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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Plea To The Soul Patrol From Taylor's Angels

If you have visited Taylor's Scrapbook Tribute you will recognize these two photos of Bruce and Cassie Torres of Cabana Cove Concerts along with their outstanding crew.
They are the promoters responsible for bringing Taylor to Hagerstown, Maryland ... and as you know one of the highlights of the Taylor Hicks 2007 tour ... was his performance on July 6th in Hagerstown, Maryland.
These are the people who made sure right down to the very last detail that Taylor's reception in Hagerstown was phenomenal!
Now they need the help of Taylor's Soul Patrol!

Over the weekend, Taylor's Angels received an email from Mr. Torres stating that he and his family had just lost everything in a massive fire that destroyed their home and everything they owned.

Teri from Taylor's Angels has asked that the Soul Patrol rally together and help this family during the holiday season!!

"We realize that you are probably wondering why we ask for support for this family, but we can't emphasize enough that this particular man and his wife are totally dedicated to promoting Taylor Hicks and his music any way possible!
Their belief in Taylor is strong and has never wavered.

Taylor’s Angels has continued to correspond with Mr. Torres over the months because of his true dedication to Taylor Hicks and his firm belief in Taylor’s amazing artistry.
In working with Mr. Torres to send over 60 children within the community to the July 6 concert, Taylor’s Angels became increasingly aware that this promoter was actually promoting Taylor Hicks, his artistry and his music and was focused on that aspect more so than the bottom dollar.
His attention to every detail regarding Taylor’s visit to Hagerstown was impeccably thought out.
As a result, Taylor set the one day sales record for tickets at the legendary Maryland Theatre, where his idol Ray Charles had once played.
As everyone is well aware by now, Taylor’s performance in Hagerstown was one of the best of the summer tour.
All the fan sites were talking about his energy, passion and song selection.
We believe Taylor knew the passion with which this show was promoted and was touched by the love he felt in this small community.

We hope that the Soul Patrol will rise to the aid of this incredible promoter who so deeply respects the artistry of Taylor Hicks and believes in his future!

We ask that, if you are able, you will send toys or gift cards to this family who has suffered such tragedy.
They have two boys, ages 10 and 7, who need toys.
The oldest is an artist and loves to draw and the youngest loves to build things.
Department store gift cards would also be a blessing and would allow them to purchase food, clothing and other necessities.
Anything you can do would be of tremendous help!

The address for you to send your items is:
Mr. Bruce Torres
17734 Burnside Avenue
Hagerstown, MD 21740

If you need more information, please email us at taylors_angels@yahoo.com.
We thank you for your generous support and wish you all a joyous holiday!"

Teri I hope that the SP reaches out and embraces this family the way that they embraced Taylor Hicks ... with open arms and big hearts!!
I cannot even begin to imagine what they are going through right now and my hearts aches to know they have lost everything.
It must be a horrendous experience and we can only be thankful that no one was harmed.

Everytime I read Tina's posts about Bruce and Cassie and Cabana Cove Concerts, I am moved anew at how truly unique these promoters are, their love of Taylor and his music speaks for itself.
I copied one of the posts that Bruce sent to the SP from Taylor's scrapbook and hope you don't mind if I post it here.

Mr. Torres and his wife, Cassie, were speechless after reading some of the comments on the various fan sites regarding how well received Taylor's concert was in their small hometown.
They sent their warmest thanks and wished to respond to Taylor's fans in this manner:

"To all the fans who sent messages regarding the Hagerstown concert, my wife, Cassie, and I want to thank you for the kind words.

It was our first concert production and we were honored to have Taylor Hicks as our guest.
Those of you who were there know what a special night it was.

For so many others who could not attend but got to listen in or see some of the video, I am sure you could feel it as well.

