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Taylor Hicks "The Distance"

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Taylor Hicks Did Go "The Distance"

“I think a common theme on a lot of records that you hear today is that all the tracks sound like the first song that you hear on the CD, and the voice of the artist is really kind of secondary in the majority of records,” Hicks said. “I think on this particular record, my voice is a common thread, and my love for different styles of music is really apparent. I think that’s why Climie was such a wonderful producer to work with. He was able to facilitate the music on the record and mold it into the shape of my vision. Working with him was very beneficial to this project.”
~Songwriters Universe Magazine Interview by Jason Blasco~

Bloom and I were very fortunate to catch the KOL Listening Party for 'The Distance' while it was posted online. We are hoping that the preview will once again be available on March 2nd. If you have not yet heard a preview of Taylor Hicks' new CD, please check AOL Music on Monday. Taylor is scheduled to appear on Regis and Kelly on Monday, March 2nd as well. I can't think of a better way to start off the month of March!

Taylor Hicks has accomplished his goal on this CD. No two tracks sound the same which keeps you wondering what is coming next. There is something for everyone on 'The Distance'. Taylor boldly shows his unique versatility by crossing more than one genre of music!

It didn't take me long to come up with some descriptive words for the songs on 'The Distance'.

Taylor Hicks' music displays sensitivity, versatility, emotional vulnerability, compassion for mankind, understanding, empathy and perhaps most importantly, "optimism" with the title track, "The Distance".

His sense of humour is clearly evident on two of the tracks - "Keeping It Real" and "Wedding Day Blues". Taylor teams up with Elliott Yamin on "Woman's Gotta Have It". I hope that we will hear more collaborations from these two artists in the future because they really are a unique combination of talent.

If you have ever experienced "a love gone wrong", (haven't we all at some time in our lives?),"Maybe You Should" will bring you to your knees and tears to your eyes. "Nineteen" is a heartfelt tribute to the sacrifices of our men and women who bravely find themselves abroad.

Everyone will have their own favourites on this CD. There is no need for me to elaborate on each track. It more important for you to make your own assessment. Visit AOL often and enjoy the new music that Taylor has shared with us.

On behalf of Bloom and myself - "Thank you, Taylor!"

Listening to Taylor Hicks' CD makes us FEEL good!

We wish Taylor continued success in the entertainment industry!

Today's cup:

"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."
~Herman Cain~


Anonymous said...

A STAR TREK moment!!! Taylor Hicks dares to go where no man has ever gone.... a malange of sounds and genres on a single CD.
THE DISTANCE he has traveled makes me happy.


Bloom said...

We waited a long time for new music from Taylor and it was well worth the wait!!!
I stayed up all night listening over and over to each song, crying with some and laughing with others.
What drew me to Taylor Hicks from the beginning is so evident in his new music on 'The Distance'. His abililty to make you really feel the music and come away feeling good with a smile not only on your face but in your heart.
I am so excited by 'The Distance' and can't wait to own my own copy.
The sneak peak at KOl Music was a bonus I wasn't expecting, now I'm anxious to hear the tracks that weren't available there.
I did hear "Hide Nor Hair" when I saw Taylor at Ram's Head On Stage in Annapolis and I really liked it! We also got to hear "What's Right Is Right" and "Women's Got To Have it" that night. I had first heard Taylor perfom those two songs live in Chicago and they are dynamic, as of course is Taylor!!
Karin you did a wonderful job on describing Taylor's new music and I thank you for giving us your perspective. Well done my friend!
Working together on the video together was a hoot, it might have been less than a minute in length but it turned out really cute. Though it was disappointing to have You Tube reject our orginal song choice of James Brown's "I Feel Good", we can watch it here to our heart's content!