace saying
Taylor Hicks=Joy. So the song seemed very appropiate to me.

DidNotExpectThat said...

That was one of the cutest things I have ever seen. It was perfectly orchestrated and brought a smile to my face on this lovely morning. Thanks! Happy Valentine's Day to all!

Anonymous said...

Why Ms. Bloom,,,,are you just not the funniest SP of all.....Back at you my sweet Frog....

KarinP said...

Bloom, I just love this video! I also enjoyed the Three Dog Night. It is quite amazing that a last minute decision by them turned out to be such a huge hit!

You are one of the most creative people I have met. The video is awesome and how ingenious to relate the frogs to the Pond. Only you could think of something like that.

Happy Valentine's Day to all of the friends of the Pond!

Bloom said...

Hi Annie, nice to see you again!

It's catch up day for me again replying to comments and just wanted to say thank you and that I am happy you enjoyed my new video.

This has always been a favorite song of mine, and I have so many wonderful memories attached to it ... not the lyrics obviously lol ... just the good times!

Hello henry8, welcome to the 'pond'.

Taylor does indeed equal joy, he certainly has made my 'world' spin!

Now that I think about it, this video fits even better than I had originally thought.

Even the fishes were wished joy ... the fishes being us little guys here at the 'pond'

Hey Darlin' always happy to be able to bring a smile, thanks for returning the favor yesterday!

I throughly enjoyed making this video, I love playing with animation ... who ever knew that frogs were so popular!

Speaking of which ... just where is 'our' froggie???

Hi there my anonymous friend, did I tickle your funny bone today??

lol it's you who usually makes me laugh!

Karin, aww you make me blush, I'm a late bloomer lol ... never had the time to see if I had any creative abilities before recently, and I have been having fun!

The frogs were indeed a reflection of the 'pond', but as you can see from my comment above to henry8 I totally missed the little fishes connection ... maybe subsconsciously I was aware of it???