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Monday, January 12, 2009

Looking in the Rear-View Mirror

They say that "hindsight is 20/20" ...

I agree with that particular statement. So often, when we glance in our personal "rear-view mirror", we see so much more than we did when we initially experienced all of those life lessons along the "Road of Life". When we look back, we often see how a situation could have been handled in a much different way than it was at the time. Due to our inexperience or immaturity, we handled it the best way that we could at the time. In some cases, people simply do what they have to do in order to survive in this very complex world of ours.

I happen to believe that everything we have seen and heard in our lives, whether it be positive or negative, leaves a lasting imprint on our psyche. It is very fascinating to me that no two people have travelled the same "road". Each of us perceives words, actions and reactions differently when they directly affect us.

It is with great hope that through our travels, we will emerge with personalities, hearts and souls that are influenced by the good things in our lives. Every action/reaction makes us what and who we are today. As we mature, we hopefully will gain a greater understanding of the whys of our "calendar of life events" and we will continue strive to be the very best that we can be. I like to think that the majority of us try to overcome our shortcomings. I guess this could be a good description of "Karma" if you subscribe to that theory which I personally do.

I have always been amazed with the people in this world who, as young children, just "know" what they are going to do with their lives. They seem to arrive here with a very clear destination in their minds and they possess the determination to get where they are supposed to go.

Sometimes, they are blessed with a support network that helps them to achieve their goals and sometimes, they just "do it" through their trials and tribulations. Often, doors will unexpectedly open and they find themselves connected to the right people and friends at the right time who help to guide them to the end zone.

I am often in awe when I think about those individuals who are outstanding political and very influential world figures in various arenas. The "shining stars" in this world often have faced many struggles to fulfill their hopes and dreams.

Since I seem be very analytical in my way of thinking, I always want to understand the "how, what, when, where, and why" of many situations and people in general. What makes them tick? While I will never know the answers to many of those questions because I do not "know" these people, it is always fun to wonder about these things.

This never-ending curiosity of mine, along with the enjoyment of the music from Taylor Hicks, has encouraged me to try to learn more about where Taylor has been. We all know that he became a household word when he appeared on American Idol. His unique combination of charisma and talent was intriguing.

When Taylor Hicks released his 'Early Works' CD in late 2008, his self-penned lyrics demonstrated the raw emotion of youth and his interpretation of the impact of real life experiences.

There have been various thoughts as to the meaning of his songs. His lyrics, to me, are somewhat cryptic at times but then again, I think that feelings expressed in words will only ever be completely understood by the writer of the words especially if they are based on a personal experience. Everyone is entitled to their privacy and songwriters should be given the same consideration with respect to privacy.

I believe that if a song leaves you wondering "why" then it is cleverly written because you have taken the time to actually listen to the lyrics and the impact of the "raw emotion" has really touched you in some way.

One of my favourite songs, and there are many that are, on 'Early Works' is "West Texas Sky". You may agree or disagree with my interpretation but I hope that you will enjoy the video montage which tells a story based on my understanding of this song. Without the amazing graphics by Allyn, I am not sure that this story would have been told.

video: Taylor Hicks - "West Texas Sky"

Through the songs on 'Early Works', we have been given the privilege to look in Taylor's "rear-view mirror". When we read Taylor's autobiography, "Heart Full of Soul", we learned a great deal about his early years. If you know or have a general idea of where someone has been, then, you will understand more clearly where they are going.

Taylor has consistently displayed determination in reaching his goals. His horizons have broadened since American Idol and he has the sequins to prove it!

From all of the media reports as well as the various fan reports, Taylor's performances of portraying Teen Angel in 'Grease' have not gone unnoticed. He has received much well deserved praise and applause. Taylor has grown as an artist, songwriter and a performer since he first graced our television screens and, in my opinion, the sky is the limit for Taylor!

Taylor Hicks' much anticipated new single, "What's Right Is Right", which is scheduled to be released on January 20th will, once again, give us more insight into the "Man behind the Harmonica". I am confident that when his new CD, 'The Distance', is released in March, we will gain much more insight to this very talented artist!

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DidNotExpectThat said...

Karin, the video is fantastic and possibly your best one yet. Very insightful!

KarinP said...

Thanks, DNET! Glad that you enjoyed the video!