~ Like the ripples in a pond, the work of one man spreads out and touches the lives of others ~

From The Soul of One ~ To The Hearts Of Many
Taylor Hicks "The Distance"

Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's About Time

Every year just like clockwork Spring offers us an excellent opportunity to declutter and clean our home of unnecessary stuff!

Every year just like clockwork I chuck that idea and head outdoors!

Spring is a time of rebirth and rejuvenation!

After being cooped up all winter long, just opening the windows and letting fresh air in won't do it for me.
I need to be out communing with Mother Nature.

I'm one of those dust if you must people, yet I'll play in the dirt outside from dawn to dusk.

Spring can also be a time of self-discovery in reexamining our personal or professional goals.

I can tell you there is no better place than in a garden to reflect and gather your thoughts or to put things in perspective.

Think of it as gardening for your soul!

You might have found yourself recently wondering ... is my life on track?
Or you might be facing a bump in the road ... not sure if you should keep going, turn around or just stop.

I have two mottos that I attempt to live by, they are common place, you've heard them thousands of times or more, but they work for me.

"Take Time To Smell The Flowers"
and "Bloom Where You Are Planted"

I have found these both to be simple reality checks anytime my life looks like it's headed for a pothole!

Time is a precious commodity, use it wisely.

"In Your Time" - Taylor Hicks

Take time to think ...
It is the source of power.

Take time to play ...
It is the secret of perpetual youth.

Take time to pray ...
It is the greatest power on earth.

Take time to love and be loved ...
It is a God given privilege.

Take time to be friendly ...
It is the road to happiness.

Take time to laugh ...
It is the music of the soul.

Take time to give ...
It is too short a day to be selfish.

Take time to work ...
It is the price of success.

Take time to do charity ...
It is the key to heaven.

The Earth is always a good teacher — and especially in Spring.
End your days this season with this prayer from the Native American tradition.

Earth teach me stillness
as the grasses are stilled with light.

Earth teach me suffering
as old stones suffer with memory.

Earth teach me humility
as blossoms are humble with beginning.

Earth teach me caring
as the mother who secures her young.

Earth teach me courage
as the tree which stands all alone.

Earth teach me limitation
as the ant which crawls on the ground.

Earth teach me freedom
as the eagle which soars in the sky.

Earth teach me resignation
as the leaves which die in the fall.

Earth teach me regeneration
as the seed which rises in the spring.

Earth teach me to forget myself
as melted snow forgets its life.

Earth teach me to remember kindness
as dry fields weep with rain.
— Ute prayer

Today's cup
"If nature is your teacher, your soul will awaken."

"In Your Time"
2007 Tour Edition of Taylor Hicks 1997 CD
Available for purchase through Laser's Edge

On a last note, remember this quote from Taylor?
"It's not the dirt I need to plant my musical flower"

Well a little birdie told me Spring Has Sprung in Nashville,
and I think the musical flower has found just what it needed to be rejuvenated!


KarinP said...

I am not so sure that I have been hit with the burst of Spring's new glory but I am hoping that once the snow finally disappears and the temperatures warm up, I, too, will be enjoying digging in the dirt, Bloom.

On those days when the sun is shining, I feel like I have awakened from my hibernation. This winter has been so long.

I think that I have been "stuck" for a little while - but with the approaching Spring days, I will once again be gently reminded that new things will grow and I will have the opportunity to watch the beauty of nature unfold all of her wonderful glory.

I know that I can't just stop because if I stop, I will never discover all of the new adventures that lie ahead. Last year, I found a perfect combination for me while I poked around in my garden.

I decided to take the music out there with me and I listened to it as I worked. Who really knows for sure if perhaps this energy is transferred to the flowers in the garden? It is a possibility.

Your many thoughts, Bloom, are worthwhile ones to contemplate.

Spring is a time to start over and I think it is a time when we should stand back and consider if we have made a positive impact on the lives of others. If we haven't, we can change that. If we have done the very best that we can to support our fellow human beings with kindness and consideration, then I think our gardens will be overflowing with beautiful blooms for us to enjoy.

I am thrilled to hear that Spring has sprung in Nashville and I think that this will rejuvenate many souls who have been patiently waiting for a new "spring in their step"!

The "Pond" is always a very worthwhile place for me to visit because there is always an abundance of peace and goodwill which you are so willing to share.

Thanks, Bloom!

Anonymous said...

Bloom, this is one of the most beautiful Taylor Hicks places on the web...and so much more! It is just delightful! Thank you!


Bloom said...

Karin ... Spring IS certainly in the air and we have certainly been rejuvenated ... the 'Pond' has been bloomin' with possibilities and we are feeling good!!

'Everything is coming up roses for everybody!

Hi there Sandy, it's always so nice to see your name here!
I appreciate your visits and your very sweet compliments.
I'm glad you enjoy the things that you find here, my objective is always to please the senses!