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Taylor Hicks "The Distance"

Sunday, December 30, 2007

"Let's Get Funky"

I always get a wonderful 'Sunday Smile' forward from my friend Karin and I thought this Sunday I'd do a 'Sunday Smile' too!!

Let's Get Funky ... well all right ... we will start with Taylor Hicks' WHOMP shoes ... they always bring smiles to our faces!

photo credit: taylorloverinmemphis
(Thank YOU)

Now to keep that big old smile plastered on your face take a look at these two videos that just surfaced at you tube yesterday!!

They were captured from the 1st row at Taylor Hicks' Greenbelt Park, Manila, Philippines Concert and they are superb!!!

He had so much fun with his funky "Heaven Knows" performance and the fun continued right on into the "The Right Place"!


"Heaven Knows"

video credit: trina (Thank YOU)

"The Right Place"

video credit: trina (Thank YOU)

Now don't forget to Tay It Forward!


KarinP said...

Wow! Now this a Sunday Smile that I love to watch!

Love the "boot" photo! Thanks, Taylovernmemphis!

The videos from Trina - OUTSTANDING! Wow, Trina, you were definitely close to that stage. The SP'ers in the Philippines did a fantastic job in getting their videos posted in YouTube for all of us to see!

I am "Smiling' my best Sunday Smile!

Thanks, Bloom.

Bloom said...

Karin, I think YOU should send these videos out in a Sunday Smile ... I love these two performances and the video captures are excellant!!!
I am really surprised that they haven't received more views at you tube ... and the crowd reaction is wonderful ... they loved Taylor Hicks getting funky too!