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From The Soul of One ~ To The Hearts Of Many
Taylor Hicks "The Distance"

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rolling Down The Road

There's a line in "Soul Thing" that says,
The road can be your friend, or the devil in disguise.
To me, that sentiment rings all too true.
Read the life stories of your musical heroes and you'll see that, regardless of what vehicle they chose to get around in, the road could be heaven or hell".
~Taylor Hicks~

"Well now they call me the breeze
I keep blowin' down the road."

Smack in the middle of a dream come true, the time had come for Taylor Hicks to start his own nationwide tour in late February of 2007.

"We began close to home in some of the beautiful old theaters and bigger clubs across the South, and it's my fervent hope that this tour doesn't really end until the day I die."
Taylor Hicks ~ 'Heart Full Of Soul'

Taylor tells us that as he stood on stage night after night singing, he experienced the stunning sensation of being smack in the middle of a dream come true.
He felt as if he was finally in exactly The Right Place, and at peace with himself in a way he had never been before.

Yesterday I was attempting to organize some of my videos from Taylor's tour, and I ran across his performance of "Call Me The Breeze" from the Innsbrook Afterhours Concert in Virginia.

I was on the road right along with Taylor back in July of 2007, though not on a tour bus :-)
What an awesome road trip that was beginning with his concert in Hagerstown, on to Innsbrook, and ending with his concert in Louden.

Thinking about my wonderful road trip, got me thinking about Taylor rolling down the roads on his cross country tour last year.
Wondering if the road had been his friend, or whether he felt a bit like a dust devil?!?

"Call Me The Breeze" has always seemed to me to be another anthem for Taylor, along with "Soul Thing", "Gonna Move", "The Long Way Home" and "The Right Place".

Listening to "Call Me The Breeze" brought to mind a beautiful poem that I recently ran across and the author graciously allowed me to reprint and share here.
I think you'll find that it really hits home!

~On The Road Again~
Well, I've been all hemmed in, but I'm ready to move on.
To set free my old shackles and croon another song.

I want to push on ahead, run freely with the wind,
to travel on a new path of light, where I've never been.

Lift up my steps with new courage, so my spirit will be free.
Brave to change the patterns of life, that have always been me.

I'll leave the past behind, for that's where it belongs.
No more will I replay over and over the memory of wrongs.

Take me where the sun shines bright, the birds woo with their call.
Mountains shelter silver skies of joy, and it is cold no more.

I want to get back on the road and travel straight ahead.
No more turning off the level track, or by my whims be led.

Lord, keep me travelling light, shed me of all traits ...
that slow the journey onward, with such heavy weights.

I would feel the sun warm on my back, soft breezes in my face.
No dark cloud to slow me down, from this steady pace.

Come on, let's ride ... come lift your head up high.
We're embarking on an adventure that will take us to the sky.

Derry's Poetry From The Heart
(used with permission ~ Thank You Derry!)

A thank you to Ragsqueen too for her Innsbrook and Philadelphia, Ms photos!

Taylor Hicks ~ "Call Me The Breeze"
Innsbrook After Hours Concert, Glen Allen, VA

video capture by:
(Thank You!)
video screencaps: by Bloom

If you have visited the link for Derry's poems you know that On The Road Again was originally written for a cowboy, interesting, we have been wondering if we will soon be seeing a stetson hiding Taylor's silver headlight!

"Wherever I Lay My Hat, that's my home"

I-65 Headed North out of Nashville

Your comments and musings are welcome,
I hope you enjoyed today's ride down memory road!

Today's cup

The road to success is not straight.
There is a curve called Failure,
A loop called Confusion,
Speed bumps called Friends,
Red lights called Enemies,
Caution lights called Family.
You will have flats called Jobs.
But, if you have a spare called Determination,
An engine called Perseverance,
Insurance called Faith,
And a driver called Jesus,
You will make it to a place called Success.


RagsQueen said...

I always enjoy seeing what you do with my pictures! Great entry!

caryl said...

Got this in a google alert. Nice. I enjoyed it. Derry's poem is lovely. Makes me feel ready for Taylor's next tour.

Bloom said...

Your photos have been like a treasure box everytime I need just the right thing I know where to look!!
The only time I actually took a camera with me to a concert was in Jacksonville and the first photo on this blog entry I took from my hotel window!

Caryl welcome and thanks for letting me know that you enjoyed your visit.
Derry writes beautiful uplifting poems and I thought On The Road Again fit in perfectly with today's topic.
It's also wishful thinking on my part, I'm ready for the bus to roll or the train to depart ... I'm just plain ready!

KarinP said...

Bloom, I have a feeling that the "road" was both a friend and perhaps a devil in disguise at times. I can imagine the excitement that Taylor must have felt though as he boarded the bus and was heading down those roads. It must have been an incredible feeling for him.

I think that once you have had a taste of wanderlust, you always enjoy hitting the road from time to time. The secret, perhaps, for the musicians is to travel with good friends who become your family. It is great to leave and it is always great to come home too.

I really enjoyed reading "Today's Cup" - very appropriate for the subject. It is going to be a very exciting road ahead for everyone especially if Taylor is seen wearing a Stetson and boots!

Thanks, Bloom!

tishlp said...

Another wonderful blog. I always enjoy reading your musings, Bloom.

Bloom said...

Karin this has been such a different year already for everyone, we all got a taste of wanderlust last year.
I just hope Taylor didn't get too big a taste and decide he has his fill for a good long while :-(

HI tship, thanks for letting me know you dropped by for a visit ... Karin is the one who is the queen of musing, she constantly amazes me with where my thoughts lead her, but thanks for enjoying mine :-)

KarinP said...

Bloom, while I don't know Taylor personally, I have read his book and I don't think Taylor has had enough of the road yet.

He is just busy right now, I think, putting his new CD together and I think once it is out, he will be once again on the road. I always used to wonder how my Dad could be a truck driver and spend every day on the road. When I drove to Florida a few times, I realized that once you are on that open road, you have so much freedom. It gets into your blood and it becomes a part of you!

I just read in the paper that Martina McBride tours with her entire family on her bus. It is certainly a different life but I would imagine that it can be fun too.

Bloom said...

A message received from Derry, author of the poem 'Rolling Down The Road'

"kewl, thanks Bloom,
good job, yes, it fits beautifully,
glad your friends liked it too,
and you enjoy all you do..
keep traveling, believing..and looking up..

Derry's Heart Home