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Taylor Hicks "The Distance"

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pillow Talk - What's Right Is Right - Is So Right

"What's Right Is Right"

From his upcoming album,'The Distance', Taylor Hicks' first single to be released, "What's Right Is Right", is available (MP3 download) as of today, January 27, 2009, at AMAZON.COM and iTunes.

I've long been a listener of Alan Almond's Pillowtalk radio program. I'm a romantic at heart and Pillowtalk is all about romance. Taylor Hicks' "What's Right Is Right" is a perfect tune for lovers - it is full of passion and romance and emotion. It's a baby making song, and I honestly am unable to listen without tears in my eyes.

When I first shared this song with my daughter, I told her, listen to the words and emotion in this song, this is the kind of love I have always wished for you and I do believe that you have found it. She was as profoundly affected as I am and agreed - it's a great song! She was moved by how beautifully Taylor delivered the song, she knows good music when she hears it!
Like Mother - Like Daughter :-)

'The Distance' due to arrive on March 10th is available for pre-order at AMAZON.COM

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PLEASE visit TAYLORHICKS.COM to view additional stills of his upcoming video release of "What's Right Is Right", and for a current listing of his scheduled performances!

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