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Friday, June 27, 2008

Two Scoops Please


Last night, at about midnight, as I was polishing off a bag of White Castle hamburgers, I was wondering if Taylor had yet succumbed to a bag of sliders??

Was he now a member of the luv em club?
Or the leave em club?
There's seems to be no sittin' on the fence, you either love them or hate them!

Not surprisingly visions of malt shops, diners, burger castles and giant ice cream cones have been dancin' through my head recently.


Miss LuLu (Lugracianna), my 4 year old granddaughter, is absolutely mesmerized by the site of the giant ice cream cone containing Taylor Hicks.
(can you tell she is definitely a two scoop?)

The first thing she asks for when visiting is for me to play the Taylor video with the ice cream cone in the sky.

We have to play it over and over (not a problem for me) so she can watch the big ice cream cone open and come to Earth (her words).

Like Frenchy, she dances in her chair when he begins to play his harp .... it's just too cute!

Having a full tummy at midnight, I decided to stay up and begin a blog for today revolving around my dancin' thoughts.

Little did I expect how nicely it would tie in with this morning's article from The New York Post.


photo caption:
As Teen Angel, "American Idol" winner Taylor Hicks is helping draw crowds to "Grease."


The New York Post
by Michael Riedel
June 27, 2008

TWO shows that shouldn't be making it - but are - must be given their due today.

First, "Grease" - which vaulted right over the critics to box office glory.
It's playing to sold-out houses and is grossing nearly $800,000 a week.

It got a little lift from the Tonys, but its real draw this summer is "American Idol" winner Taylor Hicks, who's playing Teen Angel.


(Isn't this just perfect?)
An insider says Hicks is worth at least $150,000 in extra ticket sales a week.
(Make a note of that, Mr. Agent.)


Whenever Hicks whips out his harmonica, the audience goes nuts.

They're having such a blast that the "Grease" megamix at the end of the show - this is where the critics ran screaming from the theater - now runs 10 minutes, with Hicks singing the title song and then playing it on his harmonica.

Meanwhile, the producers of the show are no longer flinching from the critical blows but are starting to have fun with them.

Charles Isherwood recently wrote: "Are the Tonys going to open up the lines so viewers at home can phone in their votes for their favorites?

In which case perhaps 'Grease' would have been the year's big winner."

Look for a newspaper ad that will say: "If the audience had voted, "Grease" would have been the year's big winner!"
Charles Isherwood, The New York Times

Speaking of audiences and voting ....


Do you remember this?
The Taylor Hicks inspired ice cream flavor .... Soulful Sundae Cone
(vanilla and chocolate light ice creams swirled with chocolaty coated peanut and cone pieces)

And I'm wondering ....


Will there be a revival of the American Classic Malt Shop float for Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade this year?
The cast of "Hairspray" rode the float last year, but I'm thinking it should be the cast of "Grease" this year, led by one harp blowin Teen Angel!


And an absolute show stopper would be to incorporate Taylor's giant ice cream cone into the float, can't you just imagine the crowd response if he was riding in the cone!
(To quote: Whenever Hicks whips out his harmonica, the audience goes nuts ... oh yeah!)

I wish I had a good photo of his dazzling ice cream cone to share, but I haven't run across one ... yet ... so in the meantime ... two scoops please!


In keeping with the flavor of today's blog, instead of my usual cup of Karma coffee, here is today's scoop, or I should say scoops!


"I doubt whether the world holds a more soul-stirring surprise than the first adventure with ice-cream."

"Life is like an ice-cream cone,
you have to lick it one day at a time."


KarinP said...

One knows, without a doubt, that they are Canadian because I have absolutely no idea what White Castle Hamburgers are! I had visions of a special hamburger but I had no idea how you could eat a bag of hamburgers Bloom!

When I read the New York Post article, I was reminded of Taylor singing "New York State of Mind" at the Boots Blues BBQ. I guess in the past, he hasn't received the most favourable reviews from them because in the song, it said, New York Post, rolled his eyes and he smiled!

Well, it has come full circle and this is one of the best articles written about Taylor! It is great to read a positive review about his talent. The harmonica - oh, now, this is just a wonderful added touch to his performance. He just needs to pull out that harmonica and people will follow him anywhere!

Well deserved kudos for Taylor. He must be very pleased and I do hope that he is really having lots of fun with this gig.

i will definitely have two scoops of the Soulful Sundae ice-cream. It looks yummy!

Thanks for the blog, Bloom!

Bloom said...

What was the name of the burgers you introduced me to when I was in Canada Karin?

White Castles are like three bites and they are gone, a square almost non-existant hamburger patty, a steamed bun, and onions and for me they are heaven.
I've loved them since I was a little girl!

For many they are the opposite ... there is a reason they call them sliders lol

I'm still waiting to see this marvelous review for Taylor to be picked up and appear in tons of google alerts .. right ... like that's gonna happen.
It's way too positive.

Will Taylor Hicks become the new Pied Piper of New York??
Oh I love that thought, it follows my Taylor Takes Manhattan wish!

KarinP said...

ROFL, now here I was thinking, "okay, a bag of White Castle Hamburgers must be candy". Guess not, it is really a hamburger.

The place that we went to was called Harvey's Hamburgers and they are, in my opinion, the best hamburgers I have tasted. They are grilled to perfection! Whenever I go over to the one that we went to, you always cross my mind.

By the way, you took the words right out of my mouth. I almost did say that Taylor is a "pied piper" with that harmonica. Taylor has a very distinctive voice but when I found out how well he played the harmonica, I realized that "something old" was "something new" again! Whenever I see a performance by him, I am ALWAYS waiting for the harmonica. I was so thrilled when he added the harp to The Right Place on The View when he appeared on that show. I am also looking forward to seeing the Pocket Full of Soul documentary.

Yes, indeed, I do believe he just may very well be the new Pied Piper of New York especially now that he has the "numbers" to go along with his incredible talent.

In the previous blog's interview, he said that he is very interested in a bigger role on Broadway if it should appear. I just hope that Taylor will continue to tour with his music and let Broadway be his "summer camp".

RagsQueen said...

Great blog! Like your granddaugher, I like those two-scoopers too! Let me tell you, seeing Taylor Hicks open those doors to the that ice cream cone sent chills up my spine and a smile of pride cover my face! But you gotta see that musical in person to really appreciate all the talent, including Taylor, that makes Grease a fune musical!

Bloom said...

lol I could see why you might possibly think that White Castles might be candy Karin ... I'm way more likely to be caught with a bag of candy than a bag of real food!
Though I'm totally convinced that M&M peanuts are one of the most nutrious of food choices!

Speaking of the Pied Pier and distintive voices ... I've been listening to Taylor's "People Get Ready" for the past two days. Man o man ... what I wouldn't give to hear him do this live again!

I like your idea of Broadway being Taylor's summer camp, he certainly seems to be enjoying himself!

Oh Mandy, (I'm singing your song)!
I can just imagine the excitement of watching those doors open to reveal Taylor, I'd be bloomin' proud too!

I really enjoyed reading your Grease recap, you always make us feel like we are there with you!

I love stage productions, especially musicals, but I've never been to Broadway to see one.
Actually I've never even been to New York.

If I'm going to indulge, I need two scoops, one scoop just disappears way too fast!