Being able to bring so many children to the show was as much a gift to us as it was to them.
For one little girl who had recently revealed an unbearable past, it became a very special night.
The only peace she has known over the last year has been his music.
Her mother told me that looking up at the pictures of Taylor on her wall gave her something to smile about.
She was the first person I brought in to meet Taylor during the meet and greet.
Nothing will ever erase her horrible experiences, but in that one moment sitting next to Taylor Hicks, the world became a better place.

Taylor Hicks' music is his vehicle, but his caring and compassionate nature is the "heart and soul" of the artist.

It was a pleasure to be a small part of the magic that is following him around.
We hope to have him back in Hagerstown sometime, and we hope to see some of you again."
Bruce and Cassie Torres
Cabana Cove Concerts

Kudos to Taylor Angels' for reaching out to the SP and asking that we show our support by giving back some of what Bruce and Cassie Torres have given to Taylor and to us!!!

We need only remember Taylor's words that night ... whether you were there or listened to the cellcert or watched the outstanding videos from this concert ...
"This is the warmest reception I have ever received"

Phyllis from The Official Soul Patrol responded:
"This is very sad to read about ..... This family stood by Taylor and his dreams ... They believe in DREAMS ... WE as Taylor's FAMILY of Dreamers and Dream achievers MUST COME TOGETHER and give with all that we can ... so we can stand as GOOD WILL AMBASSADORS of the TAYLOR HICKS fan club ...f or those children who have had a black cloud placed over the memory of Christmas this year ... WE NEED TO REPLACE THAT MEMORY ... with a RAINBOW ....... I ask that everyone who has been BLESSED by TAYLOR ... or by being A TAYLOR FAN .... give something ,... no matter how little it need be but lets pull together and show these people what Christmas means to "SOUL PATROL"

Gift cards ... a secret SANTA present .. a shirt ... anything attached with HOPE

Now we all can be TAYLOR ANGELS and help heal this FAMILY........

P.S. To the member that has brought this to our attention ... please email me, every available way to send gifts of hope to this family.... ASAP.... these children must receive XMas gifts everyway possible ... I want to send them a Letter from Santa ... PLEASE EMAIL ME WITH CONTACT INFO ... thank you.
To the family ... I promise you ... this disaster will bring you a rainbow full of love and needs met ....
This is the time of year that great miracles HAPPEN ... you will come through this ... I PROMISE YOU THAT.... this website is powerful when prayers begin for someone ....Your name is on top of each prayer list all over the world ...
I am going after I sign off, to make a special visit at the North Star and with my fleet of Angels ... YOU WILL SEE great things will come your way... GOD Bless and GOD'S SPEED WITH EACH OF YOU"

Teri and Phyllis thank you for your compassionate hearts, thank you to Taylor's Angels for bringing this to our attention.
I hope we have touched your heart and you will add your support as well as your prayers for this family.
We CAN make a difference ... we are The Soul Patrol!!
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For more information on Taylor’s Hagerstown, Maryland show and how Mr. Torres impacted this community, please check out the links below:


froggie said...

Bruce and Cassie are two of the most exceptional people I have ever met. Life long friends. I echo everything that has been said about this wonderful family and all they have done. I will send my support to help rebuild all that has been lost and boost their spirit's back up. Love you Bruce and Cassie.

DidNotExpectThat said...

Thanks for helping to spread the message, Bloom. This family has done an incredible job of promoting Taylor Hicks and totally believes in his artistry. To find a promoter with that kind of interest in a rising star is a rarity. I truly hope that what has been written about Bruce and Cassie has conveyed how dedicated to Taylor's success this family is. It would be a wonderful encouragement to them if Taylor's fans poured their wonderfully generous spirits out on this family who has lost everything. I have faith that they will!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for spreading the word Bloom! Bruce and Cassie are extremely generous people and it will come back to them. We will all open our hearts to help them rebuild!


Lmo said...

Bloom-- Again, thank you for helping to spread the word about this tragedy that this wonderful family is having to endure right at the holidays.

Anonymous said...