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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I've Got To Be Me

Taylor Hicks has always been about keeping the music 'real'!

With Taylor's announcement, confirming that he has indeed parted ways mutually with the J Records/Arista label,
he is free to be himself!!!

I have always thought that Sammy Davis Jr's song, "I've Got To Be Me", was a perfect fit, lyrically, for a video montage of Taylor.
I started the following video back in November and then with the holidays upon us, it got put on the back burner.
Needless to say, I thought it timely to update it, publish, and share.

Taylor Hicks confirms label departure,
says they 'mutually parted ways'
By Christopher Rocchio
Reality TV World
American Idol fifth-season champ Taylor Hicks has confirmed his departure from Arista Records, describing the split from his label as a mutual decision.

"American Idol winner Taylor Hicks has announced that he and Arista Records have mutually agreed to part ways," a statement from his representative announced, OK! Weekly reported Tuesday.
Hicks elaborated on his split from the record label in a subsequent posting on his MySpace website.

"To all my fans and The Soul Patrol, I want to take a moment to talk about the recent news that my label and I have mutually parted ways," wrote Hicks.
"The important thing for all of you to remember is that I've been a working musician my whole life.
This is turning the page on a new chapter of my career.
Artistic freedom and control is an exciting prospect.
The things that are most important to me are creating my art, performing it, and my fans.
With the momentum that all of you have created over the years, Taylor Hicks is not going to stop anytime soon.
I've started working on the new album, writing and scheduling exciting collaborations.
The DVD, 'Whomp at the Warfield', is in it's final stages, and will be released soon.
So as one door closes, a new one opens for 2008 with more excitement for all my fans than ever before.
Sit tight, because the best is yet to come!"



Anonymous said...

Taylor , you close any door that you need to...This is your life,,your carreer....Just know that when you put out the welcome mat,,,your fans will be right there......It took 10 years for our paths to cross with you,,,if it takes another ,,,than, another it is...JUST DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO,,AND DO IT YOUR WAY....that is what sold us on you in the first place.......

DidNotExpectThat said...

Perfect! Taylor is now free to be himself. This is a great slant to all the press right now. Thanks so much!

Bloom said...

Just want to say first ...
Boy, I love watching this video with the black background ... really pops those pictures and clips.

Secondly, anonymous ... another 10 years???? I'm patient, but not that patient!!
Now, don't be scaring me ... I have trouble keeping track of things now ... I don't want to lose my ticket for the train!!

Didnotexpectthat ... maybe we should rename that train the Taylor Hicks Freedom Train .... it ties in real nicely with the word Liberty!!!

KarinP said...

Bloom, I really enjoyed the video that you created.

Whatever the circumstances are and whatever the real story is about the "news" this week, I think that I prefer to go with what Taylor has released - "mutually parted ways".

When things aren't working, change is the best thing. I think that this will be a very exciting opportunity for Taylor to "create" his art. When an artist has the freedom to do that, everyone benefits from it.

I think that we get the very best when the artist is allowed to be "himself"! I wouldn't want it any other way.

Best wishes to Taylor on his new endeavours!