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Taylor Hicks "The Distance"

Friday, November 30, 2007

How To Carry On

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As requested, here is Taylor's "Run Baby Run" from his Joliet concert.
This one's for you froggie!

You'd better believe it!
Not one but 2 videos for your viewing pleasure!

video capture thanks to 1brc

It was a bitter cold night and raining to boot, but inside the Rialto Square Theater, Taylor was on fire heating up the audience!

Let's just say even the non-smokers wanted a cigarette after this concert!

video capture thanks to DianeC

Now since this is the night for filling requests, here's one from me!
Taylor this song is Taylor-Made for you!
Please, please could you add this to your next tour!

"Hey Girl"

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Heck, I'd even learn how to make grits for this one!


Sassy said...


KarinP said...

Woooo Hoooooo! Please pass the smokes.

Boy, it might be 23 degrees outside, 10 degrees with the wind chill, but this Blog has raised the temperature in here to 100 degrees!

I have to say that while I am so envious that I was not at that concert, I have always enjoyed listening to this version of Run Baby Run. OMG, I would be really happy if Taylor would record this as a cover. The sax from Brian G. was spectactular! It just sends you to another place.

Taylor puts so much heart and soul into that performance.

Your personal request, Bloom, is a great choice too. Can you just imagine how Hey Girl would sound "Taylorized"? Whew, wiping the sweat from my brow as I sit here with great anticipation!

I am really enjoying all of your ideas, my friend! Great stuff.

Now, I am going to go back to the page and listen to all three selections again!

Thanks very much for elevating my mood!

froggie said...

you are beautiful, thank you so much......
what happens in joliet stay's in joliet, ha ha awwww the memories-
now pass the smokes ;0)

great stuff here

froggie said...

I would love to hear Taylor sing "hey girl." Man he could do a lot for that song!

maryann1 said...

Wooo HOOO.....Taylor puts so much passion and soul into the performance...Fantastic....he sure does heat up a cold day outside....

Thanks Bloom...

Bloom said...

Okay I am out of cigarettes ... literally!
And it is still freezing rain out here, thankfully we did not have to endure that in Joliet!

Run Baby Run in Joliet was phenominal, we girls kept watching it over and over again on the small camera screen,just couldn't get enough of Taylor singing that song!

And yes Karin, Saxy Brian was spectacular too!
What can I say except it was mighty warm in that theater!

Froggie of course what happened in Joliet stays in Joliet, but you know I would LOVE to share the sheets story ... OMG that was priceless!
I have never seen anybody more mortified!!

Maryann glad I could help warm up your day ... well I know it was really Taylor who did it .... but I helped :-)

Two more votes for Hey Girl, come on everybody wouldn't you love for Taylor to do this one???

And Sassy welcome to my pond ... hope you will come back and visit again with us!

DidNotExpectThat said...

Joliet....I remember standing out in the freezing rain until the bitter end with you guys. That was one great concert! Hey, is that one of my pics you used? Whatever, it is all good!!!! This is a fantastic blog, Bloomie. Thanks for your hard work and for the memories.

Bloom said...

Darlin' you know you are the Queen of photography, I EXPECT that it probably was one of yours ... :-)
I know it's NOT in my special Taylor calendar, cause you gave it to me in Joliet or was it in Royal Oak?
Well at least we were able to provide some nice weather for your visit here and we weren't caught wearing blankets on the street! So many great memories!!