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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Don't Change The Recipe

On the red velvet cake!

Taylor Hicks' appearance on July 6th in Hagerstown, Maryland had ALL of the necessary ingredients for a blue ribbon concert!

I was lucky enough to have been there and truly appreciate having these memories captured on video to savor!

One of the highlights was Taylor sitting on his stool chatting and joking with the audience and then thanking the audience and promoters for the warmest welcome EVER!

This video just recently surfaced and I was thrilled to run across it, his Hagerstown performance of "The Fall"!

video captured by skeeter
Thank YOU!

We often talk about an artist that is able to make you really feel a song, a perfect example ... Taylor's "Happier With Him" from Hagerstown!
Taylor makes you feel it, right down to your bones!

video captured by collins316
Thank YOU!

From The Herald Mail

"Soul Thing" as well as Taylor's
"Don't Change The Recipe On The Red Velvet Cake" quote!

Another video capturing some of the special highlights of this concert is featured at Taylor's Angels.
Visit their blogspot, listed in my sidebar under favorite links
to view Taylor receiving The Key to the City of Hagerstown!
Then make sure to read how 'Taylor Scored A Victory In Maryland' from their blog post of July 25th!
But don't stop there, keep reading, find out how they have been helping in Taying It Forward One Soul At A Time

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KarinP said...

I had forgotten about the Red Velvet Cake. I remember seeing some of the fantastic videos from that particular concert and they were just great.

Watching Taylor sitting on the stool and having a conversation with the audience is really heartwarming. Perhaps he has spoken no truer words as he did at that concert and "maybe" that message has been lost in our angst about record sales and charts. This is what I heard him say:

"I've seen it happen with people that I've known. They get big and their audiences thin out. If you stay the same person, then it doesn't matter where you go."

Is it possible that Taylor is the most comfortable when he is sitting on the stool? If this is the case, then I think we should embrace the man and everything he stands for as well as just enjoy the "gift" we have been given. I think Taylor knows "where" he wants to go in the entertainment business. If you stay the same person, then you don't have to experience the pain of thinning audiences. What is meant to be, will be. Just a thought that is rolling around in my head.

When Taylor is sitting on the stool having an intimate conversation with his audience, it makes the concert a more memorable and personal experience. I think that whatever Taylor decides is best for him will be best for his fans. Of course, I loved the band too so perhaps we will get the best of both in the future.

Bloom, I must say that it was a pleasure to see you express your thoughts in the other video that you posted as well. You are a tried and true Taylor Hicks fan and it is clearly evident when one visits your scrapbook and your Blog.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bloom said...

Karin thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes, the holiday was wonderful with my daughter being in town. Our mini Christmas was great and I'm waiting for Autumn to email me some of the photos from her Iphone so you can see my tree!

There were so many ingredients that went into making this such a fabulous concert, just like in the red velvet cake recipe!

I don't think it was the stool so much that brought out the talkative Taylor. I believe it was all the young people in the audience, and the wonderful reception he received from the moment he stepped off his bus.

It seems that whenever Taylor gives us a message it's to let us know all is right in his world, and he is where he wants to be, and doing what he loves.
And most importantly that he is still the same Taylor!

You'll notice I didn't make mention of my being in the last video, I'm still a bit embarrassed that I sounded blonde
:-) and the camera angle was not the most flattering.
I was so caught up in the excitement of the concert I thought I was just passing on some info to be used in an an article ... I never realized that I was being taped live. I just have to chalk it up to being a blonde day :-)

Anonymous said...

Ok ,,,now this is what I think we need to do.....

Each person boarding the ""TAYLOR HICKS 2008" train,,,bring a favorite food of Taylor's.....

Red Velvet Cake,,,,,,BBQ ribs,,,,,Waffles and Bacon,,,,,,,,

Bloom , you bring the trainer so we can keep the little man in shape......

Bloom said...

I know I'm not bringing the grits ... ugh ... sorry Taylor you'll have to look to one of my southern sisters for that!

LOL has someone been tattling on my cooking ... is that why I get to bring the trainer?

I'll bring the chicken soup!!!

KarinP said...

ROFL, I think that you were designated to bring the trainer because you always look so fit! I, however, could definitely use a trainer while I indulge in the food that I will bring. CHOCOLATE!

Bloom said...

Karin the key word is look, it's just a facade ... please pass the chocolate!

KarinP said...

Chocolate - passing it to you now! Love the Taylor Santa picture. I think it might be better than the chocolate.

I just got home from a "tea" party ... seriously. Now, I am an avid coffee drinker but I thought that I might mingle with live people this evening so I went over to learn about the health benefits of tea.

I tasted a lovely caramel tea and I ordered an After Eight Mint Tea. My thought process was that it might help me stay away from the actual chocolate. Hmmmm....chocolate tea or the real thing? I am not that strong - I always go for the "real" thing!

Bloom said...

Karin it MUST be the real thing ... just like the music ... gotta keep it real like Taylor does!