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Taylor Hicks "The Distance"

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Born To Stand Out

From the top of Taylor's shiny silver head down to his much beloved size 12 alligator boots, one thing Taylor Hicks has always done is stand out from the pack!

"A Change Is Gonna Come" and "Swanee River Rock" began the long and winding road we have travelled.

Many of us became gypsies travelling thousands upon thousands of miles this past year to attend as many Taylor Hicks' concerts as we possibly could.

He is the reason we are sitting here instead of being in the kitchen baking Christmas cookies :-)

Taylor is a born performer and a naturally gifted artist and when he hits the stage magic does indeed happen.

Our eyes are riveted watching every expression, every move he makes, while the sound of his music fills up all of the empty places inside of us.

If the way Taylor makes us feel could be bottled up and sold, the world would be a far richer place.

This 10 minute video presentation of Taylor's American Idol Journey takes us back to where and why we have all boarded the Taylor Hicks' Train and are ready to follow it no matter what direction it takes.

To open the door to opportunity, you need the right key ...
for Taylor American Idol was that key!

video presentation by goxen
Thank You

Thanks for visiting and taking another trip back down memory lane with me today ... and since I have a little time before the train leaves the station ... and it's time to follow the bus again ...

could I borrow a cup of sugar?


KarinP said...

"If the way Taylor makes us feel could be bottled up and sold, the world would be a far richer place."

The world would not only be a far richer place, Bloom, maybe some of the pharmaceutical companies would not be rolling in the green stuff. Families would be together and the world's population would love one another instead of fighting in wars that sometimes seem so futile. Taylor would be a very rich man if he sold his "medicated goo".

Sometimes, people who are born to stand out must carry burdens at a young age which no one understands at the time. Looking back, perhaps Taylor's hair turning gray at 15 was indeed a sign that his life was going to be unique. I am sure it was not an easy thing to live with being the age that he was but it is one of the things that has made Taylor a very distinctive personality.

He had foresight, the common sense and bravado to see that door of opportunity in front of him and he opened it. When I watched the video of Taylor's journey on AI, there are moments that I notice now that must not have been easy. Facing the judges every week and accepting their critiques with a smile on his face was very courageous actually. It must have been difficult for all of the contestants. No one likes to hear criticism from others and I don't know if I would be a person who could smile my way through it.

Watching Taylor sing Do I Make You Proud brings back all of the emotions I felt that night as many others did too. Oh yes, this man did make all of us "proud" and he continues to do so.

Now I had better stop talking so that "froggie" will have something left to say and many Christmas tasks await my attention.

Once again, you have inspired my thoughts, Bloom. Well done and thanks very much.

simonsays said...

He had me at woo. Who could resist that boyish enthusiasm combined with knowing how to make every minute on stage work for him. America got it right, Taylor is one talented young man which he proves everytime he hits the stage. He continues to stand out from the crowd, there's no pigeonholing him!

Bloom said...

Bottling up 'medicated goo' now there's a thought!
I've been thinking I needed a job so I can keep following the bus, maybe I could be a travelling medicine woman lol

Welcome simonsays, thanks for visiting with us today! (cute handle)
I agree there is no pigeonholing Taylor ... cause he isn't stuck in one genre and he is 'unique'!!!
He may be our SoulMan, but boy can he play those blues!