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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sweet Dreams Baby

"Dream Myself Awake"

I have been wondering why Taylor didn't perform
"Dream Myself Awake" very often during his spring and summer tours.
It seems to me that we heard it mainly during his spring tour?

I did find it interesting to learn that out of 107 concert appearances,
"Dream Myself Awake" was only on his setlist 35 times.
(My thanks to mouser from the Whomp Swamp for providing the numbers!)

I'm curious as to what y'all think is the reason why it was the least performed track from his self-titled CD 'Taylor Hicks', with the exception of course of "Places I've Been" which we never got to see or hear him perform anywhere!
Taylor we're waiting and anticipating !!!

Another thing is ... that there are very few video captures from his concerts of "Dream Myself Awake" ... I thought that kind of strange too!

We may never know the reason unless of course Taylor chooses to share that information with us, but in the meantime I have something to share with you!

I bet you have a big old smile on your face right now,
this was just an absolutely spectacular performance!!

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Annie said...

Hi Bloom. I never thought about "Dream Myself Awake" as the least performed song, next to "Places I've Been", which he's never done (one of the great mysteries of life) so I went on a YouTube search. There really aren't many videos of that song, but for some reason, it seems like it was the 2nd song from the CD that he used to perform on TV. It was during the time that "Runaround" was being promoted as the first single (which it never was)- he would perform it first, then he would do "Dream Myself Awake"- he did that on Good Morning America and Regis & Kelly. It was almost like, if this were an actual 45 single (remember those?), "Runaround" was side 1, and "Dream Myself Awake" was side 2. The reason is known only to him and his music director. Maybe it's not easy to sing- whatever the reason, I love to hear him sing it- I just checked my journal- I have one of the set lists that he tapes to the floor, and he did do it during the Birmingham 2 concert back in March, so I had the pleasure of seeing him perform it live. Whatever the reason, it's a great song.

Anonymous said...

the early show performance of "dream myself awake" was excellent. he can still run with that song in many directions. perhaps he needed to save a song or two for his second tour. ;0)
thanks for the clip

Bloom said...

Hey Annie welcome to the pond and thanks for sharing your thoughts!

I had searched all of the video sites i.e. Google, YouTube, GoFish, Vimeo, Yahoo and AOL just name a few ... to see what I might have missed.

I'm always looking to showcase the best videos and it doesn't get any better than the Early Show video of "Dream Myself Awake" though I enjoyed both of his performances of it at Good Morning America and Regis & Kelly, as well as his AOL Session performance!!

I still have my 45's ... of course I remember them lol ... I never get rid of anything!

It did seem that "DMA" was the flipside of "Runaround" which was the #1 track performed on his setset I believe.

I got to hear him sing "DMA" in Jacksonville and again in Chicago and both of those venues were fairly early in his Spring Tour.

I'm thinking I might have to agree with Anonymous ... will we be hearing a more Taylorized version of "Dream Myself Awake" on his next tour?

I miss hearing "Can't get enough of you baby".

KarinP said...

I really like Dream Myself Awake as well as Places. Both of them are excellent choices to add to the next tour.

Sure hope there will be some videos captured if they are added. I was thinking yesterday, (yes, I do think from time to time) and I was wondering about something else. It has been almost 7 months since Heaven Knows was released as a single. Don't you think it is almost time to release a new single? Of course, we could only hope that it might receive some radio play but I am wondering what the next single would be. Would it be one of these two songs or would it be The Right Place?
The Right Place, in my humble opinion, deserves to be released as a single. I can't imagine this song never being released given the history attached to it.

You're absolutely right, Bloom. We will never know the reasons until Taylor, himself, tells us. Maybe he creates these mysteries to keep us entertained while we are awaiting his return!

hickifino said...

Rob Thomas composed "Dream Myself Awake." Recently, Rob was on TV a lot promoting his own CD and later his band, Matchbox Twenty. I watched Rob and thought Taylor - yes, there are definitely similarities between Rob and Taylor. I think I see what Clive was trying to do. Wonder why no follow up, why didn't Taylor move toward Rob's direction and demographics?

starry said...

I can't get enough of you babbbbyy! I have always loved this song! I miss our soulman soo much!..........How are ya sweet Bloom? Happy holidays to you & yours! xo

Debbie said...

Thanks for sharing. I hadn't seen that performance for about a year. It's amazing to see how Taylor has changed in his appearance, voice, etc. He looks so happy to be on TV, singing his song, and having fun.
What a nice treat for Christmas! Thanks. Love, Debbie

Bloom said...

Good Morning, I don't often get to say that lol
I'm a bit behind in welcoming the new posters here ... hickifino, starry and Debbie ... thank you for dropping by and joining in the discussion.
Can I get you a cup of coffee?

Karin ... you're thinking another single might be released from his freshman CD??
Hmm ... We had thought for a while that it might be "Places I've Been" when we saw banners for it from the Whomp Swamp.
That was eons ago though.
Then again "Right Place" I agree deserves to be his next single.
Especially if there is another release from the freshman CD!
Maybe his sophomore CD will include the "Right Place" along with the song recorded in Ray's studio???
That would be an awesome combination!

Hi there hickifino good question,
another ? that we may never know the answer to.
I don't even want to talk about Clive and his tactics ... the lyrics "do me wrong" say it all.
lol it's too early in the morning for me to start ranting!!
I need at least a pot of coffee before pursuing that path!
Hope you'll come back and join us again!

Hello starry ... the stars have finally appeared or is that fairies I see twinkling!
Nice to see you here and Happy Holidays to you too sweetie!
Just a little over two weeks to go for a Taylor fix!!!
Hmm... wonder what songs we are going to hear?

Hey there Debbie ... I'm so glad you found your way here to my pond!
I've been dropping breadcrumbs for you lol!
Sorry that I haven't updated the scrapbook in a while ... I can't operate both systems at the same time and it is so much easier to work here than on my webbie!
I promise soon though!
I miss seeing Taylor on TV period!
I had hoped to have his 'Whomp At The Warfield' to tide us over until he began promoting his next CD ... will settle for videos from the Liberty Bowl.
Wonder if we will have any of the President's Gala performance and Awards cerememony.
Sure do hope so!