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From The Soul of One ~ To The Hearts Of Many
Taylor Hicks "The Distance"

Friday, January 11, 2008

Tell It Like It Is


Well, I can't stop the rain, but I can bring some sunshine to your day!
'Can't Stop The Heart And Soul' is the title of my new Taylor Hicks' photoshow below, and Aaron Neville brings it on home with his "Can't Stop My Heart From Loving You" !

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Coincidentally, Aaron Neville's "Tell It Like It Is", is song #8 in the 'What'd I Say' chapter of 'Heart Full Of Soul'.
Taylor Hicks says,
"Never argue with a Neville Brother, or with Brother Ray, who once even put it even more bluntly with "Tell The Truth".
I'm a firm believer in telling the truth, even when the truth hurts."

I'm not arguing, this truth doesn't hurt, Aaron tells it like it is in "Can't Stop My Heart From Loving You"!
I'm sure you'll agree!

(If the photoshow does not appear here, scroll on down, way down, to the bottom of the blog, it's playing there!)

It may be gloomy and raining, but here at the pond, we've got it covered!


Enjoy your day and spread the sunshine around!



1 comment:

KarinP said...

A wonderful greeting to alleviate those gray days of January.

I have always enjoyed the music of Aaron Neville! Another one of his songs that I really like is "Warm Your Heart".

I like the title of the photoshow - Can't Stop the Heart and Soul. What kind of world would it be without heart and soul? Both are a necessary components to one's character if they want to enjoy participating in this game we call "life". Without heart and soul, what kind of person would one be, I wonder?

I really liked your "unique" player for the photoshow too, Bloom! You always come up with wonderful ideas! Well done!