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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Caught On Video

Happy New Year Everybody!!!


I have been on Taylor's hamster wheel all day ...
how in the world does he do it ???
(guess you have to be young)
But I finally hit pay dirt ... woo hoo!!

BIG THANKS go to Ragsqueen (Mandy) for her up-close video of Taylor Hicks' spectacular half-time performance at the Liberty Bowl!!

Be sure to check out Mandy's blog (link in my sidebar) for her recap from the President's Gala and for her glowing recap of Taylor's Liberty Bowl half-time performance!

Now I am a happy camper, this is a video that needs to be seen and this performance should have been shown around the world!!!

photo credit: DidNotExpectThat from Taylor's Angels
(Bless YOU!)
Please visit their blog in my side bar for additional videos, photos and recaps from the 2007 Liberty Bowl!

Taylor with the kids from St. Jude's

And another awesome half-time video, taken from the 50 yard-line by EJ from the Boogie Board.

(Thank YOU!)
You will find additional videos and photos for the President's Gala by clicking on the link for The Boogie Board in my sidebar.

What a true showman Taylor is ... as always I'm blooming proud!!!

photo credit: Herrington Marketing
(Thank YOU)

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KarinP said...

You know, I don't know how he does it because I am dizzy myself!

It has been a very hectic weekend but look at all of the great things that we have been able to enjoy!

Thanks for posting the video! It should be seen everywhere. Taylor just continues to prove his showmanship. He did not miss a beat when the microphone stopped working. Instead, he started dancing with the beautiful children from St. Judes! I bet that they had a wonderful time being on stage with Taylor.

Thanks, Bloom and many thanks to RagsQueen for her video too!

Haley said...

That itty-bitty boy is Evan! A very brave and courageous cancer battler. Evan has Neuroblastoma and is being treated at St. Jude. Evan LOVES to put on shows!!!

KarinP said...

Haley, thanks for telling us about Evan! God bless him! Even though he is having his own "battle", he is enjoying the music! He is obviously in "The Right Place" to be cared for. I think that it was just great that he was able to have fun at the show.

Best wishes to Evan for a complete recovery. I hope he is able to see himself on the video that RagsQueen captured!

Bloom said...

Hi Haley welcome to my blog!
Evan put on a great show, and I'm thankful we got a chance to see him in this video.
So disappointing that it wasn't aired on TV.
Everyone so enjoyed him dancing with Taylor and it was obvious they both had a great time!!
Taylor is wonderful with kids and he makes great connections with them.
I hope Evan had a blast, I know what it is like to have a child with cancer and how fast they learn to grow up.
It was a wonderful feeling to watch him just let go and be a kid!
Thank you Haley for sharing with us, give Evan a big old soul patrol hug for me!

RagsQueen said...

So nice of Haley to share the story about Evan. Hope he gets to see himself dancing with Taylor! And hears to a speedy recovery for Evan!

While it was anticipated that the half-time show would be aired on ESPN, and then when it didn't happen, I'm so happy that I went and was able to capture the moment for everyone to see. Taylor is quite the performer, able to handle any situation, including dead mics and children, and making it all look like it was planned to begin with! SOUL PATROL!

Thanks for the credit for the video and sharing it on your blog as well as directing people to mine!

Happy New Year everyone!

KarinP said...

You certainly have been busy today!

As usual, DidNotExpectThat took a fantastic picture! It is just great because it captures a very special moment! Well done, DidNotExpectThat and kudos to you, Bloom, for finding just the right picture!

Happy 2008 to everyone!

BettyBoop1223 said...

Thank you, I am also a friend of Evan's and got to see the video for the fist time tonight. He IS an amazing little boy with an amazing family. His mother is a friend of mine and she has been an inspiration for me. She posts almost daily at CaringBridge.com where you can "visit a site" and type in the name evanthomason I hope some of your readers will go there. Please pray for Evan and his family. God has been so good and faithful to them through this. I know He will lift you up for giving of your time to read and pray for Evan. Thanks again, we are looking forward to the new album.

Bloom said...

Welcome Bettyboop, it's nice to meet another friend of Evan, and a fellow lover of Taylor's music!!

We have been following Evan's story in the journal at Caring Bridge and recently read the story at Taylor's Angels written by his mother.

It is good to know that he has so much love surrounding him, and Evan and his mother are an inspiration to all of us!

Little boys are wonderful, though often wise beyond their years - when they are given a special task in life - and strength beyond their fears.
Little boys can touch your heart, and bring you so much joy - and who could know this better, than a 'friend' of a little boy?

Thank you Bettyboop for sharing today, come and visit anytime ... just grab a seat and help yourself to a cup of Karma coffee!

KarinP said...

Bettyboop, I am so glad that you got a chance to see the video. I think it is a very special moment and am so thankful that it was captured by some of the fans.

I have been getting daily updates from Evan's mother through her journal at CaringBridge and while I have not commented on them, I do appreciate her taking the time to tell everyone how things are going for them.

Evan has touched many hearts and he is a very fortunate little "man" to be surrounded by so many people who love him.

Evan, his family and the "circle" of friends are in my thoughts.