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From The Soul of One ~ To The Hearts Of Many
Taylor Hicks "The Distance"

Thursday, November 15, 2007

From The Soul Of One
To The Hearts Of Many

Taylor Hicks has long been involved in helping to make a difference in people's lives.

His involvement with Studio By The Tracks and Kid One Transport, were our first indication of the heart of this man.
Just take a look back at this page from his scrapbook titled
Soul Full Of Heart and you will remember some of the many reasons
why he has captured our hearts!
It began with the music, but it continued with the man!

Here is the latest charity that Taylor has become involved with.

Bid 2 Beat AIDS, an annual auction of rare and autographed items from stars in music, film, theater, sports, politics and television, starts December 1st to coincide with World AIDS Day.

It is the largest multi-celebrity charity auction ever on eBay.
Proceeds benefit Lifebeat, the Music Industry Fights AIDS.
In its first two years, the auction raised over $150,000
to support AIDS/HIV programs that reach countless people nationwide.

Taylor Hicks is listed among the stars who have contributed,
and if you would like to bid on the above signed CD, here is the info:
The 2007 auction goes live on eBay on December 1st
@ 12:00 noon.

Year Full of Heart and Soul
2008 Taylor Hicks Calendar
benefitting Kid One Transport
Click the calendar in the sidebar for details!

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KarinP said...

The measure of a human being is not only what one does for him/herself to succeed in this life but more importantly, it is what one human being does for another.

It is not always about money but it is about compassion, empathy and understanding of fellow human beings because some people in this world who don't have to worry about money are victims of circumstance and their burdens are heavy. Difficult times can hit anyone at any time and it is up to others to pick up the torch and carry it to the finish line.

Taylor sets a fine example of a person who has a genuine heart and cares about the well being of others.

Have you ever been in a store during the Christmas Season and seen one of those trees with children's names on various tags? I remember the first time I actually did something about that. My daughters were with me and while I did not really have the extra money to spare at the time, I felt the need to take 3 tags off of one of those trees. We headed to the Toy Department and bought three toys and donated them to the children. For us, no amount of money could have bought us the joy we felt when we handed the toys and the tags in.

What mattered most to us was that "we" were going to bring a smile to someone's face who was least expecting it. I feel that same way when I donate money to the Salvation Army and Shelters for Battered Women.

I can't imagine how good it makes Taylor feel to know that he is making a positive contribution to help others and I often wonder if he knows what a great role model he is for others.

I doubt that Taylor will never know how much light he has brought into so many others' lives with his music. Unknowingly, he has brightened the worlds of many who were perhaps in a place that it seemed there was no way out of. It could be as simple as the enjoyment we all felt each and every week when we watched him on TV. It was so exciting to watch him each and every week.

I applaud his generosity and his caring heart. I can only hope that somewhere along the way that I have made a difference in others' lives. While I may not be able to make a huge monetary contribution, I can only hope that with the volunteer work that I do that I have helped at least one person realize that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I don't think I have ever known so much about an artist's career as I have learned about Taylor Hicks. From everything that I have read and heard, it is not difficult for me at all to be a very proud supporter of this man with a such a big heart and a caring "soul".

He has left a footprint on many lives and the vastness of his "reach" is probably something that he will probably never really comprehend. This is perhaps one of the reasons why I have always felt that the song Do I Make You Proud truly belonged to Taylor because he does make his fans proud.

Actions speak louder than words and we all have the opportunity to make a difference in someone's life. We just have to do it.

Thanks Bloom for another interesting topic on your blog.

RagsQueen said...

I, too, have found it quite interesting that Taylor Hicks is very involved in charity, from Studio by the Tracks & Kid One Transport to the various charity golf outings. It shows that Taylor, while a talented musician and entertainer, is also a generous soul. He gives not only to his fans, but to others. I'm proud to be a supporter, not only of Taylor Hicks, but also Kid One and other charitable endeavors born out of the love for Taylor and is music!

Bloom said...

Welcome Mandy, thanks for visiting and adding your thoughts to our discussion.
As alway Karin has given us much food for thought, and I hope that eventually more of Taylor's supporters will be encouraged to participate and add to our discussions.
I've certainly enjoyed your concert blogs Mandy, hope you'll continue to add your insight here at the pond!