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Taylor Hicks "The Distance"

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Can't Whomp Me Down

Taylor Hicks "Forever Man"

'Cause "People Get Ready" there's a train a coming!!

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Who could ever forget the excitement of Taylor's
'One Night In Nashville' tracks surfacing!!
Everybody was playing Name That Tune
with the lyrics from "Happier With Him".


It's been seven years now since that snowy night Taylor first arrived in Nashville, ready to take the Music City by storm.

From 'Heart Full Of Soul'

(Lost And Found In Music City)
Taylor says it took only one night for his hopes and dreams to come to a crashing halt.
"Thinking back on it now, I can conjure up the excited, hopeful feeling I had driving into Nashville on that very first snowy evening.
The entire Music City appeared before me like one big clean slate.
For one night at least, Nashville looked exactly like I'd hoped it would be - a place of limitless promise where I'd undoubtedly make my mark.
And then the next morning I woke up."


Like a million other hopefuls Taylor had gone to Nashville with the dream of becoming a star and landing a major record deal.
But as Taylor points out ...

From 'Heart Full Of Soul'

(Lost And Found In Music City)
"There was one huge hitch ... I never paused long enough to consider what should have been glaringly obvious ... whatever else I might have been, I was - for better or worse - no country singer.
When I speak I might sound country, but when I sing I am just a soul man."


While Taylor might think he is just a Soul Man, his Soul Patrol knows better.
His music spans an endless list of genres, Country included.


Those Nashville doors he knocked on didn't open for him 7 years ago, but you have only to watch his concert at the Ryman ... and listen to the roar of the crowd ... to know how much Nashville loved Taylor Hicks!


So I say ... Music City get ready ...'cause there is an inbound train approaching and it is on track for 2008 ... get those doors open!

The titles of these 2 tracks from 'One Night In Nashville' ..."People Get Ready" and "Forever Man" .... are telling 'cause you can't Whomp Taylor Hicks down.

From 'Heart Full of Soul
(What'd I Say)
""If you believe in yourself, anything that comes your way - good, bad, or really ugly - can't knock you too far off track"

video presentation by PayTheDevil
(Thank You)

I love when Taylor sings "Forever Man" and although I have not been fortunate enough to catch him singing it live .... we have video!
Taylor appears with his old band, Little Memphis Blues Orchestra (LMBO), at the Woodlands in Wilkes-Barre 9-24-06 after the final American Idol tour show.

video capture thanks to jensenholmes

And a big thank you to DidNotExpectThat for her wonderful photos of Taylor at the Ryman that I took liberty with to create the header collage!


The 49th annual Auto Zone Liberty Bowl will be played Saturday,
December 29, 2007 at 3:30 p.m. CST
at the Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium in Memphis
Halftime show ~ Headlined by Taylor Hicks



KarinP said...

Bloom, you've done it once again, my friend.

You know, the more I live this life, I realize that it is all about the "timing" of events. We often have to walk down some pretty dark roads before we get what we want. I think it builds character in all of us.

Nashville may not have been ready for Taylor then but I think that Nashville is more than ready now to embrace Taylor. The face of "Country" music has changed dramatically and many of Taylor's songs could very well fit into one of the many Country genres that they have today.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being "just a soul man" because anyone who has soul definitely has a big heart!

2008 must surely be Taylor's year where the doors will open wide everywhere to welcome him.

I was stopped in my tracks tonight at the grocery store. I am serious ... I just entered the store and stood still as my ears perked up to the song that was playing!

It was the first time that I had ever heard Just To Feel That Way being played anywhere in Canada. I think that my smile was so big and my eyes were so bright that they could have turned off all of the lights and I would have lit up the store all by myself!

I do hope that Taylor does make another trip to Nashville as it will give me a very good reason to visit a place that has been on my "wish" list!

Thanks, Bloom!

tishlp said...

What a wonderful article. Sometimes the fans forget how far Taylor has come, but I'm sure he hasn't forgotten.

Bloom said...

Karin your Happy New Year has already begun ... I can just imagine how you felt standing in the store and finally hearing JTFTW played in Canada.
I hope that Taylor visits Canada often in 2008 ... the Canadians are very welcoming ... and appreciate good music.
I got to experience just how welcoming and appreciative they are when I attened Keith Urban's concert in Toronto earlier this month.
So Asia gets it, Canada gets it ... what the heck is the problem with America???
It seems that the majority have forgotten what 'good' music sounds like ... it is such a shame :-(

Congrats girl on your honors from you tube for having top viewing by Canadians for your video of Taylor's interview after his half-time performance at the Liberty Bowl!

Bloom said...

tiship hi and welcome to my blog!!

lol this is where the little fishes swim and peacefully enjoy all of the wonderful memories Taylor has already given us .... while we happily anticipate all of the good things coming our way from Taylor in the next year!

Hope you'll return and visit with us and feel free to join in our commentary any time!

KarinP said...

Thanks, Bloom! Believe me, the Canadians would be whomping alot more if they could just hear Taylor on the radio but the grocery store is definitely a captive audience. Unfortunately, most don't even know much about his CD or his book!

I am so happy that you received the benefit of Canadian hospitality at the Keith Urban concert! We try our best to keep the tourists happy here.

Looking forward to a fabulous 2008 with Taylor Hicks right up front and centre!

Anonymous said...

Loved your site!

Keep Rockin'