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Friday, June 13, 2008

Tell Me More, Tell Me More

Grease is the word
is the word
is the word

With Taylor Hicks debut on The Great White Way playing the part of Teen Angel in Grease, there is no doubt that Taylor has brought the wow factor and his woo to Broadway!

Several blog posts ago I asked the question of whether Broadway was always one of Taylor's dreams.
Then I began to think about doing a video of Taylor's "On Broadway" recording from his 1997 'In Your Time' album.

Well it is done and here it is!

Thank you again to all who have graciously shared their photos!

For additional photos, recaps and media of Taylor's Broadway debut, please visit my favorite Taylor Hicks' links located in my sidebar.

The Great White Way is a nickname for a section of Broadway in the Midtown section of the New York City borough of Manhattan, specifically the portion that encompasses the Theatre District, between 42nd and 53rd Streets.

Nearly a mile of Broadway was illuminated in 1880 by Brush arc lamps, making it among the first electrically lighted streets in the United States.

The headline "Found on the Great White Way" appeared in the February 3, 1902, edition of the New York Evening Telegram.
The journalistic sobriquet was inspired by the millions of lights on theater marquees and billboard advertisements that illuminate the area, especially around Times Square.

Today's cup:
Be careful of the words you say,
Keep them short and sweet.
You never know, from day to day,
Which ones you'll have to eat.


Anonymous said...

Bloom, I never tell you enough how great this blog is! I love this new entry!


juliegr said...

Bloom -- so glad you gave further consideration to Taylor appearing on Broadway. He's a natural and as he gets more experience, he'll only get better and better. This part as Teen Angel is a godsend for him -- my reasoning is that the longer he was away from AI and not receiving any positive articles in the media, the more people began to loose sight of him and his career.

Can't check out the video yet, but I'm sure its wonderful.

Gr8fulheart said...

So glad I came across this Bloom. Great stuff here! Kudos to you!

Pat said...

Bloom, great job on this latest - your blogs are all so unique and so special - Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

OBG here-BLoomie=I LOOOVE this-you always do good work and this project is no exception--

tishlp said...


KarinP said...

Bloom, your video is one of your best yet! You definitely put a great deal of thought behind this one and I have watched it many times.

In answer to your question about Broadway always being one of Taylor's dreams, it would certainly be interesting to know what Taylor's thoughts are about this one.

I think I remember saying on that particular blog that perhaps the dream was in his sub-conscience when he recorded this song originally. I found something tonight that is really very fascinating and I believe that it applies to each one of us as we live our lives.

"Remember, thought is energy that can create your future. Begin thinking of how bright your future will be and begin creating the bright future for yourself that you have a right to. Then just do it!! Stick to your plan to make it a reality, and don't give up. Don't doubt yourself, and don't become confused. Always go forward toward your goal. And only work with and depend on those who will help you reach your goals. You will succeed!!!"
~ Stephen Knapp ~

Many years ago, it seems to me, that Taylor, himself, gave much thought into creating a brighter future for himself. Once again, he has proven that determination, perseverence and "sticking to the plan" as well as overcoming the obstacles can make your dreams a reality.

Reading your blog often gives me a history lesson and this one gave me another one! I can't imagine the excitement that was experienced by people back in the 1880's when a mile of Broadway was first illuminated with the lamps.

I have never been there but looking at the pictures gives me a sense of the excitement and awe that many people must experience today as they walk down the street at night. It must be an incredible feeling.

Bloom, thanks again for all of the good work that you do!

Bloom said...

My apologies first to everyone who shared their thoughts here ... I'm extremely late in acknowledging your comments :-(

Hi Gypsee ... and thank you!
I appreciate your taking the time to let me know that you enjoy your visits!

Hello Julie ... I must admit that it was a shocker at first, not at all what I was expecting to hear. A direction I hadn't considered.

It has been wonderful to read all of the postive press Taylor has been receiving ... I hope it follows or I should says pipers through to his new CD's.

Taylor is a natural performer, I agree, in case you missed it check out my April blog post The Performer.
Thanks Julie for stopping in and sharing your thoughts, hope you enjoyed the video!

Bloom said...

Gr8fulheart, thanks for the kudos and thank yous to Pat, OBG and tiship!
I truly appreciate your taking the time to let me know if you have enjoyed something!
My goal is for you to ALWAYS enjoy your viewing and leave with a smile on your face.

Bloom said...

Karin you know I'm always going to give you something to ponder lol
I try to provide a feast for all of our senses.

It seems that Taylor did indeed answer my question about his thoughts of Broadway, though it wasn't the answer I was expecting to hear.
Possibly it is still buried in his sub-conscious?

I love the thought you quoted above, thanks for sharing it here and for always giving me something further to ponder!