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From The Soul of One ~ To The Hearts Of Many
Taylor Hicks "The Distance"

Friday, June 20, 2008

Soul Shining Through

"Heaven Knows"
by Taylor Hicks

A slice of Heaven on Earth!

Lovin' you is easy cause you're beautiful
No one else can make me feel
The colors that you bring
Lovin' you
I hear your soul come shinin' through!

Whether he's playing the part of Teen Angel or singing our National Anthem, Taylor Hicks' voice always reflects that his musical roots are firmly planted in Soul and enriched by Blues.

Will his highly anticipated new CD, promised for this Fall,
have a bit of Country added into the planting mix?

Will the light needed for his radio airplay to blossom be provided not by sunshine, but by the lights of Broadway?

Taylor's "Heaven Knows" never got much of a chance
for it's roots to take hold.
Whether from lack of watering by his former label, or the fact that American Idol chose to focus their light elsewhere, it's airplay wilted and died quickly, while common weeds flourished.
Whomever was in charge of laying the mulch did a half ass job of spreading it!
(Hmm .. Whoever versus Whomever ... a whole other ponder)

Taylor Hicks' voice is like a breath of fresh air, it revives my soul.
His music fills my world with color and makes me feel as if I've brought my gardens indoors!
And oh that harp, it is indeed, the music of Angels.
A slice of Heaven on Earth!

My thanks to my friend Karin for her "Heaven Knows" video tribute.
"Heaven Knows" has been one of my top favorites since first listen, and she showcased it perfectly!
It is as enjoyable to watch, as it is to listen!

I took a bit of liberty with the lyrics from Minnie Riperton's
"Lovin' You" from her album 'Perfect Angel' (1974) to use here today.

A truly talented lady, with the voice of an Angel, her young life was cut way too short.
Listening to her music I am reminded of the words
God must have needed an Angel.

Today's cup:
All things appear and disappear because of the concurrence of causes and conditions.
Nothing ever exists entirely alone; everything is in relation to everything else.


KarinP said...

Bloom, we can defiitely tell that it is time for gardening at "The Pond" given the many references throughout your blog regarding the 'fine art' of gardening.

Kudos to you for saying what needed to be said under the guise of taking care of the the very things that give us so much pleasure to look at over the summer months. Of course, you must realize that your comment about the mulch gave me a laugh given that I actually ran over a few bags of mulch in the garage today.

I may not be able to back out of the garage well on some days but I can assure you that even I know how to mulch. Mulch, water, sunshine and perhaps most importantly, some TLC are necessary tasks that need to be completed if we expect to have the opportunity to witness our favourite flowers in bloom. Yes, I agree wholeheartedly with you, that the garden in question wasn't even given a fair chance.

A new "gardening season" is upon us and since Taylor's "Early Works" music has new caretakers in charge as well as the fact that he is receiving visibility from the lights of Broadway, I am looking forward to the "bloom" of the new CD later in the Fall. Selfishly, I do hope that it has a touch of "Country" added to the mix and while we won't see the fruits of the labour until Autumn, I fully expect that it will provide us with a cloak of many colours.

I have always enjoyed listening to "Lovin' You" but I didn't know much about the artist who recorded it. So, we not only got a gardening lesson but once again, a music history lesson from this blog. My curiousity got the better of me when you mentioned that Minnie passed away at a young age.

From Wikpedia:

Ms. Riperton reached the apex of her short career with her number one hit single,"Lovin' You," in the spring of 1975. The single was the last release from her 1974 gold album "Perfect Angel."
Sales of the album started out slow. Epic was ready to move on to the next record, but Rudolph convinced them to release another single. With the fourth single "Lovin' You," the album caught on, and in April 1975 the song went to the top of the charts in the US, number two in the UK, and number three on the R&B charts. Perfect Angel went gold, and Minnie Riperton was finally revered as the "lady with the high voice and flowers in her hair."

As I read her bio, it seems that Minnie had faith and believed in her music. The album became a smash hit! So, dare we say that the keeper of the "seedling" really knows best about the impending beauty that the seedling can become?

Thanks for the blog, Bloom!

Bloom said...

Karin I thought you would appreiate my reference to 'mulch' lol!
The new gardening season seems to be taking hold for Taylor, appreciate the HQ update!

I'm hoping that Taylor has finally found the dirt (soil that is), he has been searching for, and that his musical flower will burst into full bloom come this Fall!

Yes, Minnie had great faith and I believe that Taylor does too ... I can't wait to hear the new recording of "Somehow" ... now that SHOULD be a smash hit!