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Monday, November 26, 2007

Up Close With Taylor

I have always claimed to be a Taylor Hicks supporter as opposed to being called a fan, but I am going to get fan-girly here for a moment!
If you would like to join me in my fan-girly moment just scroll down to the bottom of my blog!

I LOVE the new slideshows at photobucket, well new to me!
I have my photos stored at several photo sites so I didn't have access to all of my photos of Taylor, but I think I'll be moving more into my photobucket account soon!

Just lovin' the zoom effect on this slideshow!
If you hear any big bangs, it's just us folks here at the pond a thudding!

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Hope you enjoyed your visit to my pond,
we do have a good time here,
feel free to join in!
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DidNotExpectThat said...

Great blog, Bloom. But can you please explain thudding to me? I hear you do that very well!

Bloom said...

I could use one of those little smilie guys rolling around the floor laughing right about now!
I don't think I'll EVER attempt that explanation again. Geez, don't know whose face was redder mine or Brian's! I'm sure it's a memory none of us shall ever forget.
Thanks darlin' for starting my day off with a good laugh, I miss you girl!

Soulsurvivor said...

Hello Blooommmm...,

Great blog... I am not crazy of jazzy, but, i always loves Taylor.., lol..

Sorry for being busy and lazy..

Now, someone please send me his videos so i can dance with Taylor this Christmas, lol..

KarinP said...

I have not yet tried the slide shows in Photobucket yet but I loved your slide show, Bloom. Like you, my pictures are everywhere and I probably have two and three copies of some. I wish I could be one of those disciplined and organized fans.

I wonder sometimes how many pictures of Taylor are enough? Is one classified as a fanatic if they have more than 100? Looking forward to the New Year and all of the great pictures that are bound to appear. Of course, it makes absolutely no sense to just look at them. One must right click, "tag", save because we never know when we will need to use one of them. ROFL.

I really enjoyed the Morning Sun and you are very welcome for the picture. This time of year can be so gloomy. On a cloudy, rainy, or wintry day, it is so dark at 4 p.m. The nights can be very long.

I wish I had a video of you explaining the "thud"! One of those priceless moments, I am sure.

Yes, we do have fun here.

Bloom said...

Hey there soulsurvivor ... what a wonderful surprise to see your name here!!
My friend where HAVE you been??
I so miss your Taylor harmonica thread at TOSP, I think you need to revive it!!
Let me know which videos you are looking for and are you wanting to download them to your computer?
Christmas is coming fast, wouldn't want you to miss out on dancing!
Dancing with Taylor, now that is something I would love to do .. for real!

Bloom said...

Karin, I have oodles of Taylor photos and can't imagine what the number might be.
I'll never be able to organize them, as many are linked to pages in the scrapbook and it would be a huge job to go through and change all the codes.
Nope not happening! I'll just keep right clicking away too!
LOL my thud explanation had the girls on the floor rolling, that alone would have been a priceless video!

Anonymous said...

This place is such a happy place to visit.....the music makes me feel all warm and Christmasy inside......Bloom , you are a very special fan of Taylor,,NO DOUBT ABOUT IT......if there ever was a fan to be BLESSED ,with commitment,and talent to show it,,,GIRLFRIEND IT IS YOU.........I am going to name the next butterfly that I see,,BLOOMING BUTTERFLY........whatever would Taylor do without you...Heck,,what would we do without you.......That special Angel above is so proud of you......I am going outside right now to share this excitement with him at the North Star.......GOD BLESS YOUR WONDERFUL WARM HEART ,,MY SOULSISTER FRIEND...keep up the great work..hopefully I wont loose this again and can come back often....It is nice to have a place to go where the spirit keeps Taylor alive and kicking.....Coming here helps to hold on to the anticipation of Taylor's coming year...other places seem to be impatient with his much needed time to re-group....................Karin, and Tina,,,are ya'll proud of our little lady here.....

Anonymous said...

Ok where is the slide show,please......

Anonymous said...

BLOOM BLOOM,,man I just went back to listen to the videos,,,,,YRSB,,,,man my heart is beating so fast,,,If I stuck my Xmas tree up my butt,,,,,I would shine brighter than any star,,LOLOLOL thank you ,,I was not expecting that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

HELL YES,,I CAME TO THE RIGHT PLACE BABY,,,,,,I am having so much fun here......I need to go find me a dance partner,,,,KNOCK KNOCK,,TAYLOR ARE YOU BUSY HONEY>>>IT WONT TAKE LONG>>...LOLOLOL

Bloom said...

