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Taylor Hicks "The Distance"

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Beautiful In My Eyes

Because you’re Beautiful
This poem’s addressed to you
Because you’re Beautiful
In all that you do

Because you’re Beautiful
A blossom blooms and holds it's scent
Because you’re Beautiful
Songs sung from your heart are meant

Because you’re Beautiful
Reflections shine and glint
Because you’re Beautiful
Poems are written Heaven sent

It was during Taylor Hicks' Official Homecoming Party on May the 12th, that we first heard the announcement from Governor Riley, that Randy Jackson had chosen "You Are So Beautiful" as the Judge's pick for Taylor to sing the Final 3 Night.

Today's blog is a tribute to Taylor's performances from AI and Rehearsals.com of "You Are So Beautful", as well as a look back at Taylor's wonderful hero's homecoming!

"You Are So Beautiful", was about as restrained and sensual a performance as I've ever seen on Idol.

He's got a gorgeous tone to his voice that's instantly recognizable.

Is there anyone else on the radio today who could be confused with Taylor Hicks?

Is there any Idol finalist from this season (or any other) who'd have held back on the big notes, the better to seduce his audience?

In my mind, those attributes make Taylor Hicks a worthy winner.

If you have your audio on, you are listening to just how sensually Taylor Hicks sang to us that night, how he wooed us and melted our hearts and left us wanting more!

We were blessed to be able to hear him sing "You Are So Beautiful" again when it was taped for Rehearsals.com.

Below is a video I did as a tribute to the Rehearsals.com version with a storyline that I envisioned.
(just click on the audio player in the sidebar to pause while video viewing)

Well now that we are sufficentally melted into puddles,
it's time to look back to where it all began!

Taylor returned home to Alabama with a made-for-TV visit, that included a parade, a visit with the governor, and the key to the City.

Thousands lined a downtown street and fanned out at a park for a ceremony where Taylor performed and received a key to the city from Mayor Bernard Kincaid.

Workers hanging out of City Hall windows screamed and waved as HE arrived.

Taylor also treated fans to a performance at Alabama's largest shopping mall, which drew a crowd of more than 12,000.

For me, every day is Taylor Hicks Day,
but it's official date as proclaimed
by Alabama Governor Bob Riley, is May 16th.

Office of the Governor

Taylor Hicks Day, May 16, 2006
By the Governor of the State of Alabama
A Proclamation
May 12, 2006

WHEREAS, Taylor Hicks was born October 6, 1976 in Birmingham, Alabama; and

WHEREAS, out of over 100,000 people who auditioned, he was chosen to be a contestant on the fifth season of the popular Fox Network television show, American Idol; and

WHEREAS, Taylor Hicks began singing as soon as he could talk and has been singing since he could crawl; and

WHEREAS, his voice has earned him a top spot on American Idol, but his other musical talents include, playing guitar and a "blues" harmonica; and

WHEREAS, his excellent performances on American Idol have won the hearts of millions of viewers across the nation and earned him a spot as one of the final three contending for a recording contract; and

WHEREAS, Taylor Hicks has expressed his love for the great State of Alabama and Birmingham, Alabama, where he grew up and still lives:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Bob Riley, Governor of Alabama, do hereby proclaim May 16, 2006 as Taylor Hicks Day in the State of Alabama and encourage all citizens to support and watch Taylor Hicks on American Idol and vote for him after his live performance.

Given Under My Hand and the Great Seal of the Office of the Governor at the State Capitol in the City of Montgomery on the 12th day of May 2006.

Governor Bob Riley

"You Are So Beautiful" was written by Billy Preston, Dennis Wilson and Bruce Fisher.
It was first recorded by Billy Preston and later became popular in a version by Joe Cocker.

I am in awe of the great Billy Preston and a tribute to "You Are So Beautiful" wouldn't be complete without Sam Moore's video tribute to Billy and "You Are So Beautiful" -- you can watch it on Amazon Entertainment here -

Below is the audio only of the above video:

Before Billy fell ill he participated in the recording of this version of his great Billy Preston authored composition, "You Are So Beautiful", with his dear friend Sam Moore for Sam's 2006 album 'Sam Moore Overnight Sensational'.

His sudden coma moved Sam, Joyce(Billy's manager) and the album's producer Randy Jackson to find a way to complete the track as a loving and respectful tribute to their Billy P that includes vocals from both Preston and Moore and the rarely recorded second verse of the song. (The verse Joe Cocker never tracked).

Eric Clapton, another dear friend of Billy's was devistated by Billy's sudden critical medical condition and added a passionate and emotional guitar solo to the recording.

Robert Randolph and Zucchero also lent support and love to Billy on the track that Billy heard and reacted with tears welling in his eyes while he was fighting to regain full consciousness in the hospital before he passed.

Sam and Billy likely are the only two artists to ever have performed the song's 2nd verse that so poignantly fits the mood and the moment ...

"such joy and happiness you bring, such joy and happiness you bring, just like a dream, my guiding light, my shining star, I'm going to love you where ever you are ... you are so beautiful to me"

This whole page brings tears to my eyes, but what a wonderful walk down memory lane it was.
I hope you have enjoyed revisting these wonderful moments as much as I have.
Your comments are always welcome and appreciated.


Anonymous said...

