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Monday, July 21, 2008

Rock and Roll Heaven Week - Canadian Idol

Monday night's Canadian Idol show opened with Ben Mulroney welcoming the viewers and then Ben said:

"The Idols were allowed to sing any song they wanted
with just one condition. The original artist must be dead.
This is our Rock and Roll Heaven Week.
The Top 9 have made their choices and we "Googled" them just to make sure they were dead and they were."

Just prior to introducing Sebastian's performance, Ben then said: "Tonight, the Idols are unearthing some of the biggest hits by some of the deadest music stars of all time."

My blog today is primarily about Sebastian Pigott's journey, but I feel that I need to express my "personal" thoughts regarding the diplomacy of these remarks. I have no way of knowing whether the comments were Ben's personal comments or the words written by a writer, but as a viewer, I found them to be distasteful. Considering Ben's background, I expected that he would have been more tactful and "politically correct" in describing the purpose of this week.
In my mind, I wondered what a family member of one of these departed musicians might think as I found those comments to be very offensive.

This is a television show which is often viewed by families. Surely, there must be a better way to boost the ratings and provide a better role model for the younger viewers by giving the appropriate respect to those who have moved on to "Rock and Roll Heaven". Now, I feel much better expressing my thoughts so let's move on to what is really important.

Sebastian chose to perform "Love Me" an Elvis #2 hit on the charts in 1956.

I enjoyed the performance but once again, Sebastian really took some severe criticism from the judges.

Taylor Hicks ~ 'Heart Full of Soul'
"But while I'd always listen to the judges' comments and respond to their criticism as best I could, I was well aware they weren't my ultimate judges."

Did anyone notice that there was no mention about the style of microphone Sebastian chose to use? I watched the footage of the show again and he was the only contestant who used the style of microphone which realistically portrayed the time in which the song was originally performed. One would think that it might have been mentioned instead of the standard "you look good" comments.

The thought has also crossed my mind that Sebastian Pigott is a "blues and soul" music kind of guy which begs the question if perhaps the Canadian Idol show feels that his genre of music isn't going to be easily heard on the radio? Does it all come down to dollars and cents and that is why their comments, perhaps, were intended to sway the potential voters?

Taylor Hicks ~ 'Heart Full of Soul'
"My type of soul wasn't ultra-sexy hip-hop it was old-school soul...."
".... the songs from my album weren't having a particularly easy time on the radio so far. Not for the first time, I encountered resistance from people who were quick to question where exactly I fit in - if I fit anywhere at all."

Once again Sebastian made a dramatic entrance with the lights dimmed and I think his entrance shows that he does give a great deal of thought to how he is going to portray himself on television.

I am not so sure, though, that I saw the go get 'em' sparkle in Sebastian's eyes this week that I have seen on previous shows.

I am wondering about a couple of things. Did Sebastian have his heart in performing tonight? He had all the right moves but did "he" feel the song? I think at times he did.

One thing that I did notice though. There didn't seem to be as many camera close-up shots of him as there usually are so maybe this made it more difficult to really "see" him perform the song.

Does Sebastian miss his brother being on the show or is he finding that the concept of the show is too confining? In my opinion, it takes alot of courage to appear on this kind of show. To be judged week after week is part and parcel of being a part of it, but how many of us would actually be willing to put ourselves out there and do it?

When all is said and done, the ultimate decision belongs to the public. If participating in the show gets you to where "you" want to go, then it is worth the ride. Let's wait until tomorrow night to find out what the people have to say. Sebastian, once again, I think you remained true to yourself and there is nothing more that anyone can ask from you. Good for you and by the way, my fingers did the dialing!

'There's no electoral college on American Idol - simply the weekly will of the people."
Taylor Hicks ~ 'Heart Full of Soul'

Today's cup:

"Just because you look good, don't mean you feel good."

~ Elvis Presley ~


butterfly said...

Your review of Sebastian was very insightful and honest...you s/b one of the judges because you do not miss a thing. "Bring it on home" and "Love me" I thought were his signature entrance ...with Sebastian in the shadow moving into the spotlight luv it when he does that. Yes I sure miss the closeups cause I love his eyes they do sparkle and expressions. So So agree about Ben's intro to the deadest rockers ...actually they are still alive in their music cause they are always being played somewhere and in someone's heart ...good Job Karin will always drop in and read your posts on Sebastian and luv what your doing for Taylor Hicks ...I fell in love with him when he was on american idol and still watch his videos...I was overwhelmed because you have so much information about Taylor and luv it ...I read and listened to everything and will come back to read more updates about him. If he were to come to Canada that truly would be awesome. Thank you Karin

KarinP said...

butterfly, I am so glad you found your way here. I watched a video tonight of Gavin Rossdale since I am not familiar with his music.

I think that he will be a great 'fit' for Sebastian. It is a wonderful opportunity for Sebastian to work with a guest mentor too.

I have re-watched the "Love Me" video several times. I stand corrected - I think that Sebastian did "feel" the song.

I am looking forward to the "Unplugged" show on Monday. I hope you come back often to read more about Taylor too.

Butterfly said...

Yes the "unplugged" show is already giving me butterflies...I too watched a few videos of Gavin Rossdale ...I heard through the grapevine that after the Candian Idol show that Jaydee Bixby performed the only competitor to take the timeto talk to Jaydee was Sebastian, Jaydee said he was a true gentleman...just wanted to pass that along as a note a true artist respects another artist...so glad that Taylor Hicks has gone to Number 8 seen the eightball cute..Taylor Hicks sure can put on a show as I have heard alot of pple have said who have been to his show ...He is another awesome performer that has left his signature in the music world..great work Karin on keeping the updates will be back

KarinP said...

butterfly, thanks for the tidbit about JayDee and Sebastian. I really liked JayDee last year and I voted for him. While he is young, he has an incredible voice and he is going to be a big Country star.

As I recall, JayDee took alot of flack from the judges too because they thought that he was trying to impersonate Elvis too much. They just didn't 'get' him.

I think it is pretty sad that Sebastian was the only person who took the time to talk to JayDee. I am sure that he had alot of advice to offer since he has been through all of it before. You're right - when one artist respects other artists, it just shows how much class they have. Taylor has always respected other artists as well.

I just read this today about Steffy D. from Season 4. She is another person who stood her ground and stayed true to herself.

Steffi Didomenicantonio has been waiting for this her whole life.

The Season 4 Canadian Idol competitor has landed a lead role in the Broadway National Tour of "Spring Awakening" and is now doing rehearsals in New York City before embarking on a year-long North American tour.

Don't be nervous about "Unplugged" - what will be, will be and it is meant to happen that way! When all is said and done, Sebastian is going to be just fine with his career.

Bloom said...

Butterfly just wanted to welcome you to our Pond and to tell you ... you have great taste in music!
Karin is doing a beautiful job of capturing the essence of Sebastian, I hope you will continue to enjoy your visits, I've enjoyed reading your comments!

Carl Haight said...

If bad is the new good, Sebastian is the best. If posturing is the new soul, he has loads. If deifying the average is the order of the day, Piggot should be the new Canadian Idol.

KarinP said...

Carl, I respect your opinion because I believe that everyone is entitled to their own thoughts. If all of us in this world had the identical thoughts or interests, it would surely be a boring place to be.

In my opinion how music affects each individual is as a simple as saying "the beauty of the melody is in the "ear" of the beholder.

When all is said and done, I applaud anyone who has the courage, determination, perseverance and passion to pursue their dreams. I may or may not enjoy the music of all of the contestants on the show but I will continue to respect their desire to be true to themselves.

"The one thing in the world, of value, is the active soul."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~