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Taylor Hicks "The Distance"

Friday, August 8, 2008

Desperately Seeking Soul

Taylor Hicks ~ "Run Baby Run"
Dream Series Canvas

You know how it is when you get a song stuck in your head and it just keeps replaying over and over ... well that is what happened to me after I added Taylor's "Run Baby Run" to the new video IPOD player here at the Pond.

She was born in November 1963
The day that Aldous Huxley died
And her mama believed
That every man could be free
So her mama got high, high, high
And her daddy marched on Birmingham
Singing mighty protest songs
And he pictured all the places
Where he knew that she'd belong
But he failed and taught her young
The only thing she'd need to carry on
He taught her how to

Run baby run baby run baby run
Baby run

I'm sure the fact that I kept playing the video again and again had 'something' to do with the vision of Taylor Hicks singing "Run Baby Run" in Joliet firmly embedded in my mind. And what a wonderful vision it is!

It inspired me to create the new Taylor Hicks Dream Canvas above, and to send me on a hunt to determine what the lyrics of the song meant.

From The Sheryl Crow Post:
Augustine: Sheryl, I was wondering what is the meaning of "Run Baby Run" on the Tuesday Night album? I love that song I can't get it out of my mind.

SHERYL CROW: The meaning of it was really about a person who was sort of caught in between generations. She was raised by hippies in a time of real conservative social structure. I wrote that song with a couple of friends of mine the night the election results came in, when we were watching the government change from conservative George Bush to young, unconventional, good-looking Bill Clinton. That was a large influence on the song.

Past the arms of the familiar
And their talk of better days
To the comfort of the strangers
Slipping out before they say
So long
Baby loves to run

She counts out all her money
In the taxi on the way to meet her plane
Stares hopeful out the window
At the workers fighting
Through the pouring rain
Shes searching through the stations
For an unfamiliar song
And shes pictures all the places
Where she knows she still belongs
And she smiles the secret smile
Because she knows exactly how
To carry on

So run baby run baby run baby run
Baby run

From the old familiar faces and
Their old familiar ways
To the comfort of the strangers
Slipping out before they say
So long
Baby loves to run

To my knowledge Taylor only sang "Run Baby Run" at two of his concerts, but it's as if he was born to sing this song. Sheryl may have penned the lyrics, but it is the voice of Taylor Hicks that brings the passion to the words.

photo caption: Taylor Hicks "Run Baby Run" from his Joliet concert

Boy what I wouldn't give to turn back the calendar to 2007 and get to relive all over again that 'special' feeling that comes over you when experiencing Taylor Hicks live. That feeling that all is right with your world!

Well, this past weekend I succeeded in turning back the calendar, but my time travel agent was off by 40 years and I ended up traveling back to 1967, a time of war protest songs, flower power, love and peace. I ended up in the 'era' of the lyrics for "Run Baby Run". Close but no cigar!

I ended up smack dab in the middle of Hippiefest instead. LOL, what a trip!
I'm a Motown gal and this was a whole different vibe for me, straight out of the Haight-Ashbury scene. Think die-dye clothing, flowers in the hair, peace signs and a smoke scented haze drifting in the air.

So my quest wasn't fulfilled, I'm still desperately seeking, and
since a trip to New York to see Taylor on Broadway isn't in the cards or my bank account ... what's a girl to do?

Save, Save, Save ... to be ready for my Soul Revival ... and think twice before doing any more time travel!

1 comment:

KarinP said...

Bloom, I had no idea that Run Baby Run was written by Sheryl Crow. To be honest, I would never have known what the words meant without her explanation either.

I think it is always great when the songwriter explains the purpose of the song and also the circumstances that provoked him/her to write the words.

I have always enjoyed hearing Taylor sing this song. I was "hoping" that it might have been included as a cover on Early Works.

Hopefully, he will sing it in concert again and you will be there to see it.

Sorry to hear that your time travel was a bust but at least you were able to come back to the "now". LOL!