~ Like the ripples in a pond, the work of one man spreads out and touches the lives of others ~

From The Soul of One ~ To The Hearts Of Many
Taylor Hicks "The Distance"

Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Ripple Effect of Taylor Hicks

Humankind has not woven the web of life.
We are but one thread within it.
Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.
All things are bound together.
All things connect.

~ Chief Seattle, 1854 ~

"Like the ripples in a pond, the work of one man, spreads out and touches the lives of others" is part of the quote that represents the Taylor Hicks My Idol blog spot.

It is simply amazing, to even me sometimes, how so many things connect back to Taylor Hicks. It is a ripple effect that evolves into ever widening and connecting circles, much like the effect you would see upon tossing a stone into the water, or in our case here, 'The Pond'.

I have often been asked where the inspiration comes from for the videos I have created, for example Taylor Hicks' "Places I've Been". Sometimes it is a single photo that sparks my thoughts, sometimes the inspiration is triggered by words. Words that keep coming up for several days at a time ... perhaps in a different context ... but inside each context there lies a similarity. My mind simply keeps following the connections.

This is what happened to me with the word 'soundtrack'.
I started with "Let's Spend the Night Together" which Karin linked to "Just Once" in her 'Shades of American Idol Season 5' blog .. and then I went a step further and linked my comment of Taylor Hicks' "Just Once" to being an excellent choice for a soundtrack.

Taking the connections she made between the songs a couple steps further, my mind connected the two love songs and came up with "Just Once Let's Spend The Night Together".
(Lol it could have been the soundtrack for 'My Best Friend's Wedding')
Which eventually brought me to Elton John's soundtrack from the movie 'Friends', "Seasons".

I've just finished another love story video, and while it is not the music of Taylor Hicks, it does tie into today's blog. My new video is a soundtrack from the 1971 obscure movie 'Friends' titled "Seasons" by Elton John.

For our world, the circle turns again
Throughout the year we've seen the seasons change
It's meant a lot to me to start anew
Oh the winter's cold but I'm so warm with you

Out there there's not a sound to be heard
And the seasons seem to sleep upon their words
As the waters freeze up with the summer's end

Oh it's funny how young lovers start as friends
Yes it's funny how young lovers start as friends

~ Elton John ~

The lyrics of "Seasons", specifically certain words, as well as some of the images I used to depict the story, caused my thoughts to enter another connecting circle.

The image I used above to illustrate The Seasons is of seasons encased in bubbles, which brought to my mind 'The Grey Haired Boy In The Bubble' ... the first chapter in Taylor Hicks' 'Heart Full Of Soul'.

The words "the circle turns again" reminded me of when Taylor Hicks sat in with Willie Nelson to perform "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" at the Red Rocks Amphitheater, and of the first time I heard Taylor sing "Will We Go Round In Circles" with 'Little Memphis Blues'.

I was also reminded of the story Taylor Hicks shared in 'Heart Full of Soul' of what the song "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" meant to him upon the deaths of his close friends. Of how he talked about the book 'The Seat of the Soul' which uses quantum physics to show that we're all connected on a deeper level.

"There is no single way to experience intuition. It is different for everyone...Some people have hunches. Some get ideas. Some people hear music, and others see pictures. Some people get sensations, like the feeling of a crisp winter day. Others hear words."
~ Gary Zukov, Soul Stories ~

Speaking of Soul Stories, I wanted to share here the most recent comment I received from a poster in Greece on my Taylor Hicks "Places I've Been" video ...
"It have soul inside, this song have soul ..."

"Places I've Been" has been travelling around the world, which brings to my mind the quote about Taylor Hicks' music "Changing the world one soul at a time".

I hope that you have been able to follow my thought process, lol, sometimes even I can't figure out how I got to a particular place. It's a matter of connecting the dots to form circles which then ripple into other circles.

"Seasons" by Elton John and Bernie Taupin

Today's cup:
"The ability to relate and to connect, sometimes in odd and yet striking fashion, lies at the very heart of any creative use of the mind, no matter in what field or discipline."

~ George J. Seidel ~


KarinP said...

This blog is perfect for a Sunday. The video takes me somewhere - don't know where yet - but somewhere peaceful, relaxing, and inspirational.

Each time I see the pictures of the young couple, I smile. One can sense the love and excitement that these two friends have experienced as their friendship has blossomed into a romantic love story.

"Words" - it is interesting how they can generate thoughts from our memories. I find that certain songs do the same thing too. Every time I see the word "Seasons", I am reminded of a time when I was involved with Seasons Cosmetics and colour analysis. If one subscribes to the colour analysis theory, then the fact that each individual is a "season" themselves is really quite interesting. The cycle of "Life", itself, is a progression of "Seasons" when you really stop and think about it.

Bloom, I think you made a fabulous video. Thanks for a serene moment at "The Pond".

DJinKC said...

Aww Bloom you rippled right by me!!! I could follow you though your thought process and enjoy the journey. (LOL, that is a good thing right? ha-ha)