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Taylor Hicks "The Distance"

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What's Next?

Could any of us have ever imagined that one man and his music could have held the key to bringing so many new and exciting changes to our lives?

Taylor Hicks was an inspiration for many of us to take that flying leap and step out of our respective boxes. To learn new skills as we made our way around the Internet, travel to places we'd never been before, pursue dreams that we had thought impossible, and especially for us to put ourselves out there and make new friends. Friendships that I expect shall last our lifetimes.

His music spoke to us and as we got to know his heart, we gave him a special place in ours. We willingly boarded the Taylor Hicks' train yet sometimes we got impatient when the train wasn't travelling at full throttle, or went to places we didn't expect to find on it's schedule, changed direction or was delayed.

Sometimes we forget that this is Taylor Hicks' life and career and they are his choices and decisions to make, not ours. Sometimes we need to just step back and realize it is our own selfish needs that causes the impatience and fretting that occurs when the train is delayed, changes direction or the schedule isn't posted timely.

I've learned to just plain be thankful for the gifts Taylor has already given us, I know there are many more coming and they are worth waiting for. In the meantime I'll do my best to share those gifts with as many people as possible, any way I can.

The title of this blog 'What's Next' is not about me wondering what Taylor Hicks will be doing next, but has to do with an article that appeared this past weekend in the New York Post about what's on Taylor Hicks' bookshelves.
If you missed the article, you'll find the link posted below, but now that I've gotten off my soap box, I'd like to share with you something that has recently made it into my library.

I stumbled across a series of books for and about women on my visit to the bookstore earlier this week. The title of one of the books 'Late Bloomers', caught my eye and I began thumbing through it. It looked interesting, what I would call a beach read, a good book to simply kick back and enjoy. It is and I did!

The series of books is called 'What's Next' and is a line of entertaining novels about women looking for what's next in their lives. These novels are about rediscovery and reconnection. They are warm, compelling and entertaining stories that are relevant for every woman who has ever wondered, "What's next?"
After all, there's the life you planned. And there's what comes next.

Now if books really aren't your thing, and the only book you can recall having read cover to cover is Taylor Hicks' Inspirational Memoir 'Heart Full of Soul', maybe a few key words that pop up in 'Late Bloomers' will entice you to give it a read. You'll find Ray Charles, Huntsville and Hoover, Alabama woven into this heart-warming story about two friends.
You can find 'Late Bloomers' by Peggy Webb on line @ TheNextNovel.com

Here is the link to the New York Post article
'In My Library - Taylor Hicks'

I think I've figured out why this particular photo of Taylor was used for the article. I believe it is because one of Taylor's book choices was 'Texasville' by Larry McMurtry. I haven't read 'Texasville', but I did read his 'Lonesome Dove'. For anyone who is not a BIG reader, I don't suggest you add McMurtry to your list of must reads, but I hope you'll check out the 'What's Next' series, because "Every Life Has More Than One Chapter".

My life has been all about believing in what lies
just around the corner. After winning American Idol and recording my first commercial album, it still feels like
the best is yet to come."
Taylor Hicks ~ 'Heart Full Of Soul'


KarinP said...

Bloom, I have learned so many new skills over the past couple of years; all of which can be attributed to boarding the "train".

I envy your passion for reading books. Late Bloomers sounds like a very interesting book. I don't think that I spend a great deal of time wondering "What's Next" for me anyway. I just open the doors and I am usually surprised when I find what is on the other side!

I am looking forward to you sharing your thoughts on "Late Bloomers" because I am sure that you will have many.

Thanks, Bloom!

Bloom said...

Karin, "Late Bloomers" was simply an entertaining read, it made you smile, it made you laugh out loud and made me appreciate all over again how important the friends you have in your life are!
Unfortunately the next book I chose from the series depressed me, won't be recommending that one or even mentioning it's title in fairness to the author.
I too don't worry about What's Next, but I believe that it is an innate trait, something we have no control over. Those that are worriers haven't chosen to be, it's just who they are.
I pretty much take each day as it comes, if I had lived my life wondering what's next, I think I would have been in the looney bin a long time ago rockin' away.