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Taylor Hicks "The Distance"

Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Little Medication

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As in some "Medicated Goo" from Taylor Hicks!
Just a little spoonful!
You don't need any sugar to make it go down and it's better than chicken soup!
Some Medicated Goo For The Soul!

A little tease while we wait for the release of Taylor's
'Whomp At The Warfield' DVD!
The anticipation is killing me, he was on FIRE!!!
Sure hope my TV screen will be able to handle it!

Still feeling out of sorts, his "Medicated Goo" from his Cohasset concert will WARM you up and make you feel all better!
Absolutely electrifying, he was smokin'!
(Darlin' this is for you, it's my belated birthday present!)

video capture by DianeC
Thank you!!!!

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Taylor Hicks is the best medicine for the blues!


DidNotExpectThat said...

Thanks for the birthday present! You know that I just love that Medicated Goo!!!!!

Anonymous said...

compared to what???? run baby run

Bloom said...

"Compared To What", that would be
Making It Real (post) ... cowbell for YOU!!!
I'm working on the other :-)
another wonderful memory to relive with my sisters!

Anonymous said...

HMMMMMMM!!!!!good medicine ,,,a great big cooking spoon full of Taylor Hicks music or style.......A great big swig,,,and you will find yourself as the tree top ornament,,,and having a good old Southern Xmas......LOLOLOL

KarinP said...

Whether it is Medicated Goo or Run Baby Run, videos of Taylor's perforfmances have lifted my spirits on many occasions. His enthusiasm is infectious and genuine and he never fails to bring a smile to my face.

I enjoyed your "Magic of Christmas", Bloom. I can think of a couple of things that represent the "magic" for me. Attending a Christmas Eve Candlelight Service (which doesn't happen enough) but I think the "wonder' in the eyes of the little ones tops my list. The innocence of being young and their belief in Santa is coming to their house is an amazing sight to see.

Their excitement when they look at the tree for the first time on Christmas morning is incredible. Why can't that wonderment and belief in humankind extend in the minds and hearts of those who are older in this world?

I am always reminded of what someone told me once. "Thoughts are things" and "What you think is what you get". Viewing the glass as half full is definitely a start and I am certain Taylor's cup is half full and will overflow with whatever success he chooses in the months ahead.

I enjoyed watching the videos but, unlike Anonymous, I can't get to the top of my Christmas tree yet because it is still in the box. One of these days, it will make its way up those stairs. It would be great if I could visualize it being up and decorated and maybe tomorrow morning, it just might be.

I am not sure that I really need a Christmas Tree to light up my livingroom though because I have Taylor's music and the "friendships" that have evolved through the belief in a talented and creative artist who has drawn so many together.

These friendships light up my life too and they have been borne through the "magic" of Taylor Hicks.

Bloom said...

Karin you had better get that Christmas tree out of the box right now!
You know it's only a couple of weeks till you have special visitors and more importantly do it for your grandkids!!
Because yes, it is the little ones who bring the magic to Christmas.

And to our southern sister,
now don't you take too big a swig, little doses for you girl.
That Christmad tree has already had quite a workout ROTFL

KarinP said...

Oh yes, the special visitors. I do hope that the visitors have snow tires on the vehicle because we are getting lots of snow here.

Visitors I am going to be thrilled to see but I now have the added pressure of cleaning up the place.

This time of year overwhelms me sometimes. While I love the "spirit" of Christmas, there are so many things to do. Of course, it probably would not be so stressful if I had started the Christmas houses in September. I am still stuck on the Hot Rod Shop.

I will definitely "try" to get the tree up and the lights sparkling in the windows just for my visitors! Yikes, I only have 13 days to do all of this work!

Southern Sister - I need a swig or two. Perhaps that will get my motor running in high gear!

Bloom said...

LOOKING FOR ADVENTURE ... gee I seem to think in song lyrics lately lol
Everytime I read the title of this blog, I can't get "A Little Less Conversation" out of my head!
Now what pray tell do they have in common???
Karin your visitors expect you to clean for them, shame on them, I certainly wouldn't expect it ... I'd just want a warm hug, a glass of wine perhaps, a little chocolate and a seat in front of the Christmas tree!

KarinP said...

Now you have put a Little Less Conversation in in my head. Maybe that combined with the Hey Girl has got my motor running. Of course, it might depend on the kind of adventure you are looking for.

With the beat from that song, it does suggest an adventure that does not require any conversation. ROFL

Wine is good - what would you suggest red or white? I might even be talked into cooking dinner - roast beef? Or perhaps a great steak at a fabulous Steakhouse that I am visiting on Wednesday evening!

JSNorris said...

OMG...Bloom...for a moment there, I was having an out of body experience...I thought I was, once again, at one of Taylor's concerts...but, alas, no, I'm at home, in my big fuzzy housecoat and slippers...sitting in front of my computer screen, dancing in my chair (so security won't make me sit down...bad security guard...oh, wrong concert!!)...right along with one of my ALL TIME favorite songs that Taylor does...I jus' LUV me some Medicated Goo...and I sure do need to be medicated 'bout right now!!! The weeks leading up to Christmas at the network...are highly stressful and a major cause of extreme exhaustion!!! And...I can't think any better medicine than watching a video of Taylor singing, YEAH, BABY!!!...it's good for what ails you...and watching him on stage...OMG...is a sure-fire way to make your heart race like it's at the Talladega Speedway!!!

Thanks for ALL the videos...I've REALLY enjoyed tham...ALL!!!

I wish you a VERY MERRY and BLESSED Christmas!!!!

Bloom said...

Judy what a wonderful out of body experience to have ... soon girl we will back at Taylor's concerts with our motors running full speed ahead ...
oh wait, it's the train that will be running at full speed and our motors racing!

Hey Karin the adventure I'm looking for is just around the bend and my pick is RED!!
Now that's a little less conversation lol