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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Makin' It Real

Taylor Hicks making it 'REAL' with some hot jazz for a Rainy Night In Torrington!
A smokin' hot concert with a couple of my favorites presented here!

Beginning with "Compared to What"!
As Taylor introduces the song he makes mention of the date it was recorded as being 1953 ... I think he picked that year out of a hat!
I have the album 'First Take' from 1969 when Roberta Flack first recorded it.
I must confess though that the lyrics didn't register with me until recently.
I never knew it was a protest song till I learned to start paying more attention to the messages being delivered in the different songs that Taylor sang throughout his tour.

video capture by taysharp

"Compared To What"
Love the lie and lie the love
Hangin' on, with a push and shove
Possession is the motivation that is hangin'up the God-damn nation
Looks like we always end up in a rut (everybody now!)
Tryin' to make it real — compared to what?
Slaughterhouse is killin' hogs
Twisted children killin' frogs
Poor dumb rednecks rollin' logs
Tired old ladies kissin' dogs
Hate the human, love that stinking mutt (I can't stand it!)
Try to make it real — compared to what?
The President, he's got his war
Folks don't know just what it's for
Nobody gives us rhyme or reason
Have one doubt, they call it treason
We're chicken-feathers, all without one gut (God damn it!)
Tryin' to make it real — compared to what? (Sock it to me, now)
Church on Sunday, sleep and nod
Tryin' to duck the wrath of God
Preacher's fillin' us with fright
Tryin' to tell us what he thinks is right
He really got to be some kind of nut (I can't use it)
Tryin' to make it real — compared to what?
Where's that bee and where's that honey
Where's my God and where's my money
Unreal values, crass distortion
Unwed mothers need abortion
Kind of brings to mind ol' young King Tut (He did it now)
Tried to make it real — compared to what?!
written by Eugene McDaniels

Eugene McDaniels had a solid, if not spectacular, recording career in the 1960s, singing pop ditties for the Liberty label.
Disenchanted by the state of race relations in the late 1960s, most notably the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., McDaniels took a brief sojourn from the States.
During this period, he wrote "Compared to What."
The song was initially recorded and released by a young soul vocalist by the name of Roberta Flack: her version appeared as the opening track on her debut recording, First Take (1969).
Roberta was discovered singing and playing jazz in a Washington nightclub by pianist Les McCann, who recommended her talents to Atlantic Records.)
A second version of the song was recorded later that year by pianist Les McCann and saxophonist Eddie Harris for their album, Swiss Movement, recorded live at the Montreux Jazz Festival.
The McCann and Harris version became an international hit, selling over a million copies.
At a time when black folks, American youth, and anti-war protesters were literally taking it to the streets, "Compared to What" was a scathing critique of social realities in the United States, taking aim at the clergy, "poor dumb rednecks," "tired old ladies," and the Vietnam War.

I've recently become acquainted with some of the music from Boz Scaggs, thanks to Taylor!
Music just wasn't a big part of my life until Taylor made me sit up and take notice!
I mentioned that I have Roberta Flack's 1st album, but I should also add here that I have a total of 5 albums to my name..
I know, that's a pretty sorry collection, but I prefered listening to the instrumentals in my parents collection.
I would play "Take Five" and "Green Onions" and I loved "Theme From A Summer Place", and "Satin Doll"!

Getting back to Boz Scaggs, I recently came across his "What Can I Say" and it's a song that I would have loved hearing Taylor sing with the band.
Let's just say it would have the same effect as when he sings "Let's Get It On", oh yeah !
And can't you just hear Brian's saxophone wailing!

Which brings us to The Dirty "Lowdown" , another very HOT song that we haven't heard from Taylor enough!

video capture by taysharp

Well I'm ready for another Rainy Night In Torrington!!!
Thank goodness for videos and a special thank you to taysharp for her audio and video captures from Torrington ... cause it's gonna be a long cold winter!

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Anonymous said...

Taylor ,,you do look so innocent and sweet in this pic.....HMMMMM!!!now are you really??/LOLOL

Bloom said...

Well my anonymous friend ... looks like you were the only one willing get wet in the pond today!
Maybe it was the combination of rain and snow!!

Taylor's Torrington concert has already been the subject of much discussion on all the boards, so is there nothing left to say??

Torrington gave us the best performances of both "Compared To What" and "Dirty Low Down" and I hope that both of these songs are covered again in Taylor's next tour.

Anonymous ... the answer to your ? ... only his hairdressser knows lol