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Taylor Hicks "The Distance"

Monday, April 21, 2008

Play It Again Taylor

photo caption: Taylor Hicks' Hard Rock Live Concert,
Hard Rock Cafe Orlando August 26, 2007

Thankfully, there are hours upon hours of concert footage from Taylor Hicks' 2007 Spring, Summer and Asian Tour available at You Tube.

God bless You Tube and all of the wonderful people who have generously shared their concert videos!!

If you need a little medication, I recommend some "Medicated Goo" to supply your daily Taylor Hicks' fix, "Heaven Knows" it works for me!

Today I thought we would revisit his concert at Hard Rock Live ... a fabulous time was had ... not only by the concert attendees ... but Taylor and the band had quite bit of good old-fashioned fun too!

This wasn't a concert I was lucky enough to have attended so I really appreciate having the videos, some are just a short tease that will leave you wanting more ... but then when have we ever had enough Taylor???

photo caption: Taylor Hicks Hard Rock Live Marquee
photo credit: Ragsqueen (Thank You!)

I guarantee you'll be smiling after watching these clips, a dose of Taylor is so infectious!

Taylor Hicks ~ "Medicated Goo"
video capture: antnana
You Tube Link
(Thank You!)

Taylor Hicks ~ "Heavens Knows"
video capture: antnana
You Tube Link
(Thank You!)

Taylor Hicks ~ "I'm All Right"
video capture: Teri(Cydter)
(Thank You!)

Taylor Hicks ~ "Heart and Soul"
video capture: Teri(Cydter)
(Thank You!)

Taylor Hicks - "Gonna Move"
video capture: Teri (Cydter)
(Thank You!)

Hard Rock Cafe Orlando, located at Universal Studios in the City Walk entertainment complex, is the biggest HRC in the world and is home to Hard Rock Live Orlando, a 3,000-person concert venue.

Today's cup

"The music speaks what cannot be expressed,
Soothes the mind and gives it rest,
Heals the heart and makes it whole,
Flows from heaven to the soul."

I know I sound like a broken record when I urge you to leave a comment or a rating when you revisit these concert videos ... but remember they are the next best thing to being there, and a great way to show our appreciation to those who captured these memories, as well as to show our support of Taylor!!!

There is nothing like Taylor live in concert, no substitute for the real thing, but till we hear CD's done and it's time to hit the road, take time to enjoy the treasures we already have!


RagsQueen said...

Ah, another way to cure the Taylor Hicks Blues! Visit one of my favorite bloggers and watch fan videos of concerts, whether I attended that concert or not! Very nice, Ms. Bloom!

Anonymous said...

Very Nice!!! That was a wonderful concert!!! Glad to see you were able to use my videos. He really showed us a good time that night. Miss him!!!!

Great blog!


KarinP said...

Bloom, watching the videos reminded me of how much we are missing from Taylor!

Not only are we eagerly awaiting the return of the awesome voice but also his magical harp and the many exciting moments on stage. Oh, and of course, we are missing the presence of the man himself.

For me, all of the YouTube concert videos have been an endless gift for me to enjoy. Kudos and never-ending thanks to everyone who takes the time to capture and share these special moments so that those who weren't able to attend the concerts were able to watch the videos and feel like they were part of the many concerts Taylor performed.

Thanks for the "lift", Bloom!

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Anonymous said...

wooooooooo hooooooooo! got my taylor fix! thank you bloom~~~ you're the best! love starry xo