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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Christmas in July

Taylor Hicks ~ AOL Music Sessions
(click photo to enlarge)

Santa's already busy making his lists and checking them twice.
What's on your list this year?

We're celebrating Christmas in July here at 'The Pond' because it's a perfect opportunity to once again put the idea out there that we would love to have a Christmas CD from Taylor Hicks.
Taylor are you listening?
We not only want that new CD promised in the Fall ... a Holiday CD would be a great present ... hint hint!

During the summer months as the weather becomes increasingly warm (hot) some people's thoughts turn to the atmosphere of cooler temps and the holiday spirit of Christmas time.

'Christmas In Washington' was one of the showcased videos in our Taylor Hicks Goes To Washington blog and today's showcased videos are from Taylor Hicks AOL Sessions.

Speaking of videos, so how do you like my new video player in my side-bar?
I think the sound is extraordinay and I'm really enjoying it myself!
I listen to the crowd roaring at Taylor's Hagerstown concert and it really makes me yearn even more for Taylor to be on tour again.
I sure hope a tour is announced before I have to add a
Taylor Hicks Tour to my Christmas Wish list ... AGAIN
(Don't forget to pause the video player in the side-bar before you press play on the videos below!)

First up is his "White Christmas", a soulful hip rendition that he also performed for the 2006 'Christmas From Rockefeller Center', as well as at a special private performance for CBS News.
Videos for both of those performances can be found on You Tube, but for some unknown reason (to me) you'll not find there ...
his AOL Sessions videos.

video: Taylor Hicks ~ "White Christmas"

Taylor's AOL Session videos were fabulous and they are jewels in our treasure trove of gifts he has already given us.
I'm not sure how much longer it will be before we have new treasures from him to add to the chest, but in the meantime I intend to fully enjoy and share the cache we already have!

Next up ... is the rarely heard on tour ... "Dream Myself Awake".
Remember the sneak preview we had of this and the guessing game we all played of naming the song?

While not a Christmas video, I did do a Christmas blog titled 'Sweet Dreams Baby' about "Dream Myself Awake"which prompted me to include the video in our July XMAS celebration.
You can view here "Sweet Dreams Baby".

video: Taylor Hicks ~ "Dream Myself Awake"

To view additional video from Taylor Hicks' AOL Sessions click HERE

"Ah, Christmas in July, while it's really primarily a marketing tool, what a great excuse to throw a party!
Ready to party some more?
Just CLICK on the sidebar video player AGAIN ...
I personally guarantee you'll have sweet dreams!

Today's cup:

"Well I wish it could be Christmas everyday.
When the kids start singing and the band begins to play.
Oh I wish it could be Christmas everyday."


Anonymous said...

I'm with ya .........A Christmas Album would be great; however, I don't know when Taylor would find the time to record it. Now if he made some Christmas appearances and they were recorded or maybe just a video with a compilation of Xmas tunes , I would be satisfied.

You do such and excellent job with this blog , Bloom. I am always amazed at the diversity of topics with Taylor Hicks as the centerpiece. Thanks.


KarinP said...

Bloom, I can't even begin to tell you how much I would love to see a Christmas CD being released by Taylor. White Christmas on AOL Sessions is absolutely fabulous! It just leaves us wanting more of the same and isn't that the sign of a song well done?

The request is definitely going on my Christmas list again this year. Hey Taylor, I don't even mind if it is a CD with 6 songs on it - that would satisfy the appetite....well, perhaps for this year.

The video player is great, Bloom. The sound is superb and it is wonderful to have Taylor open the door when I visit "The Pond".

Cheers - here's to Christmas in July!