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Taylor Hicks "The Distance"

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Real Deal

Taylor Hicks: I Won't Change
"I'm not going to change for anything," he insisted, whether it's his musical style or his salt and pepper hair. "I'm just who I am."

"If the person doesn't change, the surroundings change, but the music stays true - that's the stuff that's going to set you free."
~Taylor Hicks~

Taylor's surroundings may have changed recently, but here's The Real Deal as Taylor gets into the groove with George Porter!

He's sportin' a sexy 5:00 shadow and some new wicked sideburns, but his gorgeous silver mane is still a shinin' and so are his musical roots!

Taylor Hicks jamming with PBS (Porter, Batiste, Stoltz)
@ Zydeco in Birmingham, Alabama on 04-11-08

George Porter Jr., Russell Batiste, and Brian Stoltz have lived a musical history that few, if any musicians, will ever have the chance to live.
They are originators of a sound and groove so intense that it pulls together and then transcends mind, body, and soul.

Their natural gravitation toward improvisation is what makes every PBS show a unique event.
They are from a place where no musician will ever walk again.
Their past collectively span over 80 years of playing a major role in funk, r&b, rock, and soul music.
They were raised on and taught the old school street methods of playing and for this reason they are considered the "real deal" by their peers as well as those in the industry.

This was just one of 5 videos at You Tube shared by cashbham - check them out!

It was another magical night in Birmingham, and huge thanks go out to cashbham for capturing Taylor's improv performance with PBS!

It was great to see Taylor sitting in with George Porter again, getting funky and having fun!

No hint was given as to what Nashville has added to Taylor's musical style, but we know Taylor's always going to have a heart full of soul!

Today's cup
"The highest joy in life comes from staying true to yourself,
and finding the courage to live your dream."


Anonymous said...

It was nice to see the he has NOT changed over the weekend. This is what he loves and it's obviously deep-rooted in him! Thanks for reminding us of what he once said ! He never lied!!

~ Cydter

Anonymous said...

The fact that he has remained true to himself is what I find most appealing about Taylor as a celebrity. As a musician/performing artist I am drawn to his raw vocals and passionate delivery.

He is what he is and that is a good thing !!!


tishlp said...

This is what I love about Taylor; the music is everything.

RagsQueen said...

It's great to see having fun over the week-end!

KarinP said...

It was fun to see (for me via YouTube) Taylor jamming on the weekend. It must have been quite an honour to be standing beside musicians with so much experience in the music business. Sincere thanks to cashbham - what a gift!

I agree, Bloom, it doesn't seem like we are getting any hints at all as to what Nashville has added to Taylor's style. The suspense is killing me!

Thanks for the insight, Bloom.

DreamHrt said...

I couldn't help but notice the title of your post. Not long after Taylor won, I also read how others were calling him "The Real Deal".
That is how my forum got it's name. I own/operate and design http://therealdealforum.com

Hope to see you there!