You my dearest friend ,,just always seem to know exactly what to do and when to do it..............
You always will be a RAY OF SUNSHINE , in my heart.........GREAT JOB ONCE AGAIN>>>>>>>.

Bloom said...

Always on my mind, always in my heart, this ones for you my dear friend.

maryann1 said...

Bloom.....Reading this and listening to and seeing the Videos touched my heart and soul. It did bring tears reliving those moments not very long ago..The title of this, your latest blog is so appropriate...because for several days now I have been talking with a dear friend to whom I said, there really isn't one specific word to describe Taylor....I think the word Beautiful would be for women...but it does indeed apply to Taylor....He is Beautiful not only in his looks but what is within him and in his heart. It is what is within a person that makes them beautiful on the outside.....Taylor is "A Beautiful Man" both inside and outside...
Thank you for writing a very touching tribute to this beautiful man.

Anonymous said...

Thany you. what a "beautiful" job you did.

Annie said...

Bloom, I really appreciate all the work you did on this, helping us with all these wonderful memories. Beautiful heart, beautiful soul, beautiful eyes, beautiful man.

Bloom said...

Maryann, I don't believe that there is one word that could describe Taylor.
Though the word beautiful does indeed capture his essence.

I know that true beauty is reflected in the soul and comes from the heart.

Since you visited I have added an image to the end of my blog which pretty much clarifies the word 'beautiful'.

"Beauty is not in the face
Beauty is a light in the heart"

In the video I wrote ...

Beautiful Voice
Beautiful Heart
Beautiful Man

And Annie has added beautiful soul, beautiful eyes ...

Yes my friends, there is no doubt, Taylor is a beautiful man inside and out!

Anonymous - thank you for your visit and your comment, I hope that you will visit again.

Annie and Maryann ... thanks for letting me know you enjoyed the trip down memory lane with me.

RagsQueen said...

What a beautiful page! And you, too, are just as beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful.... That is one of my favorite songs he sings. The rehearsals one is even better than the AI one. Thank you Bloom - it does make you cheer, weep and feel proud!!

maryann1 said...

Bloom....The image you have added is very touching and heartwarming...The words 'beauty is a light in the heart', is so very appropriate and especially as it applies to Taylor and his supporters/fans.....His music has touched our hearts and lifted our souls. The 'beauty he carries within his heart' is a light that shines for all to see.

You are a special lady and your Blog page and your blogs are a one's that make this world a little better place to be.

Thank You!!

tishlp said...

This is a wonderful blog! That night on American Idol was the night that made me start voting for Taylor. I had never voted on American Idol before but after being so moved that night I knew I had to do whatever I could to see Taylor sing again. I especially enjoyed reading the quote from Entertainment Weekly. I wish some of the online magazines would go back and read some what they wrote when Taylor was on American Idol. How quickly they forget.
The background information on Billy Preston was also very interesting. I've learned quite a bit about him, his music and so many other great artist through Taylor Hicks. That's another of his contributions to music, introducing fans to his musical heroes. Thanks again for a very inspiring blog. Tish

KarinP said...

Bloom, this is a wonderful addition to the blog.

I must admit, Taylor's performance of this song really sealed the deal for me. I had not seen the Entertainment Weeikly comments prior to reading this blog entry. As I read each one, my head is bobbing up and down ... yes, yes and yes!

I really enjoyed reading the history of YASB and Mr. Billy Preston. I am loving the new "view" of The Pond!

Well done and thank you for doing what you do!

Bloom said...

Mandy thank you, what a sweet compliment ... I'm blushing ... where's those little icons when you need them :-)

Thank you Teri, I love the rehearsals version too because it's longer lol .... the AI performances are always way too short ... though I do miss the glory note. Good thing we have both to savor!

Maryann you warm my heart! I'm only to happy to provide a place to just relax and enjoy all of the beautiful memories Taylor has given us to hold onto till the train leaves the depot :-)

Hi Tish nice to see you here again!
There are so many wonderful articles and quotes from reviewers, yet those are never the ones that get repeated across the net.
I'm just trying to nudge their memories and let them know .... hey we saw what you wrote and we are not letting you forget :-)

I'm glad you enjoyed the blog, Taylor has been a huge inspiration to me in so many ways, and it has been interesting reading and learning about those have inspired him!

Missy Karin I am so glad that you are feeling better!
Good thing you waited to read the blog, all that head bobbing would have made you feel worse lol!

So you like the new 'view', pretty sure you would :-)

juliegr said...

I missed this beautiful entry earlier but I'm glad to find it today. I've loved Taylor's performance of Your Are So Beautiful from AI and Rehearsals but to have both of them together along with the audio from Billy Preston impresses on me the wonder of the performance by Taylor. This is an unbeliveable song beautifully performed -- loved Eric Clapton's gutar -- wish I could hear and burn the whole thing. Thanks for posting all the versions.

Bloom said...

Julie thank you for letting me know how much you enjoyed revisiting Taylor's performances of YASB.

For me to say they are outstanding, doesn't even come close to how I feel he brought both of those performances home.

It just seemed fitting that the song was connected with his trip home and the announcement of the official Taylor Hicks' Day proclaimed in Alabama.

I hope you followed the link I provided for Sam Moore's video tribute to Billy and "You Are So Beautiful" @ Amazon Entertainment.
It is fantastic!
If you missed it ... be sure to check it out ... Eric's in it!