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Taylor Hicks "The Distance"

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

As The World Turns

Taylor Hicks version of Elvis Presley's "In The Ghetto"
was a vivid inspired performance.
Taylor owned it, clutching the song tight as if to shield it from the cold.
This perhaps was the the defining song of the whole 2006 American Idol season.

Even if you don't remember where that quote was taken from, you'll remember the chills that ran up and down your spine when Taylor blew us away with his heartfelt performance of "In The Ghetto".
He left us yearning for more, and I'm still hoping that someday we will get to hear him sing the entire song.

How about these quotes, do you remember them?

His sterling voice, an alluring, evocative rasp that can be fierce or tender, and sometimes both at once.

Even Simon Cowell seemed to agree with Randy Jackson that Taylor found his groove – his heart – with a quiet "In the Ghetto."

Taylor is actually the one whose singing has a grain that could be developed into something original – some sort of country-blues.

Hmmm ... I'll respond to part of the last quote and leave the rest for food for thought.

I believe that Taylor is an original.
He has a voice that caresses our souls, while his old soul eyes peer right into our hearts.
He makes us feel the music that before we only listened to.
That's a mighty feat for one man to accomplish and he does it each and everytime he takes to the stage!

I hope you will continue your walk down memory lane today with a visit to Taylor's Scrapbook and the special page with photos and stories surrounding Taylor's visit to Graceland in May of 2006.

A visit to Graceland wouldn't be complete without a video from Elvis Presley ... here is The King singing "In The Ghetto".

While I have always loved and appreciated Elvis,
this "In The Ghetto" performance does not
touch the center of my being the way that Taylor's did.

Do you agree?

Todays cup
"Everybody comes from the same source.
If you hate another human being,
you're hating part of yourself."
~Elvis Presley~


KarinP said...

My world did certainly turn that night, Bloom. I am replaying this video as I type my comments.

I think it took a great deal of courage for Taylor to sing this song. I am not minimizing his talent by that remark however this is song that was originally performed by "The King" himself. As I watch Taylor sing it, though, I am struck with the way he approached this song.

He "looked" the part, the song came out of him like it was the 1,000th time he had performed it. He believed in the song; he "felt" the passion of the song and displayed the confidence in himself in that he knew he was entitled to sing it. He left no doubt in the viewers' minds that this song fit him like a glove - as Randy would say - he "owned" it!

I am now watching Elvis' performance and I see a characteristic that they share. Great artists do not need to belt out a song with the loudest voice - the most noise - instead, they cleverly and subtlely tell their story and draw the fans in.

Country Blues - I had not heard that quote before but it definitely does not surprise me. Taylor will find his niche, I believe that. It is a matter of being in "the right place at the right time" and feeling that comfort deep in your heart and soul.

The unique and distinctive voice, the charisma and the talent will take him places where I don't think that he ever could have imagined that he would be. I still believe that he has the power to turn the music world completely upside down.

Now, that is my opinion which has not changed much in two years. My lesson here has been to learn to be patient which I think I am finally beginning to understand!

Bloom, there is a reason why they call Taylor Hicks the "Soul Man"!

Thanks for the interesting blog and it is always great to visit The Pond! I believe I'm back, my friend!

maryann1 said...

Bloom...your wonderful words have once again touched my heart. Taylor is truely an original. His voice did careess my soul from the first note that he sang on AI. I as well as many others who have met him can attest to the fact that his "old soul eyes peer right into our hearts". I also equate it as tho he is looking from his soul directly into ours. His eyes are mesmerizing, they draw you into his heart and into his soul.

His performances on AI showed the pure, raw talent that Taylor has and show cased his strong voice...As Simon remarked after one song...don't recall which one...you can sing.

'In the Ghetto' was sung with deep, emotional passion as though he were reliving a moment from his or someone elses' life. I have listened to Elvis's version many times and thought no one could ever do better than Elvis with this song until I heard Taylor. Not to diminish the wonderful artistry ot Elvis..but Taylor gave this song more deep rooted meaning than I have ever heard before.

Taylor is a unique and special artist..his music comes from deep within his soul and is sung with all the passion that he has in his heart.

Thank you once again for a beautiful, heart warming blog. It is my pleasure to come visit The Pond...It is a place of peace and comfort.

Anonymous said...

MY girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you always get it right,,,,,,,,,,,,Anyone who wants to experience life in a great and positive way,,,Come hear,,pull up a chair,,keyboard ,and drink of choice,,,,,stay as long as you want.........When I taught school I use to tell my class that I had 3 rules for each class and every student,,,,,,NO SMOKING NO CURSING NO SEX,,,,,,,Hmmm ,I am trying to apply these rules here as well.......LOLOL>>>>>>>

Bloom said...

Hey Karin I love reading your comments. They are always filled with such great insight!

You talked about Taylor and Elvis ... well I just want to talk about Taylor :-) just kidding.

I believe that singers just sing ... true artists connect and lure you in ... i.e. Taylor, Elvis

It is the difference between holding your audience's attention captive and just entertaining them.

I agree the level of sound doesn't need to kill your ear drums ... I want to be drawn in waiting to hear what comes next.

This is what Taylor did over and over on AI and it is what he does when he tags.

It's like he casts out his fishing rod and he just reels us in.

I thought you would think the term 'country blues' interesting :-)

It's nice to have you back my friend ... you were missed!

Geez six days later I'm replying, I really need to get a better handle on this kind of stuff lol

Maryann I'm so happy that you have been enjoying your visits here!!
WE love having you join us!

And I'm thrilled that you agree with me that Taylor's delivery of this song was the one that really made you envision and feel the words for the first time!

It's a great song and I love Elvis ... but Taylor owned this one!

Hey MissP now how come I never knew you taught school??
Girl you are constantly surprising me!
I'm going to assume, considering your comments, that it was high school lol

By the way your chair is empty, where the heck are you??