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Taylor Hicks "The Distance"

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hooked on a Feeling

You know that 'feeling' I'm talking about!
The euphoria you experience when listening to Taylor Hicks' music.

Then there's the high intensity excitement that enfolds you when seeing Taylor Hicks in concert.
Anticipation, wonderment, tears and smiles.
You feel so good you are down right giddy.

video: Taylor Hicks @ Millersville University, Millersville, PA

Well I searched for most of this past summer for something to give me a taste of that special 'feeling'. I knew a trip to see Taylor in 'Grease' on Broadway wasn't in the cards, so I wasn't going to get a Taylor fix any time soon.

To the rescue came my friend Froggie with news that Ray LaMontagne and Marc Broussard were both performing concerts in our area. My soul was about to receive some much needed soothing and I eagerly agreed to her purchasing tickets for both performances.

It seems our souls were not the only ones in need of soothing. Both concerts were highly attended, in fact they were packed with varying ages, but the predominant age was college students. And believe me they were as into and appreciative of the music as we both were.

Can you imagine our excitement upon hearing Ray sing "Trouble" and Marc singing "You Send Me" and "Let's Get It On". It was as if the spirit of Taylor Hicks was right there with us!

Both Marc and Ray gave fabulous performances, but for me there is only one person whose performances fullfill that special 'feeling'. Taylor is the man ...
hook, line and sinker.

video: Taylor Hicks @ House of Blues, Cleveland

We caught Ray's concert at the Royal Oak Theater, but this video from his Chicago concert is a better capture of his new song.

video: "Winter Birds" by Ray LaMontagne @ The Chicago Theater

And here is a small sampling from Marc's almost 2 1/2 hour concert.

video: Marc Broussard @ The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, MI

Thanks Froggie for looking out for me! Without you as my travel buddy I would have missed so many wonderful concerts.

Next adventure booked is East Lansing in December to see Taylor in 'Grease'.
What a fab birthday present for me!


KarinP said...

You have been very busy and I am glad that you enjoyed the concerts over the summer.

I think that once you are hooked on Mr. Hicks, you won't find anything that will quite give you the same feeling.

Ahhh....but, you are getting your Hicks' fix soon and I do hope you enjoy Grease. I think it is great that it is in your backyard too! Looking forward to hearing all of the details! Have fun!

DJinKC said...

OHhh, that's what you've been up to!! Congrates on your new granddaughter!!!
Ray LaMontagne is going to be in KC this coming weekend, wish I had had the funds to go! Note; I've been on a Mexico caribbean 5 night cruise, money well spent!! LOL
Enjoyed the video's, thanks!

Bloom said...

You are right Karin - I don't believe any one else's music could ever make me feel the way Taylor's does. I'm always hoping though to capture a wee bit of the magic, even if it is an illusion.
Yep, it's less than 2 months now till I get my Hicks' fix, it's a small dose, so I'm gonna see him twice!

Thanks Donna, Valentina is a beautiful baby!

Our tickets to see Ray were quite reasonable actually. They were half of what we paid for Taylor's concert, course Taylor's concert was more than double the pleasure!

Sweet, you went on a cruise, I love the Mayan Riveria - is that where your cruise took you?

A few years ago a bunch of us girls rented a villa down near Tullum, it was wonderful - 10 days of pure bliss!