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Taylor Hicks "The Distance"

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

What's On The Menu?

This morning I received a very thought provoking email from a very dear friend who moved this past year from Michigan to Nashville.
I am posting it here not only because this is a message well worth reading, but because she is the person responsible for making my dream come true!!!

Through her Nashville connections, I received not only fantastic tickets to see Taylor Hicks live in concert at the Joe Louis Arena in August of 2006 ...
I got to go backstage and personally hand him a copy of my
'Taylor Hicks My Idol' Scrapbook Tribute
and DidNotExpectThat's 'Letter From Birmingham'!!
I got my first picture with Taylor taken and he signed my CD in 3 separate places!
I could go on and on about how special this experience was ... but I'll get to the reason for this post ... my friend Vicki's email.

A New Year!
What will this new year bring to our table?
What will be served on the menu?

So many times people look at a new year with wonder and fierce resolve starting January 1st.

Looking back and reminiscing on all the events of the past and planning the days of the future, celebrating the victories and laboring over the defeats.

Did you ever walk into a restaurant, famished from the busy day wanting to order one of everything!

Looking to fill your appetite with anything that satisfies with no thought to what the menu holds or the work that is taking place in the kitchen to fill the order.

Only to finish the meal and wonder “What did I just eat?”

I’m sure I’m not the only one that has ever done that … so with that in mind let me continue on.

This new year I have been encouraged to take a different approach.

To set aside my ravenous appetite to pause, looking forward each day to the little unexpected delights.

I’ve been encouraged to study the menu that is placed before me to see what will truly satisfy my hunger.

Not to rush and hurry to everything that “needs” to get done.

To be diligent about moving forward on projects but not because I have a job to do or a bill to pay, but because it is on the menu I have been given.

To cherish the moments I have with a friend, without thought to time.

I must admit, I’m on a “new” journey with old habits nipping at my heels!

Well this morning I got up looking forward to a new year with the question on my heart; am I willing to lay aside the past and grab hold of the future?

I opened my e-mails this morning and found a video (video below) in the box and I had a mini worship service at my desk!

It was sent to Carl Cartee as a thanks, of what the song meant to the listener.

It was a wonderful reminder for me, that in every day there are unexpected wonders that can be missed if I choose to satisfy to my own hunger.

That I need to carefully look at the “new” menu with eyes of anticipation and hope, knowing that I will be satisfied only if I look to Christ because He has hand crafted and written this “new” menu.

I hope that this new year will bring to you great anticipation and shared joys because of what Christ has done for you.

I also hope that as we walk together this “new” year that we will gently remind each other, in the midst of busy schedules not to miss the small unobtrusive joys.

Those are the things that might just be the dessert that completes our shared meal.

Much love,

Carl Cartee ~ "Don't Let Me Miss The Glory"

The following video is one of my first video creations and it was done as a gift for Vicki.
We share a passion for gardening as well as a beautiful friendship.
I thought she might be missing her gardens, so I sent her pictures of mine.
Carl Cartee's "King Of My Soul"

I hope that you have enjoying reading this as much as I did, and that you too have been inspired by the wonderful music of Carl Cartee!

I already know how inspired you are by Taylor Hicks' music!!

Please feel free to comment ...
your comments are welcome and appreciated!

And remember ... take the time to stop and smell the flowers!



Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD,,,,Bloom ,, you truley are HEAVEN SENT to this world.....this is beyond words .....I will watch and listen to this over and over again.....I AM BLESSED WITH YOU IN MY LIFE...Taylor could never give me anymore or anything more valueable ,,than what he has already given to me...YOUR FRIENDSHIP........Your ANGEL is shining so bright on this day from above..........

KarinP said...

I am "awestruck" with the beautiful and passionate page you put up today.

Your friend, Vicki, sounds like a very interesting, compassionate and understanding Soul! You are so fortunate to have her in your life. Her e-mail to you was very thought provoking and thank you for sharing it with us.

The videos and the music of Carl Cartee are very comforting.

I had some thoughts when I was driving to pick up dinner for the "brood" tonight.

This is probably the last night for most outdoor Christmas lights. Many trees are probably already packed away! There is a fresh blanket of snow on the ground and I thought how appropriate that was - a clean slate for the beginning of a New Year!

Too often, we focus on the negativity in this world. While watching the videos, I realized that there is so much beauty around us and so often, it is overshadowed by the "bad" things that happen in this world of ours.

I needed the reminder that it is okay to slow down, look at the menu and enjoy the dessert!

You are doing a MARVELOUS job with this Blog!

Thank you for everything that you do. Your thoughts inspire me!

DidNotExpectThat said...

Bloom, this is so fitting as we enter into this new year. WE need to remember that God will illuminate our paths and will lead us to "order the right thing from the menu". What a blessing this has been today. Thanks to you and Vicki! Keep up the great work on the blog. I am truly blessed to call you my friend.