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Monday, March 31, 2008

Enchanted April

'Enchanted April' adapted from Elizabeth von Arnim's early 1920's novel.

Have you ever gone on vacation to an exotic place and found that your body, heart, and soul are miraculously refreshed?

Certain places can do that, and such transformations are nothing less than spiritual.
(Think of the feeling that comes over you listening & watching Taylor singing)

In my last blog topic 'It's About Time', I talked about gardening for your soul, and how I am eagerly anticipating getting out to play in my gardens.

Since for many of us Mother Nature hasn't decided to grace us with anything resembling Spring weather, nor are there any Taylor Hicks concerts currently on the horizon to revive our spirits ... I decided to look for something that would give us at least a few hours of having our spirits restored till Taylor's done planting his musical flower!
(My anticipation is running high and I can't wait till it blooms!)

What I found is the chick flick 'Enchanted April'.
I haven't seen it, nor have I read the book, but it sounds like just the thing to help chase the blahs away!

One drab, rainy, and wretched day in London, Lottie Wilkins sees a newspaper ad for the month-long rental of a medieval castle in Italy on the shores of the Mediterranean.

Dreaming of liberation from her oppressive husband and the chores of attending to his needs, she convinces Rose, another unhappily married woman, to join her in this grand escape and once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

They ask two strangers to join them: Lady Caroline, a high society beauty who is fed up with the men who swarm around her, and Mrs. Fisher, a reclusive older woman whose closest friends were an illustrious group of now dead Victorian writers.

Although these women come from different classes and different stages of life, they share in common a need to put aside their burdens and find themselves again.

Before long, they are revitalized by the sun, the sea, and the scent of flowers in the Italian paradise.

Feeling flooded by love, Dottie and Rose even invite their husbands to share the magic of the place.

Director Mike Newell takes an out-of-the-ordinary situation and setting and makes us believe it is within our reach.
A holiday, this delightful film says, can be a spiritual experience.

'Enchanted April' one of the best movies of the year (1992).

A viewers review:
This is a lovely, spirit-restoring movie.
From the use of the actual villa that inspired Elizabeth Arngrim to write the novel in the 1920s to the inspired casting, every choice was perfectly right!
The quiet joy of this film doesn't stale after repeated viewings.

I was hoping I could find a small clip of 'Enchanted April' somewhere on line, but my searches didn't reap anything.
Maybe some of you have already seen the movie, is it as wonderful as it sounds?

What I did find that fits in very nicely here today, is Sugarland's "April Showers".

Todays cup

If you've never been thrilled to the very edges of your soul,
by a flower in spring bloom, maybe your soul has never been in bloom.
~Audra Foveo~

Hope you have a bloomin' wonderful day!

1 comment:

KarinP said...

Enchanted April sounds like a great movie, Bloom. I have always yearned to visit the Mediterranean countries.

I haven't been to any exotic places that could refresh my soul but I must say that a walk in the woods or down by the lake certainly does the trick for me.

I am beginning to see the edges of the grass on my lawn so I do think that there will be some flowers peeking their heads up in the garden really soon.

There are some songs from Taylor's last CD that do take me to another place and Places I've Been is definitely one of them. I am still saddened somewhat that these songs were not heard by everyone but perhaps, one day they will be. I did enjoy listening to Sugarland's April Showers and true to form, we are now getting lots of April showers.

I, too, am eagerly anticipating new "news" about upcoming tour plans and I am especially anxious to get some tidbits about Taylor's new CD.

Until then, I will continue to visit you at the "Pond" and I know the tranquility will inspire me to do something creative with my time.

Thanks, Bloom.