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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Road Trip


Road Trip ... perhaps two of the most magical words to hear or see, especially if you are a member of Taylor Hicks'
travelling band of gypsies!

Our eyes light up and our hearts start beating double-time, we call it our Taylor fix!
We've traveled by cars, planes, trains, trucks, cabs, limos and buses!
(I've yet to hear of anyone going by boat, but if that's what it took, I'm sure we'd all be lining up for the lifeboat drill!)
Many of us have been coast to coast and travelled to places we'd never been before.
I refer to my road trips as 'Taycations', not to be confused with vacations!
Vacations are for relaxing on the beach and sight-seeing ...
Taycations are for getting a big dose of Taylor Hick's 'Medicated Goo' and hanging with my soul sisters!!

Hopefully, soon, we will all be contemplating where our next Taycation might take us!
If you are thinking of possibly combining a Taycation with a vacation ... here's a few 'unique' and 'wacky' attractions for you to check out.

I'll start with Alabama, and not because it's the first state alphabetically.

Anniston, Alabama is the home of the World's Largest Chair.
It's 33' high and not a chair you'll want to lean back in too far ... it might flatten the building!


You won't want to miss this one ... lol!
Bubblegum Alley in San Luis Obispo ... it's colorful, unusual and a bit repulsive.
The tradition of leaving one's chewing gum behind dates back to the 1960's, big surprise there!
Here's a closer look ...


This whimsical bridge is located in Willimantic, and is a tribute to the infamous "Battle of the Frogs" of 1754, and to the thread industry that was the backbone of the the local economy in the 19th century.


The World's Largest Peanut can be found in Ashburn, Georgia.
This monstrous goober, in the heart of peanut country, is 20' high and made of fiberglass.


"There's No Place Like Home" ~ Dorothy's House.
The good people of Liberal took it upon themselves to desginate a house from 1907 as Dorthy's official residence, and it now serves as the gateway to an animatronic attraction dubbed the Land of Oz.


Eartha, The World's Largest rotating globe, is housed in a three-story glass atrium in Yarmouth.
Eartha weighs nearly 6,000 pounds and was designed to represent our planet as seen from space.


The Paper House located in Rockport was created beginning back in 1992, by layering newspaper, glue and varnish and you can still read the print on the newspapers that make up the desk, tables,grandfatherclock and bookshelves.


This 80-foot high Uniroyal Tire was first a ferris wheel at the New York 1964-65 World's Fair before it's creators brought it back home to their headquarters in Allen Park. (I had to include this site, as it's one I grew up seeing from my bedroom window!)


Since the 1930's,the luxurious Peabody Hotel in Memphis has served its guests impeccably, but a few lucky ducks get the best treatment.
At 11:00 each morning, the Duck Master escorts a quintet of mallards from the rooftop Royal Duck Palace to the marble fountain in the lobby where they spend their days.
At 5:00 each evening, the procession is reversed.
(This was another must include, as the Peabody Hotel was recently host to the Liberty Bowl's President's Gala, where Taylor Hicks not only headlined, but also received the Bowl's Outstanding Achievement Award for 2007!)

Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado

In the heart of the Navajo Nation rests Four Corners Marker.
This painted concrete slab marks the only point in the United States where four state boundaries intersect.

That's it for the unique and wacky attractions today!
I've got something for every state, but this blog would be almost as long as The Great American Road Trip !!
I do have a wonderful presentation to share though, called My Beautiful America, and I hope you'll check it out ... be sure to have your volume on!

Thanks for stopping in to visit today, I hope you have enjoyed the trip ... and until we hear those magic words ROAD TRIP again .... remember ... "It Is A Soul Thing"!

"Where the city street meets the country road, where the sun is nice and warm, no matter how long I may roam, this song still takes us home, takes us home."
"Soul Thing" ~ Taylor Hicks

Hope to see you on the road!

1 comment:

KarinP said...

While I have not had many opportunities to experience the "road trip", I have enjoyed travelling with many via the "internet highway". It has always been a source of enjoyment for me to read about everyone's experiences and share, in my way, the excitement that many have shared.

There are a couple of places that are on my "wish" list and I do hope that I will be able to see them.

I particularly enjoyed the "My Beautiful America" presentation. Too often, we not only forget to stop and smell the roses but we often forget to admire the beauty of the world we have been given to live in. While it is fraught with injustice, human tragedies and chaos, there are spectactular sites of to appreciate.

It really is a "Soul Thing", Bloom and perhaps therein lies the secret.

I am sure that the road trip will be rearing its head again in a few months' time. There will be suitcases packed and excitement that will be shared between old friends and new ones acquired along the way.

Thanks, Bloom!