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Taylor Hicks "The Distance"

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Close Encounter

Fresh off his American Idol 2006 tour, Taylor Hicks had another
close encounter where fate was on his side!

Our exhausted Soul Man had decided to take a little vacation with his friends for some fun and sun, only to find himself wondering if he was going to be instead plunging into the Gulf, and not for a leisurely swim.

Not a big fan of flying to begin with, you can imagine what he was thinking when midflight the pilot announced he was going to have to work on some maneuvers over the Gulf.

"It began looking like my buddies and I should have taken the Love Boat.
I turned my head and there was Charo fingering her rosary.
Watching her, I wondered if I should be getting ready to kiss my own sweet *-* goodbye.

I also remember thinking it was a real bitch that I was going to plunge into the Gulf without getting to make my album first."

With no flaps on the plane and the pilot having to land it on one of the shortest runways in the world ... the next words coming from the cockpit were "Whoa Nelly" as the pilot slammed on the brakes.

"Those are not words you ever want to hear coming from the cockpit.
In the end, however, that wild flight wasn't my big Lynryd Skynrd-like stage exit - only a memorable bumpy ride, which at that point I'd gotten pretty used to."

Now I don't ever remember hearing this story until Taylor revealed it in 'Heart Full Of Soul', and I've since wondered if Taylor became acquainted with Charo during that harrowing flight.

He does tell us that prior to that day he wasn't familiar with her until his buddies pointed out she was the lady from Love Boat.

To most of us Charo is a household name.
She is instantly recognizable for her witty humor, loveable accent and mastery of the flamenco guitar along with her trademark statement, "Cuchi-Cuchi" which has become synonymous with fun and excitement around the world.

Envisioning an encounter between Taylor and Charo brings to mind another close encounter ... Taylor and Miss Tony Braxton, comparing the photo above and the photos below I'm sure you understand why

Getting back to Charo .... quite by coincidence today I ran across an interview she did last month and I'd like to share the part that jumped right out at me ...

“I love to travel, although I pray a lot when I fly.
I don't like having nothing under me,” Charo said.
“I hate to stay home.
Then it's ‘la cucaracha' and clean the kitchen time.”

Now what were the chances that I would happen across this particular article.
Especially since it was only last week that I was discussing this very topic with Karin.

Now here is something even more interesting ... I googled Charo to see if she is currently performing anywhere.
She is, and it's tonight at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas!
Well it certainly inspired me to tell this story here today!

I'm actually beginning to hear that do-do-do-do sound in my head, because here is another quote from Charo's interview, which is again going to remind you of Miss Braxton!

“Cuchi cuchi is my way to go to the bank.
I make money with it, but it is really an expression of freedom, victory, triumph - it means I'm happy and on top of the world."

Miss Braxton told 'People Magazine',
"I gave Taylor a Tiffany money clip.
"I told him "Taylor you're gonna make a whole lot of money."

Would that make Taylor Hicks' Soul Patrol! his expression of freedom, victory and triumph?

While I'll leave you today to ponder that question, here's a fun little video from Charo singing "Dance A Little Bit Closer".

Todays cup
"When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor, it's to enjoy each step along the way."


KarinP said...

Bloom, you keep coming up with the most interesting topics for your blog.

I do recall the conversation that we had last week about airplanes and Charo.

It is very strange to have all of these "little" moments tie themselves together - no wonder you are having those "do do do" moments.

I was particularly taken by this quote:

"I also remember thinking it was a real bitch that I was going to plunge into the Gulf without getting to make my album first."

One does have wonder how this experience impacted Taylor's life. Do you think it made him appreciate life more and all of the good things that have happenened since?

All too often when we have our "close calls" and everyone, I think has had a least one, we remember the gratitude we feel for quite some time and then life continues on and it just becomes a memory in the back of our minds.

Now, I am beginning to wonder if perhaps this moment has not disappeared into the back of Taylor's mind. Maybe this is another one of those "reasons" why Taylor seems to do so much for others through various charities.

Just another one of those moments in time that makes one think just as you have when you drew the comparison between Charo and Toni Braxton.

As for the question you asked about Soul Patrol being Taylor's expression of freedom, victory and triumph? I don't really know the answer to that question because I think that the entire answer has not yet revealed itself.

Soul Patrol was instrumental in his victory and triumph but I have to wonder if it really gave Taylor the "freedom" he may have been looking for.

Thanks, Bloom!

Bloom said...

Karin I have been having quite a few of those "do do do" moments lately!
It happened again to me yesterday!
I won't go into the story here but it all centered around my friend in Nashville :-)

The words Soul Patrol.
I don't equate them with just his fan base when I hear Taylor say it.
I don't believe that the actual words are limiting, because ultimately no matter what type of music Taylor sings, he is still going to be singing from his soul (and heart) because that's where his music comes from.
I'm having a hard time explaining what I want to say, but I'll compare the name of Soul Patrol to Monkeyville which is Keith Urban's fanclub's name.
If the name was limiting would that mean his music was only for monkies :-)

I agree we will just have to wait and see if the words soul patrol travel along with Taylor on this next segment of his journey.