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Friday, January 4, 2008

Since The Day I Was Born

Trouble ...
Trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble
Trouble been doggin' my soul since the day I was born

I sat here at my computer last night watching special alerts flash across the screen, feeling like I was standing in a supermarket line.
Of course, there ... you can't miss seeing all of the tabloids with their screaming headlines and titilating captions.

But do you pick them up and read them?
(Obviously many do, or there wouldn't be so many of them available to choose from.)
Do you believe every headline or do you wonder what lies beneath the surface?
Do you ever wonder what the 'real' story is?

While I admit to being a voracious reader, they are not my cup of tea, or coffee either for that matter.

I tend to shy away from the same kind of reporting here on the computer too.
What I find hard to understand ... why, even positive things are reported with a negative slanted caption.
And why are these the types of stories that get repeated across the net, yet the truly newsworthy, positive stories are buried and you have to search them out.

What makes people so fascinated with the 'personal' and 'private' lives of the Rich & Famous?

I found an interesting article last night http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/20199608/ that answers the question to a degree.
In this article they talk about the 'stars' that crave that kind of attention, but what about those who just want to go about performing their craft?

How must it feel to someone like Taylor, who was thrust into the spotlight seemingly overnight?
Was he prepared to literally have his laundry hung out for everybody to view?
Did he anticipate that his life was now an open book, and not just the one he wrote?

He shared a great deal of 'personal' information in "Heart Full Of Soul", surprisingly, but did he realize his life would be continually viewed through a microscope?

When Simon asked him, "Why are you here", and Taylor replied "I want my voice heard", we listened.

When Ryan announced, "The winner of American Idol Season 5 is Taylor Hicks", we celebrated, applauded, cried, and cheered ... right along with the audience!!!

We were his "Soul Patrol", and he shouted out to us, and still continues to do so ... but does that make him ours?

I often wonder what Taylor would think if he read some of the things I have seen posted on the internet.
Would he just shake his head or ask himself ,"is this the price of fame?".

If you are searching for the latest rumor, or this one makes me laugh, who decorates Taylor's house for Christmas? ... you won't find the answers here.

What you will find is ... "what it's all about"!

Stepping down and moving on :-)

When Taylor performed Ray Lamontagne's song "Trouble" on American Idol, he introduced to many of us a previously unknown artist.
While I appreciate that it's Ray's song, it shall forever be associated with Taylor for me.
The passion that flowed when he sang, the break in his voice ... when his heart cried out ... you just couldn't help being caught up in the music.

And that is what Taylor Hicks does for music ... he makes it 'real'!

I would love to hear him sing "Trouble" again ... even if it was only a tag!

video capture by AliceinTaylorland
(Thank you)

I apologize for the soapbox, but since I was doing laundry any way ...
it seemed apropos.

(If you are missing Taylor's "Trouble" playing as you opened this page, I'm sorry, I am too! I had to turn it off as it was playing along with Pooh & Friends. Just click on the player to start!)

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Anonymous said...

Once again Friend,
It said it all...Taylor put the story in his book,,the story he cared about ,,,with the truth and nothing but the truth...I do believe that Taylor lets gossip go where it belongs,,not on his shoulder or in his heart.....there will always be someone wanting to write gossip ,,as well, as someone waiting to read it...As for as myself ,,I know there is always somewhere to go to find positvie words and positive thinking ,,RIGHT HERE.....as far as others that call theirselves ,,Taylors Hicks fans, that just seem to want to drag others down,,,well, I guess they will always find a place to go............
Watch the butterfly,,smell the roses,,,and always look up,,,there is your answer......

KarinP said...

I must first say that it wouldn't matter what was on this page, I would leave it open all night because I love this song as it was performed by Taylor! Wow, you do know how to bring up the best!

Now to the soapbox!

It is difficult to avoid these "Alerts" unless I want to unsubscribe to them but then I just might miss something very important to read.

I generally do not spend much time browsing any of those headlines in the "rags"! For me, it all comes down to words and how they are said/typed and most importantly, truth.

I don't give much credence to anything that is a negative headline. How do we really know what the "real" story is? There is absolutely no way anyone would ever know the "true" story unless they were in the room when the event happened. Unless someone is able to prove it to me, I am not going to believe any story until I can verify that it is true. By verify, I mean that if the person directly involved decides to share the truth, then I can only take the words as gossip and speculation until that time.

The most recent "headline" - well, some have come across as a statement and others have come across with a ? mark at the end. It is rather interesting because if you were to say the words out loud, your tone of voice would be different in each case depending on the punctuation. If it is written as a statement, it "appears" to be fact. I will not accept it as a fact until it is proven as a fact. Then, I wonder, do I really need to know the facts about this? I don't think that I do.

In the end, words that are written should only be words that one would say to the person's face but that is in an ideal world. Today's world is all about sensationalism and money.

Your post today actually reminded me about one of the first posts that I ever made on a Board. It was all about the "Ultimate Sacrifice". Some took exception to the word "ultimate" and perhaps it was a poor choice of words on my part but the point of the post was that I wondered if Taylor really understood, at the time of the win, what he was going to sacrifice in order to continue the dream.

Celebrity brings with it many things - both positive and negative. I wondered what he would really think about losing his freedom to do what he wanted to do. Did he realize that he would be scrutinized about his every movement, his every word and the lack of privacy that comes with celebrity? Yes, unfortunately, there is a price to celebrity and I am not so sure that I would be willing to pay it. Sometimes though, you have to pay the price if you want to realize the dream.

I just hope that the music continues to come to us and that Taylor's voice does get heard everywhere.

In the end, it isn't worth "sweating the small stuff" and whatever is written in tabloids is really small stuff if the public is smart enough to realize that.

I also hope that those who post in various places will take a moment or two to really look at what they have written to ensure that their words are not misconstrued.

In the meantime, I am interested in hearing about Taylor's upcoming CD and his tour plans for 2008. I don't need the details on the rest of his life. After all, I don't share my private life with anyone so I don't expect anyone else to do that either.

By the way, I will have a cup of Karma, please! I also subscribe to the same theory actually. Live by the "Golden Rule" and life will treat you kindly! Your quoted text is definitely a true statement about Taylor's personal beliefs because it IS written by Mr. Taylor Hicks himself.

Looking forward to many great things for 2008 and I do hope that truth prevails!

Anonymous said...

"I am not going to believe any story until I can verify that it is true".
Well said!!!
I believe in that and always have. I can attest to many stories I have read in so called "recaps" where I personally withnessed the story firsthand. Let me tell you they are NEVER as what really happened. Do people just emblellish their stories? I don't know~perhaps I can only rest with their stories to chalking it up to individual perception. Forever what they will be!
"I am not going to believe any story until I can verify that it is true, nor will I ever repeat such story, true or not."

RagsQueen said...

No better truth than to stay away from the gossip and it's ravenous appetite! I agree with you, soap box, dirty laundry and all! Carry on. I'm "blooming proud" of you!

Bloom said...

Just want to say, thank you my friends, for getting up on the soapbox with me!

Who was famous for the line
"The facts ... just the facts Ma'am"
... Sergeant Friday??

You all know who is famous for this one ..."The only job I ever really wanted comes down to looking somebody in the eyes and telling them the truth - telling them my truth."

Here are my facts:
I believe in Taylor Hicks ...
I believe in his music ...
I admire his talents ...
I respect his comon sense approach to life ...
I admire his humbleness.
Taylor is a giver, not a taker ...
and I love his big heart!
And those are the only facts I need!