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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Taylor Hicks Loves New York

Taylor Hicks has taken a bite out of the Big Apple
and he is lovin' it!

It was 'Broadway Week' at LIVE With Regis and Kelly, this past week.

On Friday, Taylor Hicks (Broadway's new Teen Angel), and Kirsten Wyatt (Frenchy) appeared and performed a shortened version of "Beauty School Dropout", aided by four of the GREASE chorus Angels!

Taylor has so much stage presence, it is one of the things I have always loved about him.
It was a fantastically fun performance, thoroughly enjoyable, and Mr. Hicks was looking very suave and debonair in his sparkly suit!

Thanks, to my good friend Karin, here is a video capture of Taylor's "Beauty School Dropout" and of his great chat with Regis and Kelly following the performance.

video capture by: KarinP
(Thank You!)

"It's definitely country come to town," Taylor Hicks said of his presence in the Big Apple.

"The traffic, all the people and the fast pace of New York is an adjustment.
But I love it and I'm starting to become more comfortable with my role in the show."

The role is that of Teen Angel, played by Frankie Avalon in the 1978 movie version, and Taylor gets a nice, BIG solo in the production.

"The music is classic and the part is a perfect fit," he said.
"I couldn't turn down the opportunity to perform on Broadway for the first time."

But don't expect an imitation of Avalon or anyone else.
Like everything else he does, the 31-year-old performer said his number has been "Taylorized".

"The great thing about this role is I was able to be Taylor at the same time as Teen Angel," he said.

"It allows me to get my feet wet a little bit before I really dive into acting."

Taylor will be living in New York until at least September 6, when his run in the show is due to end.
But he will be multitasking all summer: writing songs for a new album planned for later this year and an appearance on "A Capitol Fourth," which airs live on July 4 (on PBS).
From the Press Telegram,
Long Beach, CA
By Greg Hernandez, Staff Writer

Taylor Hicks celebrated his heavenly Broadway debut as Grease's Teen Angel with true star finesse, adding his imprint to the collection at New York's Planet Hollywood.

After an enthusiastic curtain call, where the silver haired Angel soulfully crooned along with fellow reality show winners (and Grease stars) Max Crumm and Laura Osnes, Hicks and cast made their way to the iconic Hollywood-inspired restaurant for a 1950s worthy fete and plenty of pictures.

Kirsten Wyatt is simply adorable in the roll of Frenchy!
I haven't seen the play, but just watching her interact with Taylor on Regis and Kelly was absolutely delightful!
Love when she dances in her chair while Taylor plays his 'harp'!
We always knew Angels played harps!

Kirsten Wyatt is an American Broadway actress portraying Frenchy in the new Broadway revival of Grease.

Since completing her training at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, Wyatt has appeared in a number of Broadway productions.
Her Broadway premiere was as the understudy for Kristen Chenoweth (Sally Brown) and Ilana Levine (Lucy van Pelt) in the revival of
You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown.
Other notable Broadway roles include Little Becky Two Shoes in Urinetown and Allison and Anna in High Fidelity.
Wyatt has also been a member of the national touring casts of Urinetown and The Boy Friend (directed by Julie Andrews).
Her regional credits include Peter in Peter Pan and Eponine in Les Misérables.

Today's cup ... compliments of Karin:

"Every calling is great when greatly pursued"
~ Oliver Wendall Holmes ~

I just Love this expression, so Elvis and yet so Taylor Hicks!


tishlp said...

Very nice blog today, Bloom. Thanks for the background info on Kirsten Wyatt. She's a cutie.

Bloom said...

Hi tiship ... I thought Kirsten was just cute as a button, love the expressions on her face and her character voice.
She plays a great Frenchy!

Thanks for visiting, glad you enjoyed the blog post!

KarinP said...

It was definitely fun to watch Taylor perform Beauty School Drop-Out on TV. I was thrilled that he added his harp to the song. I think it definitely "Taylorizes" the song!

The article that you posted by Greg Hernandez was a good one! Taylor seems to be very happy with the transition to the Big Apple and I hope that he enjoys his time there. Experiencing new things is always good for the 'soul' and who knows, Taylor just might write a song about his time in New York someday.

I loved your picture at the beginning of the blog, Bloom! You always show so much creativity on your blogs.

Thanks, Bloom!

simplesimon said...

Kirsten and Taylor both cutie-pies, thanks for the great photos and video. Really enjoyed their performance!