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From The Soul of One ~ To The Hearts Of Many
Taylor Hicks "The Distance"

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Naked In The Jungle


This song has been on my mind a lot recently. At first I started to create another canvas for the Dream Series, after playing with it for 2 days I decided ... that boat won't float!
So we won't be travelling by boat this time around!
(Couldn't bring myself to use the image that most relates to this song!)

It's a jungle out there and not a bit like the whimsical image above!
The lions and tigers and sharks have even invaded Taylor's Soul Patrol. What started out as friendly, supportive fan bases has evolved into places where people not only feel it is okay to criticize every move Taylor does or doesn't make, they also think it is perfectly fine to bash other posters. All in the name of a right to a difference of opinion!
Well I'm speaking out and I say it's wrong and not because I am a Kool Aid drinker ... personally I can't stand the stuff! Pop Tarts either for that matter!

What I do love is the music of Taylor Hicks and the way that music weaves it's way into my heart and makes my soul sing!
For me that is what it's all about!


Taylor's Biloxi Concert - video by Chewysmom2


It's your turn!


KarinP said...

Before I made my comment, I thought I would look up the lyrics to this Van Morrison song. Not very complicated but some of the words speak volumes.

Big fish eat the little fish, and the rabbit's on the run
Big fish eat the little fish, and the rabbit's on the run
Some folks gettin' too much, other just ain't gettin' none

Naked in the jungle, naked to the world
Naked in the jungle, naked to the world
Well, you gotta keep 'em humble, else you'll come unfurled

I have had some of the same feelings lately about some of the things I have read. I feel that I need to be guarded to a certain degree in my responses because you never know who is reading or how they are going to perceive my thoughts. If I post something that may not be in general concurrence with others' opinions, I really take my time to read it and re-read it. I would be very disappointed in myself if I intentionally hurt someone's feelings even though I am invisible sitting in front of a computer screen and no one really knows me.

"Naked in the Jungle". I have felt that way because when all is said and done, when we stand there all alone, "naked" in the jungle, we are faced with the real "us" and the true colours show every time as well as our vulnerabilities and painful scars from the past. When we are "naked in the jungle", we have the option of really looking closely at ourselves or we can choose not to look at our shortcomings and ignore them.

I like to think that the big fish just may not choose their words carefully. Of course, how can one possibly know what reaction any particular reader will have? My reaction to something might be totally different from someone else's intent when they expressed their opinion.

I know it is a "quiet" time and perhaps this is a good thing for everyone. It gives us an opportunity to reflect on all of the places Taylor and the Soul Patrol have been over these past months. We should be celebrating the success Taylor has enjoyed.

Personally, I do have my "thoughts" on the woulda, coulda's but hindsight is 20/20 and actually, my hindsight is only from my perspective - a bystander.

I am not privy to the inner workings of Taylor's world. Maybe, there are times when he can't even figure it out. I am not in the right place to be able to say what he should have done.

I trust that he knows what is going on in "his" world and that his judgement and decision-making it what is best for him.

I am just a supporter of the artist and the music and that is something that I do not regret. For me, I will just do the best I can and live by the "Golden Rule". It works for me! I just hope this "little" fish doesn't get eaten.

Bloom said...

Karin from one little fish to another, I applaud your well thought and written post!

I found this a very difFicult subject to address on many levels.

Like you I would never intentionally set out to hurt another posters feelings.
I tend to live by that 'golden rule' and if I don't have anything postive or nice to say I leave a topic alone and move on.

My original objective for starting this topic changed directions as my fingers began to type. I hadn't planned to discuss what is happening on the boards.

My thoughts were centered on Taylor and how these lyrics must speak to him.

Though his circumstances have certainly changed since the years before AI ... I expect that he is feeling even more 'Naked In The Jungle' with the speculations running rampant over his personal life.

And I'm not going there, personal to me means just that ... personal as in PRIVATE!
I just want to keep shouting 'it's about the music people'!!!!

I'm not attempting to speak for Taylor, but I do believe many of the songs he chooses to sing are choosen to get a message across.

Just think back on how many times we have heard "thank you for letting me be myself"?

Sometimes I wonder if it is a thank you or a plea!

Anonymous said...

Well, well,,,,,,here I am witnessing another masterpiece....This world is not revolving in a positive state of mind always,,however,,anyone looking or needing uplifting in any given day,,,,,,,,my suggestion,,,,,

Take one second to smell the roses,,
take another second to enjoy a butterfly,,,,,,
take another second to feel the adoration of Bloom for Taylor Hicks,,,
take another second visiting the North Star,,,,,

Take another second to say something kind to someone,,anyone,,,,

then finally if you are really just unable to find peace within yourself,,,,

Turn on anyone of Taylor Hicks songs,,,,close your eyes,,and I promise you ,,,,

His sound ,,his style,,,,his words,,,,will take your mind,,your body,,,your emotions to a place like no other,,,
(I suggest YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL and or RIGHT PLACE,,,,,,

If none of these things work,,check your pulse to see if you are alive......

and then when you can call yourself,,,

A SOUL PATROL FAN,,hang on,,your life will change for all of the right reasons,,,,,,,,

Thank you Bloom for being born and sharing your wonderful talent with us.....

Bloom said...

Phyllis I had only to read a few words past anonymous and I knew this post was coming from you.
Your words always dive right into the heart of the matter, and you tell it like it is!
You have been missed ... are you still among the Amish spreading the word of Taylor Hicks' music?
I need to get out a map and see how close his concert last night in Millersville was to your last known location :-)
I look to my left as I type and I see Karin's name ... then I follow the page down and I see your name ... three hearts connected to each other thanks to the music of Taylor.
Thank you for always being my #1 cheerleader and Taylor's too!!
Keep spreading the word girlfriend and welcome to the pond!