Anonymous said...
BLOOM BLOOM,,man I just went back to listen to the videos,,,,,YRSB,,,,man my heart is beating so fast,,,If I stuck my Xmas tree up my butt,,,,,I would shine brighter than any star,,LOLOLOL thank you ,,I was not expecting that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG girl I am rolling, you have no idea how much I miss you!!
Well I now know where I can find you, you've been sitting on the train waiting for it to pull out of the station again!
Well worth the wait!!
I've been saying that 2008 is going to WHOMP and the place to be is aboard the Taylor Hicks Train! I've got my ticket already, cause the seats are gonna fill up fast!

KarinP said...

Hey Anonymous! You bet I am proud of Bloom! She has done an amazing job with this Blog and I really enjoy reading it!

I am so happy to see you here in this little corner of the Net and it is a comfy place to be. You are absolutely right about that!

Yes, this Season is a bit different but others should realize that "Patience is the companion to Wisdom".

You do have me ROFL with your tree comment but more importantly, I am a bit worried! Ha Ha - just be careful. I don't think you need a Christmas Tree to shine brighter than any star. You just need Taylor's music and you just sparkle!

2008 is going to be a very good year, my friends!

Anonymous said...

thud, what is thud...yes please do explain ;0)
ahhhhh, what great times!

i love this sight, what a great job neighbor....i need to go and look around.

Bloom said...

Hey neighbor, can you see my big smile :-)
Isn't it wonderful to have so many great memories to share and know that more are a coming!!
Hope you are enjoying your visit, I aim to please!

Anonymous said...

Oh man ,,I dont know if this is the right place,,,but the music tonite made me feel all bubbly on the inside....IF EVRYDAY WAS LIKE XMAS MAN I THINK I AM GOING TO GO DOWN SOME CHIMMEYS TONITE,,,LOLOL hope I dont get stuck or something.....

Bloom said...

How y'all doing tonight ... are we stuck in the chimney?

KarinP said...

Hey Bloom! I am not anywhere close to being stuck in a chimney! Darn it, one would think that there is no Christmas being celebrated here. I had the best intentions today but by the time I got to the box with all of the outdoor Christmas lights and decorations, the wind was howling and the snow was falling. I even had Taylor singing in my ear while I was outside too.

The best I can hope for would be not to get stuck in a snow drift tomorrow. Brrrrr....it is cold here. It is Winter! I did not get an unexpected visit from a Christmas elf through the night either. My tree is still in the box, ROFL.

Anonymous said...

Ok Karin,,,,,better watch out,,better not pout,,,,cause,,,,TAYLORDOLF IS COMING TO TOWN,,,,,,,,put up that tree,,,,put a light in your mouth ,,and listen to Taylor singing a xmas song,,,and girl watch that light shine bright...LOLO,,,DO you need me to come put you ontop of the tree,,,,LLOOLLLLLOOOO>>>>>

KarinP said...

ROFLMAO, I am sure that if I put a light in my mouth and took a swig, I would be on top of that tree in no time at all.

Of course, you are more than welcome to come for a visit even if it just to ensure that I did put the tree up.

Heck, now that it is December 1, it is almost like the 12 days of Christmas with one to spare. The question is "Can I do it?". I will need more than one of Taylor's Christmas songs to get the job done. However, I could just put on a DVD with the Torrington Concert and that might light a fire under me!

Red or white for you?

Bloom said...

Karin Taylor's Torrington concert is an excellant choice ... did you get that tree done girl or did you just dance your way to the top of the tree and say done!

And the answer is RED ... love the red ... red guitar, red name in lights, etc. etc. :-)

KarinP said...

I wish that I could say that the tree is done but I won't lie. No, it is still nicely packed in it's box.

The neighbours were probably laughing quite a bit at this "Griswald" trying to connect all of the lights outside. I darn near strangled myself with all of those cords. Now, I have one spotlight that seems to be acting up.

They say that Patience is a Virtue so I will try to be virtuous, ROFL. As for when the tree will find its place, it is anyone's guess but I do hope it is shining bright by next weekend.

Red is a very good choice. Red represents energy and passion to me no matter where I see it!