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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Awesome With A Capital A

Earlier today Taylor Hicks joined My FOX NY reporter Julie Chang, to talk about his current gig on Broadway in GREASE ... and what we might expect to see coming from him in the next few months.

Taylor also hinted at ... another big surprise forthcoming ... soon ?!?

Julie: "What's it been like?"
Taylor: "Awesome with a capital A baby!"

Kirsten Wyatt, who plays the part of Frenchy, also joined Taylor on the set today as he sang "Beauty School Dropout", it was nice to see her again ... pretty lady!

Here is the interview along with Taylor and Kirsten performing "Beauty School Dropout"!
Thanks Karin for the video capture, what would I ever do without you, lol don't want to know!

I of course visited the MYFOX NY website as I was intrigued by Julie Chang and I checked out her bio, now I know why I was intrigued, she has a fascinating background! click here to read Julie's bio.

Taylor Hicks is instantly recognizable by his voice, his looks, and his heavenly harp!
In 2006 he became a household name, and since then he's had to hide his beautiful silver hair under a hat if he wishes to go unnoticed.
Now I don't know if it's a myth or not, but my dad always told me the reason he lost his hair was because he wore a hat too much.
Taylor take off those hats and let your hair shine, you are still recognized ... even with a hat on!

Speaking of being recognizable .... reminds me of a cute story that Taylor shared in Heart Full Of Soul, about trying to cold-call his way into a new gig for the Taylor Hicks Band, WAY back before going on to become America's 2006 American Idol.

It's a cross between What's My Line, and To Tell The Truth, lol wonder if either of those are still around!

"I'd put on my most professional music-industry voice and start pitching.
My end of the conversation would go something like this:

Good afternoon, I'm calling you today about a really great young group down here in Birmingham.
They're called the Taylor Hicks Band ... That's H-I-C-K-S.
These guys are really heating up all over the place now.
You might know some of the boys from their old bands, Passing Through or maybe Fletch Lives ....
You haven't huh?
Well the lead singer, he's a helluva front man, and the guy plays some mean harmonica too.
The whole band is packed with kick-ass players.
You've got to hear 'em to believe them ... Their sound?
I'd have to say that they're a little bit of everything you've ever loved and a whole lot of fun to watch ...
What kind of material do they do?
They do all sorts of great old-school soul covers and some rocking originals too.
Heck, for the right price they'll probably do your laundry as well.
And since we're talking price now, why don't we do some business right now? ....

What's my name?
Sir, my name is Taylor Hicks, H-I-C-K-S."

"One of the best things people can have up their sleeve is a funny bone"

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KarinP said...

Bloom, I did enjoy the interview and performance on the Good Day show. Taylor is popping up everywhere these days and often 'unannounced' so thank goodness for the "Taylor TV spotters" who often give us a heads up on these appearances.

Boy, I say that Taylor shouldn't take any chances with the hair - take off the hat, Taylor and enjoy the limelight!

The story from Heart Full of Soul is hilarious! Can't you just hear Taylor saying that? The good thing is that these days, Taylor doesn't have to offer to do the laundry!

Thanks, Bloom.