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Taylor Hicks "The Distance"

Sunday, July 13, 2008


In a recent interview with Jim Cantiello from MTV News, Taylor Hicks and Jim were discussing Taylor’s role as Teen Angel in the Broadway production of Grease.

“Now we're packing the place out.
It's sold-out every night, and I get to play a little harmonica, which is cool.
I couldn't do that on 'Idol.'
That wasn't the year where you could play instruments."

~Taylor Hicks ~

Things have now changed on Idol and more specifically on Canadian Idol which is the purpose of this blog.

Season 6 of Canadian Idol began a few weeks ago and it promises to be a season of many firsts! This year, the show started with the Top 24 Contestants instead of 22 Contestants because the judges felt that there was so much talent this season.
For the very first time, we have two brothers who are competing independently.
I am referring to Oliver and Sebastian Pigott.
They sing soulful, bluesy music.

Oliver and Sebastian Pigott's Auditions

If you listened closely, you heard one of the judges say “Holy James Dean” after Sebastian performed.
I must confess that I didn’t notice the comment until tonight.
I have been discussing the Pigott Brothers with Allyn, who produces the most superb Taylor Hicks graphic art, as many of us know.
After seeing Sebastian, she immediately sent this to me (click to enlarge photo).

I don’t think that Canada has noticed this yet but Sebastian definitely has an uncanny resemblance to James Dean.

On Tuesday, July 8th, I had one of those "Taylor Hicks moments" after one of the Pigott brothers performed.
This was the Top 16 week and by Wednesday, we would have our Top 10 Contestants.
For the first time since Taylor Hicks won Season 5 on American Idol, I found myself jumping off of the sofa in sheer joy!

Oliver Pigott performed a Bill Withers’ hit, "Lean on Me", right before his brother stepped up to the microphone.

Oliver Pigott - "Lean On Me"

Immediately following Oliver, Sebastian was introduced and he would perform a Sam Cooke song, "Bring It On Home To Me".
Does anyone else see a ‘trend’ here?

Sebastian's entrance to the stage, for me, was a Bublé-like entrance - intriguing for me since Michael is another favourite artist of mine!
A great read - So Different and Yet - Bublé and Hicks


Sebastian Pigott - "Bring it on Home to Me"

A couple of friends of mine called immediately after the performance because they, too, are fans of Taylor Hicks. Like me, the harmonica reminded them of many of Taylor’s performances since AI.

Comments from one of the judges, Sass Jordan, got me thinking.
She said “you are probably one of the smartest, cleverest performers that I have ever seen”.

Did the Pigott Brothers read Taylor’s book, 'Heart Full of Soul' before the CI competition?
It is probably a question that I will never know the answer to, but it is definitely food for thought.

The producers of the show knew that Canada was very interested in the Pigott Brothers and with only one seat left on the Final 10, we had to wait until the very end of the show to find out which one would make it.

"And, the 10th Finalist is .... "

My personal opinion is that Oliver, too, should have made it to the Top 10. You can see his previous performances on YouTube. In the meantime, I wish him the best of luck as he continues along the path of soul and blues music.

Sebastian wore a suit for the performance; he made a dramatic entrance and he has so much charisma on stage. The music flows through his veins before the words of the song come out of his mouth.
There are other contestants who are going to give Sebastian a good run for his money and it will be an interesting trip this season on Canadian Idol. I hope that he continues to play the harmonica because it gives him a distinct advantage.

To be reminded of the magical music of Taylor Hicks on AI Season 5 was absolutely the best experience I have had watching any Idol show in a long time!

I really think that it is fabulous that the harmonica is becoming
more visible.
I can't help but think how awesome it would have been if only Taylor had been able to play it during his stint on AI.


Today's cup:
"Because everything we say and do is the length and shadow of our own souls, our influence is determined by the quality of our being."


RagsQueen said...

Very nice!

san said...

Thanks, Bloom, for a very thoughtful reminder of the excitement we all feel when Taylor plays that harmonica! It is great that others appreciate the blues and soul and are bringing it back like your Canadian Idol!
Sebastian does look like James Dean! James Dean was up there right next to Elvis in my 50s world!!

Anonymous said...

Fun to see the composite that I made for Karin on Bloomy's blog. I think the comparison of Sebastian and James Dean is very clear.

The Pigott brothers are extremely talented and I was sorry that Oliver did not make the top ten. They both should have great careers in music. Like Taylor, they have the blues in their souls.

This commentary is such an interesting and perceptive analysis of Canadian Idol. Very well done. THMI always has both interesting and intelligent postings.


Anonymous said...

Very well thought our blog. Really hits home - the excitement we felt was incredible. Those videos are amazing - there is some wonderful talent there.

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Let's share our Idols. Canadian Idol comes to the USA and Taylor Hicks goes to Canada.

Harmonicas rule !!!!


Bouffe said...

Thank you for this wonderful entry. I've discovered the brothers on Canadian Idol, like many others. I was so bummed Oliver didn't make it, and so happy Sebastian made it! They really should both have been on. Oh well, I'm just happy I got to discover them and got to see them play live. They both ooze music, as Farly Flex said. They really, truly do.

And that pic of Sebastian next to James Dean? I had seen the resemblance before, but this is truly uncanny.

KarinP said...
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KarinP said...

San, you are absolutely right - a new appreciation for blues and soul music along with the harmonica is exactly what the music world needs right now.

Allyn, your picture does show the remarkable resemblance that Sebastian has to James Dean. I would never have seen it if not for your picture.

Cath, I am definitely up for sharing our Idols! Canada has been waiting patiently to see Taylor and it would be even better if he was a guest on Canadian Idol. I would love to see him jam on the harmonica with both Sebastian and Oliver with a little bit of saxaphone thrown in for good measure.

RagsQueen and cydter, I am glad you enjoyed the blog and I will keep you informed about the show as it progresses.

bouffe, thanks for stopping by. I can only imagine how wonderful it was to see them perform live.

Bloom, thank you so much for inviting me to share Canadian Idol on the Blog!

Jill said...

I'm a Canadian who has become a HUGE Sebastian Pigott fan over the past month or so (also loved Oliver, was very sad to see him go) - loved this Blog, and I'm happy to see some Americans taking an interest in our James Dean of the North!
Oh - and when he pulled out that harmonica last week - it was easily my favourite Idol moment EVER!

KarinP said...

Jill, I am hoping we will see more of the harmonica. Thanks very much for dropping by and commenting.